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Curtain types


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This BellaTEX Stage Curtains Curtain Types PowerPoint has been made to help viewers learn about different types of stage curtains.

About BellaTEX:

With Dealers Across The Country, Buying Stage Curtains Doesn't Have To Be Difficult.

Buying stage curtains may not be the most glamorous job in show business but to the performers, the graduates, and the achievers who work so very hard for their moment in the spotlight... to them, the role you play matters. BellaTEX has professional dealers all across the country to make sure your new stage curtains fit properly, meet applicable fire/building codes, and are professionally installed so they look their best and perform flawlessly.

I Just Need a Curtain! Why Is It So Confusing?

Seems like buying a curtain should be easy. Then you get into it, and there are dozens of Curtain Types, hundreds of Fabric Options, trim, valances, and then decisions to make about Flame Resistance. For a PTA leader or drama teacher who may only make a purchase of this nature once or twice in a lifetime, it can feel overwhelming and a little scary--what if you make a mistake?

I Just Want to Know How Much It's Going to Cost!

To make things harder, getting a quote from a dealer can be like pulling teeth. And if you make even a small mistake in measurement or choice of options, you can be on the line for significant additional expenses to fix the problem.

Take the Confusion and Worry Out.

Fortunately, you don't have to direct the show alone. Quickly estimate how much your stage curtains may cost. Then check out our handy How to Measure Guide to obtain the information you need to get an exact quote. If you need help sorting through your options, check out our Product Details section, or let a helpful BellaTEX stage curtain expert guide you.

Purchase with Confidence.

For complete confidence, contact your local BellaTEX dealer to take advantage of our Get It Right services. In most cases, the dealer will visit your site, make recommendations, and take measurements on your behalf. When that's not possible, the dealer will walk you through the steps to do it yourself. Either way, you can then budget with confidence, knowing that we'll get it right the first time.

BellaTEX Stage Curtains provides Quality, Beauty, and Service you expect from a product which should stand the test of time.

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Curtain types

  2. 2. The Front Setting
  3. 3. Theatre drapes and stage curtains are large pieces of cloth which mask backstage areas of a theatre from spectators. They are designed for a variety of specific purposes and come in many types.
  4. 4. The FRONT CURTAIN, which is variously called a proscenium drape, grand drape, house curtain, house drape, or main drape, hangs upstage, just behind the proscenium arch. It is typically opened and closed during performances.
  5. 5. There are several types of front curtains, which may consist of a single section or two sections. Depending on the type, front curtains may travel, or open, horizontally or vertically. It is typically opened and closed during performances. Some curtains, such as Austrians and Venetians, pictured above, open vertically.
  6. 6. The Main Valance is the horizontal curtain across the top of the front setting which masks the overhead structure of the space. It matches the front curtain, both in fabric and construction, and may be embellished with letters or fringe.
  7. 7. Front curtains are usually pleated, and have a certain amount of fullness. Most pleated front curtains need at least 50% fullness, but we recommend 75% or more.
  8. 8. There are many fabrics to choose from for front curtains. We recommend Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) fabrics. Contact us for more information about fabrics. Or, view our BellaTEX Fabric Selection video.
  9. 9. Easy! The rest of the curtains are usually black, and mask the backstage areas. These curtains make up the Rear Setting.
  10. 10. The Rear Setting
  11. 11. Borders hang from the top of the performance space and hide lights and other equipment above the stage.
  12. 12. Legs are tall, narrow curtains which hide off-stage areas and provide space for entrances and side lights.
  13. 13. Intermediate Draw Curtains are dividers used to create a smaller space or to hide equipment and backdrops along the back wall. They are usually made of two panels with a center overlap and open horizontally. A draw curtain can also be made of one panel and travel off stage on a curved track to one side. This is called a One Way Traveler.
  14. 14. Rear setting curtains can be flat or pleated.
  15. 15. Scrims and Cycs
  16. 16. A Cyc, short for Cyclorama, is a curtain used as a background. It is typically white but can be grey, sky blue or another specialty color. When lit, it can be made to change color or give the illusion of a sky. The Cyc is typically flat and seamless but occasionally is seamed and may have fullness.
  17. 17. A Scrim is a flat seamless drape, typically made from either black or white Sharkstooth Scrim. The magic of Sharkstooth Scrim is that it can be made to look completely opaque, translucent, or completely transparent depending on how it is lit. This is very useful for making things appear and disappear or to give a dream-like quality to the stage action. They are also useful for hanging in front of a Cyc to give it a more even or muted appearance.
  18. 18. No problem! Curtains aren’t just for theatres. Let’s learn about some common curtain types used for other applications.
  19. 19. U-Surround Curtains
  20. 20. A U-Surround is typically found on very small stages. It is an economical way to provide some masking of the offstage areas and give a more pleasant background than the bare walls.
  21. 21. A U-Surround typically runs at an angle from the offstage sides of the Grand Drape to the upstage corners of the acting area, and straight across the back. A light-duty curved track works best.
  22. 22. If the U-Surround is made in multiple small panels rather than 2 or 3 large panels, entry points can be moved into whatever positions are needed.
  23. 23. Pipe-and-Drape
  24. 24. Pipe and drape displays consist of steel bases, aluminum pipes and curtains. Pipe and drape displays are temporary, set up is very simple, and the structure is portable.
  25. 25. Pipe and drape displays are used in churches, schools, wedding halls, convention centers, photography studios, hospitals, shopping malls, backstage dressing areas in theatres - anywhere a temporary partition or curtain is needed.
  26. 26. Pipe and drape can be used in a utilitarian way, as for a tradeshow, or can be creatively erected, as for a dramatic wedding reception.
  27. 27. House Divider Curtains
  28. 28. House Divider curtains are also known as Gym Divider or Room Divider curtains.
  29. 29. A House Divider curtain can be an economical way to split large spaces up for classes, meetings, or events. Divider curtains are often used in large churches to mask off unused areas of the sanctuary during smaller services.
  30. 30. House Divider curtains can be lined or double-faced so both sides have a finished look. Various vinyl and cloth fabrics are available depending on the specific requirements.
  31. 31. Contact us at 1-800-372-3373 to locate a BellaTEX dealer near you. If you’re a dealer, please inquire about how you can be a part of our fantastic BellaTEX Dealer Network. Contact us at!