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Periodicals Archive Online: Past, Present, and Future


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A brief history of Periodicals Archive Online is presented, as well as the current status of this database. Then planned developments for Periodicals Archive Online are presented.

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Periodicals Archive Online: Past, Present, and Future

  1. 1. Periodicals Archive Online: Past, present and future
  2. 2. Agenda  Where are we and how did we get here?  A brief history of the programme to date  Current status  Where are we going?  Planned developments for Periodicals Archive Online
  3. 3. HELM, BERTRAND P., The Nature and Modes of Time, Monist, 63:3 (1980:July) p.375 (Periodicals Archive Online)
  4. 4. Periodicals Archive Online overview       A major scholarly archive of retrospective, full runs of periodicals used in humanities and social sciences Multidisciplinary collections for greatest benefit English and other major languages in full-text Full-runs of full-text from first issue to 2000/2005 or date when coverage ceased (earliest content is from 1802) Archival solution - includes all pages of each issue with nonarticle content Core titles plus hard-to-find title coverage  Around 75% of each collection is peer-reviewed or older, scholarly journals that did not have that designation when published. The foreign language titles also do not normally have that designation, but are scholarly.   Permanently owned archive No ongoing duplication of other backfile sources, including JSTOR
  5. 5. Periodicals Archive Online: origins and history
  6. 6. Periodicals Archive Online: objectives  Improve access to backfiles of periodicals across the arts, humanities and social sciences  Expose “submerged iceberg” of older journal content  Non-duplicative policy – will not add any title that, for example, JSTOR have already digitized  Each journal included has substantial backfile preceding our termination point (average title has around 40 years of content)  Maximise discoverability and utility of this content by making it fully searchable and enabling the appropriate functionality to navigate it effectively
  7. 7. Periodicals Archive Online: objectives  Offer the most important content for a wide range of researchers  Select titles from across the spectrum of the arts, humanities and social sciences – 37 subjects represented  Focus on high-quality, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals  Include some major non-scholarly titles that have become key primary sources  Consider breadth of a publication’s appeal, but scope to include more specialised publications if they are of sufficient quality and repute  Identify important titles through analysis of bibliographies, library holdings, reviews, subject websites, and publisher catalogues. Review feedback from librarians and researchers
  8. 8. Periodicals Archive Online: A brief history
  9. 9. Periodicals Archive Online: A brief history
  10. 10. Periodicals Archive Online: A brief history 2001 PCI Full Text Collections 1 & 2 are launched. 2002 The interface is again updated and improved Work begins on PCI Full Text Collection 3. 2004 Year-long global research exercise to plan future developments for PCI and PCI Full Text Collection 4 launched. 2005 Collection 5 launched. PCI and PCI FT re-launched as Periodicals Index Online and Periodicals Archive Online.
  11. 11. Periodicals Archive Online: A brief history 2005 Commencement of work to add OCR retrospectively for journals from early collections that did not originally have this 2006 Collection 6 launched – end-date increased to 2000. British Periodicals Collection I launched. Periodicals Index Online passes 16 million articles. 2007 Collection 6 completed British Periodicals Collection II launched 2008 Work begins on Collection 7
  12. 12. Periodicals Archive Online: A brief history 2009 Collection 7 completed, including the Spectator archive (first full-colour title) Collection 8 launched Collection Extensions 1 & 2 released, adding content for 1996-2000 for journals in Collections 1-2 2010 Collection 8 completed, including the New Statesman archive Collection Extensions 3-5 released 2011 Work begins on Collection 9
  13. 13. Periodicals Archive Online: A brief history 2012 Collection 9 complete. Collection 10 launches Commencement of process of migrating Periodicals Archive Online and Periodicals Index Online from their standalone interfaces to the main ProQuest platform 2013 Completion of migration to the ProQuest platform Collection 10 approaches completion New market research exercise undertaken to determine future direction of the programme
  14. 14. Periodicals Archive Online: where are we now?
