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1.3.1 introduction to first aid


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1.3.1 introduction to first aid

  1. 1. Introduction to First Aid
  2. 2. 1. To understand the principles, meaning and aims of First Aid 2. To know the qualities, responsibilities and duties of a First Aider 3. To know the basic contents of a First Aid Pouch & uses of these items Learning Objectives
  3. 3. • Introduction • Definition • Aims of First Aid • Duties, Qualities and Responsibilities of a First Aider • Contents of First Aid Pouch • Case study • Conclusion Scope
  4. 4. What is First Aid? • First Aid is the immediate assistance or treatment given to someone injured or suddenly taken ill before the arrival of an ambulance, doctor or other appropriately qualified person
  5. 5. Aims of First Aid • Preserve life • Prevent the injury or illness from becoming worse • To promote recovery
  6. 6. Duties of a First Aider • Saving life • Stabilising the condition of victim • Minimising late complications • Preparing the victim for evacuation and evacuating him with skill and dispatch
  7. 7. Qualities of a First Aider A First Aider must be: • Highly Trained • Tested and regularly re-tested to maintain standard • Up-to-date in knowledge and skills
  8. 8. Responsibility of a First Aider In the management of a casualty, your responsibility as a first aider is to: • Assess the situation • Identify the condition of the casualty/what he is suffering from • Give immediate and appropriate treatment to the casualty
  9. 9. First Aid Pouch
  10. 10. ESSENTIAL ITEMS IN THE FIRST AID POUCH • Individually wrapped adhesive dressings • Bandages (Triangular, roller, elastic) • Safety Pins • First Aid Dressing (FAD) (No. 13 , 14, 15) • Plasters • Cotton Wool
  11. 11. Adhesive Dressing or Plaster • Used for minor wounds, best choice for small wounds/cuts Sterile Dressing, FAD • Easy to apply, ideal in emergencies. Comes in a range of sizes and in protective wrapping Roller and Elastic Bandages • Supports joints, secures dressing, restricts movement, maintains pressure on dressing and limits swelling Triangular bandages • Made of cloth or strong paper. Used for secondary bandages and slings Item Descriptions
  12. 12. PARTS OF FAD STERILE PADDING Short End Long End
  13. 13. The First Minutes- Group Discussion You are faced with two casualties: • During a PE lesson, a student fell and hit his head against a sharp edge. There is a long deep gash and blood is pouring from his head • During lunch, a school mate in the canteen had choked on a fish ball. He has lost consciousness and his face is turning blue.
  14. 14. TAKE NOTE • Immediate danger threatens the lives of these two victims. • Life saving measures must be carried out immediately • Delaying treatment until victims are evacuated or medical help arrives can result in death
  15. 15. AT SITE Would you know how to render First Aid to these people?
  16. 16. Amputation injury • Arrest haemorrhage Heart attack • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) ACTION TAKEN
  17. 17. REMEMBER! • The first few minutes after an injury or sudden illness are critical • Any delay in starting treatment can cost a life • Accurate identification of an injury or illness helps to determine proper method of First Aid treatment.
  18. 18. CONCLUSION • First Aid Measures serve to minimise further injuries or loss of lives. • It is important to train First Aiders who are proficient in their skills to be able to render immediate assistance during Medical Emergencies.