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Social Media Stakeholders
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Stakeholder engagement with social media

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Leverage on social media to engage with your stakeholders. A presentation at the PR Society of Indonesia 2011 conference in dec, 2011.
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Stakeholder engagement with social media

  1. 1. Stakeholder Engagement & Social Media Networks by Poonam SagarPT Infotech Solutions
  2. 2. Social Media 101
  3. 3. 30.000.000 users 1,293,131 tweets/day 40,829,720 users860,000 users 6 hrs/month 51% download/stream video5,270,658 blogs and growing Social Media Landscape in Indonesia
  4. 4. Indonesia reported the highestpenetration, with 20.8 percent ofInternet users in the country visitingTwitter ~ comscore
  5. 5. > 40,829,720 Facebook users & GROWING… World rank: No. 2 Penetration of population: 17% Penetration of online population: 136.10%
  6. 6. > 5 million blogs in Indonesia
  7. 7. social media is…A Conversation Powered Managed Organized and Connected by ....
  8. 8. This presentation is NOTabout social media. It’s aboutStakeholder Engagement.
  9. 9. CustomersStaff Suppliers Company Community Owners
  10. 10. Everybody…
  11. 11. Stakeholder Management MatrixIdentify who you should spend the most time and effort on, and collect the names and addresses of the “Manage Closely” group Keep Satisfied Manage Closely Put enough work in with these These are the people you must people to keep them satisfied, but not so much that they become bored fully engage and make the with your message. greatest efforts to satisfy. Interest Keep Informed Monitor Keep these people informed, and talk to Monitor these people, but do not them to ensure that no major issues are burden them with excessive arising. These people can often have communication. influence in areas you are unaware of, as seen in viral adoption. Influence Source: PM Hut blog
  12. 12. Storytelling…
  13. 13. Qantas fleet is grounded for 48 hours and chaos ensuesInitial tweets came from@QantasMedia@QantasMedia used as“breaking news” channelRetweeted from@QantasAirwaysOngoing updates from@QantasAirwaysTone was formal, accurate,factual, and authoritative
  14. 14. Framework for EngagementContent presentsopportunitiesand risks.Moderators needto be guided bytraining, policy,common sense(and a little bit offear…)
  15. 15. Engagement is core business.Objectives can only be met with strategic communications:• Inspiring potential and current staff• Marketing products & services• Company branding• Community engagement• Government affairs• PR and Media relations
  16. 16. 5 Steps to Engagement 1: Assess Stakeholder Needs & Interests 2: Develop Rules Of Engagement 3: Identify Right Managers For YOUR Stakeholders 4: Establish Internal & External Process 5: Train, Equip & Deploy (TED)
  17. 17. 5 C’s EngagementContent: ongoing narrative (stories) which educates, inspires, informs and connects.Context: deep understanding of how participants within community engage and the tools theyuse to do so.Connectivity: connecting members of community in mutually beneficial ways.Continuity: sustaining efforts over time, ensuring that community is healthy and productive.Collaboration: collaborative efforts of participants who share, co-create and edit each others efforts.
  18. 18. Blogging Micro RSS Blogging FeedsMessage PhotoBoards Sharing Engagement Chat tools Video Rooms Sharing Social Networkin Podcasts g Widgets Source: Universal McCann Companies Study on Social Media Trends (March 2008)
  19. 19. Twitter• Investor‐focused• Greatly increased outreach and accessibility• Be approachable, encourage questions, respond to comments, acknowledge reTweets and mentions• Push out corporate news, industry news, interesting articles, goodwill news about peers• Follow the people and communities that you want to follow you• Respond to all questions Follow me @poonamsagar
  20. 20. Facebook• Community focus• Push out feel good news, job postings, no $$ stuff• Be innovative to draw people to site – photo contests, etc.Corporate Blog• Talk about non‐material but positive ‐ information• Expand on press releases, frequent Q&As• Increases Google rankings
  21. 21. LinkedIn• Encourage employees to join – spreading corporate brand, shows you’ve got qualified, high‐quality team ‐• Participate in discussion groups – demonstrate that thecompany has something to say• Searchable with GoogleSlideShare• Post presentations• Can track views, searchable with Google• SlideShare pushes out “similar information” to members
  22. 22. YouTube• Corporate videos, project videos, interviews• Show credibility, personalityWebcasts• Choose conferences with webcast option– Expanded reach– See spokesperson in action – credibility– Archived and accessible• Open up to online questions as well as phone
  23. 23. Online channelsinspire offlinebehavior andaction…
  24. 24. Economic Success Includes• Increasing sales• Growing market share (or brand preference share)• Return on marketing investment• Growing shareholder value or share price• Increasing reputation and image (via external rankings, stock price)• Increasing the lifetime value of a customer(brand loyalty)
  25. 25. Behavioral Change Includes:• Raising awareness• Shifting attitudes and change stakeholder Perceptions• Driving trial• Inspiring action: Do more or Do less• Recommending (e.g. net promoterscore)
  26. 26. Support Organizational Functions Human Resources: recruiting, retention, job descriptions Internal Communications collaboration, communication, resource sharing Collaborative Training: tools, processes, information-sharing Product Development: research, sentiment, real-time feedback Customer Service:Real-time reactions, listening, community feedback and support Sales/Marketing: engagement, lead generation, sales cycle development
  27. 27. InsightMake decisions based on hard data.• Answer questions ‘who, why and how’ first.• Stakeholder profile: demographic segments, activity, networks• What content is valuable to them – how might they share it?• Make insight cycle perpetual using analytics and reporting frameworks
  28. 28. •Listening •Dismissing•Learning •Ignoring•Conversing •Automating•Sharing •Refusing•Researching •Assailing•Following •Boring•Investing •Tiring•Trusting •Repulsing•Relating •Preaching•Acknowledging •Annoying•Doing•Engaging
  29. 29. Quick Tips• Brand your pages• Choose the right person as your social mediaspokesperson• Show your personality• But remember this is corporate information, not personal• Be creative• Copy other people’s ideas• Try new things
  30. 30. Source:
  31. 31. To summarize…
  32. 32. Summary• Empowered employees ambassadors• Community engagement lifetime value for multiple stakeholders• Community managers engage Community• TED: Train, Equip & Deploy community TED: managers on social platforms• Success economic & behavioral• Organizational implications between PR, marketing & coordination with steering committee
  33. 33. Your stakeholders are listening out for you …Building relationships:reaching people how andwhen they want.
  34. 34. Connect with me:Poonam SagarTwitter: @poonamsagarEmail: poonamsagar.comCompany website:
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    Jun. 8, 2013

Leverage on social media to engage with your stakeholders. A presentation at the PR Society of Indonesia 2011 conference in dec, 2011. Additional slides with video content have been removed.


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