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what is rajyoga meditation


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what is rajyoga meditation

  1. 1. The word "yoga" originates from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means a ‘Union’. MEANING OF YOGAMEANING OF YOGA
  2. 2. a) Link b) Joint c) Union d) Meeting e) Remembrance f) Relationship g) Communion h) Connection Different Meanings of Yoga
  3. 3. 1.Physical : Union of objects Three Levels of Yoga 3. Spiritual : Communication between soul and Supreme Soul 2. Mental Linking the mind with something or someone
  4. 4. PHYSICAL LevelPHYSICAL Level:: This is atThis is at a physical level between objects.a physical level between objects. A)A) Adding sugar to milk.Adding sugar to milk. B)B) Tuning of radioTuning of radio C)C) Joining two wires, etcJoining two wires, etc FIRST LEVELFIRST LEVEL
  5. 5. MENTAL LEVEL : This is to do with the mind. Eg. We become sad on thinking of anything sad. This is to do with our memories and thoughts in the mind that change our state. SECOND LEVELSECOND LEVEL
  6. 6. • SPIRITUAL LEVEL: On the spiritual plane, it means union of the individual self with the Supreme. • Spirituality is the essence and the unity of all the religions. It is to consider oneself to be a spirit – a ‘soul’ and unite or communicate with the Supreme. THIRDLEVELTHIRDLEVEL
  7. 7. 'RAJA' MEANS A KING. Raj yoga meditation is the true form of spiritual yoga and as the name suggests it is the king of all the yogas. MEANING OF RAJYOGAMEANING OF RAJYOGA
  8. 8. Meaning of Raj Yoga Supreme of all types of Yogas 1.Link of the soul with the Supreme Soul. 2.Link through the highest method. 3.Link which brings the highest achievements.
  9. 9. It is called Raj yoga because it enables a person to become the master of the self. Meaning of Raj YogaMeaning of Raj Yoga
  10. 10. It is the practical method of self- realisation and God-realisation that enables you to create new attitudes and responses to life, giving you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself and the Supreme. MEANING OF RAJYOGAMEANING OF RAJYOGA
  11. 11. Eight Fold Raja Yoga RAJA YOGA RAJA YOGA SAMATVA YOGA YOGA - Power to control(discipline) sense organs. - Power to control thoughts and consciousness. - Power to manage one’s own self. BUDDHI YOGA GYAN YOGA BHAKTI YOGA SANYAS YOGA SAHAJ YOGA KARMA YOGA
  12. 12. It calms our mind and body. OneIt calms our mind and body. One receives enormous mental strength,receives enormous mental strength, stability and ability to face thestability and ability to face the inevitable undercurrents of moderninevitable undercurrents of modern life in a calm and peaceful in a calm and peaceful manner. You can experience immense joy ofYou can experience immense joy of an extraordinary kind and the glow ofan extraordinary kind and the glow of inner peaceinner peace.. BENEFITS OF RAJ YOGABENEFITS OF RAJ YOGA
  13. 13.  Understanding the selfUnderstanding the self  Realising one’s potentialRealising one’s potential  Ability to face challengesAbility to face challenges  Release from tensionRelease from tension  Freedom from anxiety and fearFreedom from anxiety and fear OTHER BENEFITSOTHER BENEFITS
  14. 14.  Tranquility of mind restoredTranquility of mind restored  Greater control over thoughtsGreater control over thoughts  Ability to express positive feelingsAbility to express positive feelings  Improved concentrationImproved concentration  Ability to cope effectively with rapidAbility to cope effectively with rapid change.change. OTHER BENEFITSOTHER BENEFITS
  15. 15. • Energizes our awarenessEnergizes our awareness • Gives self-confidence and fostersGives self-confidence and fosters self-belief.self-belief. • Enhanced sense of well-beingEnhanced sense of well-being • Gives a sense of purposeGives a sense of purpose OTHEROTHER BENEFITSBENEFITS
  16. 16. Everyone in this world can practice it.Everyone in this world can practice it. No matter what the background is.No matter what the background is. Gender, age, nationality, culture,Gender, age, nationality, culture, religion, language, social status, wealth,religion, language, social status, wealth, profession, and the present state ofprofession, and the present state of being – none of these matter. You justbeing – none of these matter. You just need to make the choice to listen to yourneed to make the choice to listen to your inner voice.inner voice. WHO CAN PRACTICE RAJ YOGA?WHO CAN PRACTICE RAJ YOGA?
  17. 17. Introduction of Self Human + Being = Human Being Body + Soul = Human Being (Consciousness)
  18. 18. THE SOUL  Non-physical  Immortal  Eternal  Conscious  Constant self-image  Natural state of peace THE BODY  Physical  Mortal  Temporary  No Consciousness  Changing image Constant motion The Inner & Outer Self
  19. 19. Who am I ? 1. I have a soul in me. 2. I have a soul in my body. 3. I am a soul in my body. Which is the correct statement ?
  20. 20. Driver Car Diamond Box Lamp Hut Image Temple Charioteer Chariot Actor Dress SOUL BODY Relation between Soul & Body
  21. 21. You are a soul A very subtle, tiny point of divine light. Mind Intellect Sanskars
  22. 22. THOUGHT POWER thinks, feels, experiences, imagines, forms ideas habits tendencies, memories, talents, qualities (Sub- consciousness) WILL POWER evaluates, reasons, decides, discerns, understands STATE OFSTATE OF CONSCIOUSNESSCONSCIOUSNESS Mind Intellec t Sanskars Impressions The Inner Self RECORD OF EXPERIENCES
  23. 23. a) Recollection of Past Birth. b) Out of Body Experience. c) Hypnotic Regression/Progression. Proof for the Existence of Soul
  24. 24. Abode of Souls Paramdham, Shantidham, Muktidham, Brahmlok Nirwan Dham Soul World Incorporeal World Subtle World Corporeal World
  25. 25. Knowledge Peace Happiness Purity Love Bliss Truth Power Qualities of a Soul
  26. 26. PRACTICEPRACTICE • I AM A POINT OF LIGHT Not the body or this role. • I DETACH AND OBSERVE My body and the scenes going on around me. • I REJECT ALL NEGATIVE THOUGHTS about me and accept only positive