  15. 15. Periodicals Archive Online: Available content • Nine cross-disciplinary collections complete, with a tenth in progress. – Over 700 journals available in purchase collections – Coverage from 1802-2005 – More than 3.3m articles, and over 15M pages – Over 1.8 linear miles of shelving saved
  16. 16. Value of Periodicals Archive Online for libraries  Increase access to core research materials for humanities faculty  Attract academics to institution  Provide multi-language content  Accessible interfaces and searching options  Complete any partial print holdings of journals by filling gaps  Savings in preservation costs for journals (print not designed to last 200+ years)  Free valuable shelf-space in library (Periodicals Archive Online saves up to 1.8 miles of shelf space) and build holdings without increasing shelving burden
  17. 17. Value of Periodicals Archive Online for researchers  Assemble broad base of sources, querying two centuries of scholarship  Perform literature review in a fraction of the time taken to browse print copies  Access publications not held in print or microfilm by the library  Benefit from the serendipity effect of searching across disciplines and publications that may not seem natural  Perform research remotely  Compare treatment of events in scholarly and general interest periodicals
  18. 18. Periodicals Archive Online: Primary source value Spectator, 7010 (1962:Nov. 2) p.667 HOUSE, JONATHAN M., Joint Operational Problems in the Cuban Missile Crisis, Parameters, 21:1 (1991:Spring) p.92
  19. 19. Periodicals Archive Online: Primary source value
  20. 20. Sight & Sound (1932-2000) – Collection 4  Eminent monthly title published under the auspices of the British Film Institute  Renowned for the depth and quality of its reviews and the comprehensiveness of its credit listings  Detailed articles and interviews with directors of independent and international – as well as popular – film  Sight & Sound’s decennial greatest film accolade is the most respected poll of this type  Scanned throughout in full colour
  21. 21. RUSI Journal (1857-2000) – Collection 2  The flagship publication of the influential British defence and security think tank, the Royal United Services Institute.  The world’s oldest unified military and defence periodical  Valuable material pertaining to national and international defence and security issues  Contributors include military officers, government ministers, academics and defence insiders.
  22. 22. Sloan Management Review (1914-2000) – Collection 1  Major business title oriented to the interests of managers  Provides platform for business management innovators to publish their research  Aims to bridge the gap between the academic and business worlds  Covers full range of management topics and issues of contemporary interest to the business community
  23. 23. Harper’s (1850-2000) – Collection 3  Long-established, venerable title – the second oldest continuously published American monthly  Spans literature, politics, culture, finance, and the arts  Many notable contributors including, for example, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Noam Chomsky, Sylvia Plath and John Updike  151 years of backfile available in Periodicals Archive Online
  24. 24. Journal of Individual Psychology (1940-1981) - Collection 5     Long-running journal devoted to the school of individual psychology founded by Alfred Adler, as well as its successor movements Offers a forum for high-quality studies of Adlerian practices, principles and theoretical development. Periodicals Archive Online makes available 42 years of backfile The successor title of the same name, formed in 1982 by a merger, is also present in Collection 5 (1982-2000).
  25. 25. Europe (1923-2000) – Collection 6  A leading literary review covering not only European, but also world literature.  Criticism accompanied by short stories, poems, and reviews.  Has featured original contributions (or translations of fiction and criticism) from eminent figures including Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, Hélène Cixous, Rabindranath Tagore, and Maxim Gorki.  78 years of backfile are available through Periodicals Archive Online.
  26. 26. The Spectator (1828-2000) – Collection 7  The oldest continuously published magazine in the English language, established in 1828  Major, prestigious weekly title with content spanning politics, current affairs, business, the arts, style and travel  173 years of coverage in Periodicals Archive Online, from its inception in 1828, through to 2000  15 times the average Periodicals Archive Online journal size  650,000+ articles  Scanned throughout in full colour and greyscale
  27. 27. The Spectator: 173 years of content First issue (5 July 1828) From the Russo-Turkish War . . . Last issue in Periodicals Archive Online (30 December 2000) . . . to the dangers of rap music
  28. 28. New Statesman (1913-2000) – Collection 8  Long-established weekly current affairs magazine, founded in 1913  Influential, prestigious title that, along with the Spectator, has formed the vanguard of the British news/politics weeklies.  Spans current affairs, politics, business and the arts  Offers left-wing counterpoint to the Spectator, promoting progressive ideas, modern societies and political democracy  Eight times the average PAO journal size – almost 150,000 articles  Available as part of 68-title Collection 8
  29. 29. New Statesman: content types Range of content mirrors that of The Spectator  Contemporary comment on major events in Britain and around the world spanning 88 years  Campaigns, opinion pieces and investigations  Arts and culture  Economics  Style and fashion  Science and technology
  30. 30. Diogène (1952-2000) – Collection 8  A leading journal published by the largest French university publishing house, Presses Universitaires de France  Founded by eminent French thinker Roger Caillois  Influential in the development of a transdisciplinary approach to intellectual innovation, spanning the humanities and social sciences  Supported by UNESCO and fully international in scope; encourages collaboration of researchers worldwide  Periodicals Archive Online makes available 49 years of backfile
  31. 31. New Leader (1924-2000) – Collection 9 • One of the most influential American political magazines of the twentieth century • Published weekly in newspaper format for most of its run, later becoming a bimonthly magazine • Major contributors • Soviet dissidents: including Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and Josef Brodsky • American civil rights campaigners, including Martin Luther King • Leading authors, thinkers and critics, such as George Orwell, Albert Camus, Arthur Miller, Bertrand Russell and Lionel Trilling • Scanned throughout in high-resolution greyscale • Contemporary accounts and analysis of key 20th-century events • Post-revolutionary Russian politics • The rise of Nazism • Civil rights campaigns • International labour movement
  32. 32. The Dickensian (1905-2000) – Collection 9  Periodicals Archive Online makes available 96 years of backfile of this venerable title, devoted to the life, times and works of Charles Dickens. This is a major resource for scholars of Dickens, or of the period more generally. As well as scholarship and news, it is notable for having published newly discovered Dickens letters.
