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Managing B2B Enterprise Products by Seven Lakes Tech Sr PM

Main takeaways:
- Building a scalable product by ensuring you look at scalable technologies & minimizing tech debt
- Building a loosely architected product to ensure you can increase scope in the future
- Building for adoption and avoid becoming shelfware

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Managing B2B Enterprise Products by Seven Lakes Tech Sr PM

  1. 1. Managing B2B Enterprise Products by Seven Lakes Tech Sr PM
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  7. 7. Agenda ● How Enterprise B2B is similar to B2C ● How Enterprise B2B is different ● What are the complexities that an Enterprise organization adds ● Solving for Enterprise B2B
  8. 8. Enterprise B2B is similar to B2C... The product needs to easily solve your user’s current problem!
  9. 9. ...also Enterprise B2B is significantly different Reliability, Performance & Training are base requirements for adoption Process variations across customer base need to be accomodated Scalability, Security & Auditability are key aspects to consider during architecture
  10. 10. Building for Adoption User should be able to easily & reliably use the product with easily accessible training
  11. 11. Build for Scope Product team should be able to easily add adjacent scope to the product to help increase user base
  12. 12. Build for Scale As your customer base and customers grow, performance & reliability should remain high
  13. 13. Solving for Enterprise B2B ● Build for Adoption - don’t let your software become shelfware, pay attention to implementation, deployment processes, data migration & user training ● Build for Scope - pay attention to the coupling in the architecture, ensure modules are loosely coupled so new business requirements can be easily incorporated as you move across customers or as business conditions change ● Build for Scale - pay attention to the technical architecture, ensure scaling & performance issues can be accounted for as your user/transaction base grows
  14. 14. And one more thing... Buyer, Influencer and User personas can be very different… ... so as you plan your product ensure you are listening to all of them and making the best judgement for your users & the ROI of your company
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