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Video creation and strategy for today’s modern content marketer final

Video is an absolute requirement for today’s audiences. When developing your content marketing strategy, compelling, well-crafted video content can act as the centerpiece of your campaign. It drives action, elicits emotion and delivers results.

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Video creation and strategy for today’s modern content marketer final

  1. 1. Featuring: Jay Durgan, Allison Stern & Paul Kontonis
  2. 2. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup MediaMobz © 2016 Outcomes Company Strategy Video Content Strategy
  3. 3. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup MediaMobz © 2016 Example Video Content Strategy Statement Our company will be the benchmark for communicating with video content our brand and value proposition to prospects and customers alike.
  4. 4. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup MediaMobz © 2016 Outcomes Stories Storytellers When Where Who (audience) Outcomes A few tactical thoughts on Video Content
  5. 5. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup MediaMobz © 2016 Archived and New Video Content A well stocked video library is not unlike a wardrobe, food pantry, tool box: you don’t have to go to shop, grocery or hardware store each time you need something. A well stocked, organized, readily searchable video library is exactly the same: you need not capture or create new video each time A well organized and readily searchable video library will allow you to quickly identify video content gaps that can be closed with new video content.
  6. 6. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Millennial Video Insights • “Hooked” on social media in much the same way that older generations are “hooked” on email at work. • Interested in participating in your content; are known as content creators and users. • Crave adventure—often “safer” adventures. Think shared experiences. • Seek peer affirmation and are heavily influenced by peers; authentic content and opinions matter. • Millennials are not a homogeneous cohort.
  7. 7. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup “Shared Experience” Video Formats • OOTD – Outfit of the Day/OOTW – Outfit of the Week • Lookbook – a video featuring different products, usually with music in background and only voice-over, if any speaking at all • TAG – themed videos where the creator “Tags” another creator to do the same video, trending videos , Best Friend Tag, Furry Friend Tag (features pets) • Favorites – video featuring their favorite products • Routines - everyday makeup, night-time, morning, fitness • Tutorials/Looks - Makeup, hair First Impression - product-specific • GRWM - Get Ready with Me • What’s in My _____ - shower, bag, purse, car, fridge, makeup bag • Tours - Room, closet, apartment • Essentials - Travel, suitcase, makeup, skincare, wardrobe; top favorites per theme or holiday; e.g. summer essentials • Collections - Nail polish, makeup, hair product, shoes; display array of various products • What’s on my ______ - iPhone, computer; feature a walk through of apps and programs, favorites • Empties – used up products • Haul – this is what i just bought and why i like it IMHO
  8. 8. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Content Ecosystem CONTENT
  9. 9. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Video Audience Growth
  10. 10. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Worldwide Leader in Video Intelligence
  11. 11. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup The World of Television 189 Channels 136,000 Episodes 300M Viewers Last 30 Days
  12. 12. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup The Video Industry is in a Time of Exponential Growth 15M Creators Uploaded 64M Videos Generated 242B Views Last 30 Days
  13. 13. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Tubular is the Only Global, Cross-Platform, All Device Video Intelligence
  14. 14. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup 3M+ Creators 1.5B+ Videos 30+ Platforms 400M Viewers 20B Engagements Content InsightsAudience Insights Tubular Combines Audience Insights & Content Insights *Patented AudienceGraph Technology
  15. 15. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup There are 25,000 Brands Publishing Online Video What separates the winners? It’s crowded, confusing, multi-platform. How do brands get views, connect with audiences, and drive engagement? © 2016 Tubular Labs
  16. 16. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Tubular Empowers Brands & Agencies with Intelligence to Grow Audiences © 2016 Tubular Labs Content Strategy Influencer ID Executive Reporting Media Planning $
  17. 17. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Tubular Works with 120+ leading Brands, Agencies & Publishers Brands & Agencies Media Companies MCNs WPP/Tubular Confidential
  18. 18. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Trends in Video that Impact You © TUBULARLABS.COM • Multi-Platform • Democratic Publishing • Engagement • Rise of the Brand Studio
  19. 19. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Democratization of Content 40,000 Publishers Generate 1M+ Views/Month 5% 4% 83% 8% Brands Publishers Influencers UGCUser Generated Content
  20. 20. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Trends in Video that Impact You © TUBULARLABS.COM • Multi-Platform • Democratic Publishing • Engagement • Rise of the Brand Studio
  21. 21. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Most Viewed Videos this Week © TUBULARLABS.COM
  22. 22. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Most Engaging Videos this Week © TUBULARLABS.COM
  23. 23. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Views Can be Hollow or Paid © TUBULARLABS.COM
  24. 24. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup What is Engagement? © TUBULARLABS.COM • Watch Time • Social Sharing • Actions • Comments
  25. 25. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Trends in Video that Impact You © TUBULARLABS.COM • Multi-Platform • Democratic Publishing • Engagement • Rise of the Brand Studio
  26. 26. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup Rise of the Brand Studio © TUBULARLABS.COM • Content • Talent • Measurement
  27. 27. #PRNWebinar @PRNewswire @CNWGroup What is Tubular? Software Custom Insights Recommendations Category or Industry Insights Brand or Channel Audit Tent-pole Analysis Programming Strategy Audience Insights
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