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Potential app submission 1


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Activity Plan for Kahoot!

Published in: Education
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Potential app submission 1

  1. 1. + Compare-Contrast Paragraph
  2. 2. + What are your thoughts on this infographic? What is the main idea that you get? Type your answers on this Padlet:
  3. 3. + Differences with adverb + comparative  Dickens’ novels are considerably longer than Austen’s.  The new Mercedes is slightly more economical than the old model. Let’s do a short quiz. Open
  4. 4. + Now it’s your turn to write. Write at least one sentence using a comparative adverb about the music infographic. Write it on Padlet. You don’t have to include your name. Examples: 1. Streaming revenue is significantly higher in 2015 than it was two years earlier. 2. Physical records of music are relatively less profitable in 2015 than in 2013.
  5. 5. + Similarities There are a number of language constructions that express similarity. Look at the table on Padlet: 1. Both Belgium and Canada have a small agricultural population. 2. Belgium and Canada are similar (or alike ) in that they both have a small agricultural population. 3. Belgium, like Canada, has a small agricultural population. 4. Canada is similar to Nepal in its percentage of forest area. 5. Canada is similar to Nepal in that it has a large forest area.