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Pro-Motions Social Media Kit

Pro-Motions is a digital marketing company specializing in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, E-Commerce, Email Campaigns, Targeted Marketing, PPC, and many more internet marketing related service. Check out our Social Media Kit for more information and pricing.

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Pro-Motions Social Media Kit

  1. 1. SOCIAL  MEDIA  KIT  
  2. 2. About  Our  Company   Pro-­‐Mo�ons  is  an  organiza�on  specializing  in  Digital  Marke�ng   Solu�ons.  Our  mission  is  to  u�lize  the  latest  tools  and  technologies  in   order  to  help  our  clients  establish  a  strong  online   presence,  and  spread  their  message  to  over   50  Million  Poten�al  Customers  Daily.    At  Pro-­‐mo�ons,  our  staff  is  fluent  in  all  cu�ng-­‐edge   services  techniques  and  tricks.  We  provide  services  such  as:     Search  Engine  Op�miza�on  (SEO),  Social  Media  Marke�ng  (SMM),  Online   Reputa�on  Management,  E-­‐Mail  Marke�ng,  Online  Marke�ng  Campaigns   (PPC,  ADWORDS),  Web  Design,  and  Branding   to  create  a  network  of  online  cornerstones  all  inter-­‐connected  to  provide   our  clients  customers  with  up-­‐to-­‐date  informa�on,  services,  promo�ons,   and  other  useful  knowledge,  as  well  to  a�ract  new  customers,  and  create  a   broader  channel  for  informa�on  distribu�on.     With  op�mally  priced  packages,  we  deliver  a  valuable  service,   which  in  this  day  and  age,  is     mandatory  for  any  serious  business.  
  3. 3. Why  You  Need  Social  Media    One  in  every  nine  people  on  Earth  is  on  Facebook    Each  Facebook  user  spends  on  average  15  hours  and  33  minutes  a  month  on  the  site    More  than  2.5  million  websites  have  integrated  with  Facebook    93%  of  social  media  users  believe  a  company  should  have  a   presence  in  social  media.  85%  of  which  believe  that  the   company  should  interact  with  their  customers    51%  of  ac�ve  Twi�er  users  follow  companies,  brands  or  products  on  social  networks    78%  of  consumers  trust  peer  recommenda�ons,  where  as  only  14%  of  people  trust   adver�sements    99%  of  online  retailers  plan  to  have  a  Facebook  page  by   2011  and  91%  plan  to  have  a  Twi�er  page    44%  of  Twi�er  users  have  recommended  a  product    28%  of  U.S.  shoppers  said  Social  Media  influenced  their   holiday  purchases    Over  40%  of  people  have  “friended”  a  brand  on  Facebook  
  4. 4. Social  Media  Services   There  are  several  Social  Media  packages  available  in  order  to   sa�sfy  our  customers  on  any  budget.  Each  package  comes  with  a   Facebook  Page,  a  Twi�er  Account,  a  Gmail  Account,  a   Google+  profile,  Social  Networking  Aggregator   Submissions,  and  a  variety  of  other  services  applicable  to   your  business.  All  pages  and  accounts  are  fully  customizable  to   our  client’s  specifica�ons.  Once  these  accounts  are  created,  we   u�lize  our  exper�se  to  manage,  promote,    uphold,  and   update  them  at  regular  intervals.    Our  clients  Bi-­‐Monthly  updates   on  all  ac�vity  concerning  their  profile  pages  (Demographics,   Par�cipa�on,  Ad  Efficiency,  Etc.)   We  also  offer  Search  Engine  Op�miza�on,  E-­‐Mail  Marke�ng,  Reputa�on   management,  Strategic  Facebook  Ad  placement,  and  other  related   promo�onal  services.  
  5. 5. How  It  Works   YOUR     WEBSITE   We  create  a  Custom  Social  Media  Network  Hub  based  around  your  central  website  or  online   store.  Poten�al  Clients  and  Customers  can  access  all  social  media  networks  from  your  website  as   well  as  access  your  website  and  all  other  social  media  networks  from  each  separate  profile.     We  help  you  target  and  interact  with  the  public  to  a�ract     customers  and  clients  and  establish  brand  loyalty  for  your    company,  product,  or  service.  