  33. 33. Foundation (1973-2000) – Collection 9  One of the longest-running peer-reviewed scholarly titles focussed on science fiction  Features contributions from the major scholars in the field as well as leading science fiction writers such as Phillip K. Dick, Ursula Le Guin, Arthur C. Clarke, and Stanlislaw Lem.
  34. 34. Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin (1960-2000) – Collection 9  Backfile of this title provides essential insights into four decades of financial and economic policy in Britain and beyond.  A wealth of statistical information is accompanied by commentary on topical developments, research and analysis.  The archive will be a valuable primary source for studies of economic history.
  35. 35. Recent and forthcoming developments
  36. 36. Periodicals Archive Online Foundation Collection 215 top academic journals across the Arts and Humanities      Selected from PAO Collection 1-4 Articles: 1,080,022 Years of journal content: 10,028 Non-English language journals: 54 (25%) Minimal overlap with other electronic journals archives, including JSTOR and ProjectMuse Archive
  37. 37. Periodicals Archive Online Collection 10 • Large cross disciplinary collection of journal backfiles in the humanities and social sciences • 65 titles on completion (will include Maclean’s, approximately 10 times the average journal size) • c. 15% - 20% of the collection to contain non-English language titles • Strives to avoid overlap with other backfile archives • Expanded backfile through to 2005 • 37 titles currently available - completes 2013 or early 2014
  38. 38. Maclean’s (1911-2005) – Collection 10 • • • • • • • • Forthcoming inclusion Full backfile of this leading weekly publication 1911-2005 Canada’s national magazine Influential coverage of international affairs, culture, business and politics Momentous investigative reports and campaigns (e.g. controversial critical appraisals of politicians’ management of WWI) Contributions from major authors and humorists, such as Stephen Leacock and Lucy Maud Montgomery Also covers lifestyle, travel, sports, science and technology, and fashion Greyscale and full color scans
  39. 39. Signal (1970-2003) – Collection 10  A leading scholarly publication devoted to children’s literature  34 years of backfile included  Covers the myriad aspects of children’s literature, including writing and illustrating; educational theory/practice; literary criticism; bibliography, biography; editing and publishing; translating; bookmaking/collecting; social and literary history  Inclusion is response to demand from researchers for journals in this sub-discipline
  40. 40. Queen’s Quarterly (1893-2005) – Collection 10 • Oldest Canadian academic quarterly • Periodicals Archive Online makes available 113 years of backfile • Has featured poetry and fiction by leading authors including Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje and Carol Shields • Major Canadian writers, such as Mavis Gallant and Michael Ignatieff, have contributed articles on scholarly topics
  41. 41. New Left Review (1960-2005) – Collection 10 • Described by The Guardian as “the flagship journal of the Western intellectual left” • Major bimonthly title devoted to politics and culture • PAO Collection 10 makes available 46 years of backfile • Has included contributions from leading authorities on history, philosophy and social theory, such as Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, Benedict Anderson, Frederic Jameson, Raymond Williams among many others
  42. 42. Periodicals Archive Online on the ProQuest platform
  43. 43. Periodicals Archive Online on the ProQuest Platform – cross-search Researchers using Periodicals Archive Online may now benefit from cross-searching the 700+ deep journal backfiles in this resource with:  Primary source historical resources such as ProQuest Historical Newspapers  Historical periodical archives, including American Periodicals and British Periodicals  Arts databases, such as Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive, Vogue, International Index to Music Periodicals and International Index to Performing Arts  Current front-file content in ProQuest aggregated databases and Newspapers collections such as ProQuest Newsstand  A&I databases in the arts and humanities and social sciences 11/13/2013
  44. 44. Periodicals Archive Online on the ProQuest Platform – cross-search: all products Basic and advanced search screens allow Periodicals Archive Online to be cross-searched with all other subscribed products on the ProQuest Platform 11/13/2013
  45. 45. Periodicals Archive Online on the ProQuest Platform – cross-search: subject areas For more focussed cross-searching, Periodicals Archive Online may be searched alongside other products within specific subject areas 11/13/2013
