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Webinar: Customer Interviews: Lessons After 300 Interviews by Zillow Sr PM

Main Takeaways:

1. Before the interview, set clear goals and align with your team:

-What do we want to learn at a high level?
-What questions do we want to ask?
-What types of interviews do we want to conduct?

2. During the interview, focus on the customer ("the customer is king/queen"):

-Use the 80/20 rule and listen 80% of the time and talk 20%
-Make the customer feel at ease by treating the meeting as a conversation, not an interview
-Ask open-ended questions and... listen

3. After the interview, debrief with your team:

-What went well and what can be improved?
-What were the big takeaways?
-Share big takeaways with the whole team and start prioritizing!

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