  6. 6. Click  Icons  For  Examples   Every  package  receives  a  Facebook  Profile  page:  This  page   includes  a  Logo,  informa�on  about  your  business,  contact  informa�on  and  links,  and  Pictures,   Videos,  User  Polls,  interac�ve  Media,    updates  about  services,  products,  promo�ons,  and/or   coupons.   Every  package  receives  a  Twi�er  Profile  page:  Twi�  This  page  includes   a  Logo,  a  small  paragraph  about  your  company,  Pictures,  Videos  and  con�nuous  updates  on   products,  services,  and  promo�on/coupons.  As  well  as  updates  about  opera�ons  and  other   informa�on  for  customers  and  clients.   Every  package  receives  a  Google+  Profile  page:  This  page  includes  a   Logo,  a  small  paragraph  about  your  company,  Pictures,  Videos  and  con�nuous  updates  on   products,  services,  and  promo�on/coupons.  As  well  as  updates  about  opera�ons  and  other   informa�on  for  customers  and  clients.  Google+  is  a  huge  benefit  for  Seo  purposes,  and  allows   Google  to  index  your  informa�on  and  pages  quicker  and  more  efficiently.   Every  package  receives  a  LinkedIn  Company,   with  a  Logo,  informa�on  about  your  Business,  either  specific  or  general,  and  the  ability  to   network  with  other  companies  and  professionals  in  the  same  field,  and  poten�al  clients  and   customers.   Every  package  receives  a  YouTube  account:  Here,  We   upload  your  logo,  informa�on  about  your  company,  updates  on  new  services,  and  ANY  VIDEO   CONTENT  YOU  MAY  HAVE  OR  MAY  FILM  AT  ANY  POINT.  All  commercials,  promo-­‐spots,  and   other  video  materials  can  be  included  on  this  site.  Videos  from  your  youtube  profile  will  later   be  posted  to  you  Facebook,  Twi�er,  Blog,  and  Linked  In  Accounts.   ALL  ACCOUNTS  AND  PROFILES  ARE  LINKED  THROUGH  ONE  EMAIL:   YOURCOMPANY@GMAIL.COM.  THE  REASON  WE  HAVE  CHOSEN  GMAIL  IS  THAT  IT   PROVIDES  A  LARGE  AMOUNT  OF  STORAGE  SPACE(OVER  7G)  AT  NO  CHARGE.  
  7. 7. Social  Media     Op�miza�on  Package    1  Facebook  Fan  Page  (Custom  Design)    1  Gmail  Account      1  Twi�er  Profile  (Custom  Background)    1  Google+  Profile  (Custom  Design)      1  LinkedIn  Company  Profile      1  Youtube  Channel  (Custom  Design)    Submission  of  all  content  to  all  applicable  online  directories      Monthly  User  sta�s�cs  (Demographic,  Ac�vity,  Interac�on).    All  Profiles  are  all  inter-­‐connected  to  create  an  online   presence  hub.   $500  ini�al  fee  (Crea�on,  registra�on,  Design,  First  Month’s  Service)    $200/Month  At  least  1  Engaging  Content  update  per  week  on  all  profiles/  Content  Directory  Submissions/Basic  Monthly     Sta�s�cs.   $300/Month  At  Least  3  Engaging  Content  updates  per  week  on  all  profiles/Interac�ve  Engaging  profile  Content   posts/Content  Directory  Submissions/Intermediate  Monthly  Sta�s�cs.   $400/Month  At  Least  5  Engaging  Content  updates  per  week  on  all  profiles/Interac�ve  Engaging  profile  Content   posts/Content  Directory  Submissions/Highly  Specific  Monthly  Sta�s�cs.      
  8. 8. Other  Services   § Online  Transac�on  Op�miza�on    Integra�on  of  online  transac�on  methods  for  any  website/profile    Establishing  a  PayPal  Account.    Establishing  an  online  retail  store    100%  Safe  +Effec�ve  Money  Transac�ons.    Linking  all  social  media  profiles  with  online  retail  site.   $600  One  Time  Fee   §   Search  Engine  Op�miza�on    Let  your  business  appear  on  the  top  search  results  of  all  popular  search        engines  such  as  Google,  Yahoo,  and  Bing.    Custom  Blog  For  Your  Website  With  News,  Related  Material,  Unique  Content.    Weekly  Blog  Ar�cles    Raise  The  Keyword  Rankings  of  your  website.    Restructure  your  website  to  hold  more  searchable  content    Op�mize  Keywords    Relink,  Backlink,  and  Reword  content  to  be  Search  Engine  Efficient.   $300/Month  Per  Site/Profile/Content  
  9. 9. Contact   Email:   Phone:  1(646)  436-­‐1542   Website:  h�p://www.Pro-­‐Mo�   Facebook:�onsNY   Twi�er:  @ProMo�onsNY   Blog:   LinkedIn:­‐mo�ons