  46. 46. Cross-search example – Periodicals Archive Online and Historical Newspapers (New York Times) Consult contemporary reporting of events alongside later scholarly analysis. Result 23 here, from the New York Times in 1960, reports the influence of Soviet propaganda of the period, whilst result 24, from Journalism Quarterly in Periodicals Archive Online highlights, retrospectively, the role of US propaganda. 11/13/2013
  47. 47. Cross-search example – Periodicals Archive Online and ProQuest Central Search results for recent full text in PQ Central Historical journal results for early 20C and beyond 11/13/2013 Increased years of coverage for results
  48. 48. Periodicals Archive Online product page: Advanced Search Besides the cross-search options, there are product-specific basic and advanced search pages for Periodicals Archive Online with search options tailored to this resource Wide selection of drop-down and fixed search fields Option to limit to peerreviewed content New lookup lists for author and country of publication 11/13/2013
  49. 49. Periodicals Archive Online results page New filtering options include restricting by source type, peerreviewed status, publication frequency, and article identifier/keyword Preview layers offer additional detail about articles Date slider for quick focusing by date
  50. 50. ProQuest Platform – Flash viewer New Flash view option allows for easy zooming and panning 11/13/2013
  51. 51. Other future initiatives Exposure of indexing to open web search engines  Opportunity being actively investigated  Aim to improve discoverability of Periodicals Archive Online content and increase usage
  52. 52. Market research  Year-long market research exercise undertaken in 2013, to inform future development of the programme (content, functionality, sales model)  Information sources include:  Customer interviews, focus groups, site visits, surveys  Qualitative and quantitative end user feedback (interviews and online survey)  Interviews with other ProQuest employees  Analysis of usage data
  53. 53. Market research: some key findings - usage Formula for relative usage developed (adjusted for the number of institutions accessing each journal, the length of time in Periodicals Archive Online, etc).  Highest relative usage is for journals in psychology (as opposed to literature in the total usage count)  Other areas that move up in terms of relative usage include business/management and area studies – Middle East
  54. 54. Market research: some key findings - usage Highest relative usage by individual title: Title Spectator New Statesman New Leader Harper's Academy and Literature Humanist Antiquity RSA Journal History Today Modern Fiction Studies Adolescence Sight and Sound Commentary Modern Language Review Philological Quarterly Monthly Film Bulletin Sex Roles Contemporary Review North American Review Papers on Language and Literature Coverage in PAO 1828-2000 1913-1975, 1977-1988 only 1924-2000 1850-1995 1869-1916 1941-2000 1927-1947, 1949-2000 only 1852-1941, 1943-1970, 1973-1995 only 1951-1995 1955-1995 1966-1995 1932-2000 1938-1995 1905-1995 1922-1995 1934-1987, 1989-1991 1975-1995 1866-1995 1815-1939, 1964-1995 Primary journal subject Humanities (General) Political Science Political Science Humanities (General) Literature Philosophy Archaeology Fine Arts History (General) Literature Psychology Performing Arts Jewish Studies Linguistics/Philology Linguistics/Philology Performing Arts Social Sciences (General) Humanities (General) Literature 1965-2000 Literature
  55. 55. Market research: some key findings - content  Only 11% of end user survey respondents (including undergraduates) felt that non-peer-reviewed titles were of no importance to them  74% of librarians felt that non-scholarly titles are either “important” or “very important”  However, principal interest of PAO customers remains peer-reviewed content
  56. 56. Market research: some key findings - content  Consistent demand for continued broad interdisciplinary mix of content  The top 5 journal subjects rated by librarians were social sciences (general), education, business/management, history (general), and psychology  Interest in new/growth subject areas (e.g. LGBT studies, masculinity studies, and video game research / design)  Very few librarians requested new publication types
  57. 57. Market research: some key findings – date range  Over three quarters of librarians recommended extending the coverage of future collections beyond 2005  Most librarians requested add-on components for the years 2001-2005 for collections currently terminating at 2000
  58. 58. Market research: some key findings – sales model  43% of librarians suggested smaller collections  71% recommended collections themed by subject area
  59. 59. 2014 agenda  No plans to release new collection in 2014  Continuation of market research  Synthesise research findings to determine the appropriate content and format of the next collection  License key titles serving the main customer needs
  60. 60. Thank you