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IBM Watson Overview


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IBM Watson overview presented by Mike Pointer, Watson Sr. Solution Architect, at Penn State's Nittany Watson Challenge Immersion event on January 19-20, 2017.

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IBM Watson Overview

  1. 1. Welcome to Watson 2017 January 2017 Mike Pointer, Watson Sr. Solution Architect
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. A COGNITIVE BUSINESS HAS SYSTEMS THAT CAN ENHANCE DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE EXPONENTIALLY. 4 REASON They can reason, grasp underlying concepts, form hypotheses, and infer and extract ideas. UNDERSTAND Cognitive systems understand imagery, language and other unstructured data like humans do. LEARN With each data point, interaction and outcome, they develop and sharpen expertise, so they never stop learning. INTERACT With abilities to see, talk and hear, cognitive systems interact with humans in a natural way.
  4. 4. IBM WATSON CAPABILITIES 5 Watson Microservices Language Services Speech Services Vision Services Data Services Embodied Cognition Watson Knowledg e Studio 25+ Services
  5. 5. Discovery 25+ WATSON MICROSERVICES 6 Language Services AlchemyLanguage Conversation Document Conversion Language Translator Natural Language Classifier Personality Insights Retrieve and Rank Tone Analyzer Entity Extraction Sentiment Analysis Emotion Analysis Keyword Extraction Concept Tagging Relation Extraction Taxonomy Classification Author Extraction Language Detection Text Extraction Microformats Parsing Feed Detection Linked Data Support Speech Services Speech to Text Text to Speech Vision Services Visual Recognition Similarity Search Data Insight Services AlchemyData News Discovery Tradeoff Analytics Embodied Cognition Services Intu Watson’s APIs are the cognitive building blocks that harness our data. Vision Recognition Conversation
  6. 6. Key Watson Offerings Watson Developer Cloud Watson Virtual Agent Watson Conversation Service Watson Discovery Service Watson Knowledge Studio
  7. 7. Watson Developer Cloud 3 models 8
  8. 8. LEVEL SET - IBM WATSON DEVELOPER CLOUD WILL BE DEPLOYABLE IN 3 MODELS: Shared is a cloud deployment of WDC deployed on Bluemix Shared. It offers a solid data security in a multi-tenant environment and encryption of data in transit and at rest. Premium is a single-tenant virtual environment deployment of WDC deployed on Bluemix Shared. This adds isolated compute in addition security features of Shared. Dedicated is a private cloud deployment of WDC built on top of Bluemix Dedicated. The Dedicated deployment addresses data security and regulatory compliance requirements by offering hardware isolation and data encryption, hosted in a SoftLayer data center. Select Services Available July 1st; others 2H16 Available Today GA 1Q17 (with a few early customers in 2016)
  9. 9. Watson for engagement Watson Conversation Service Watson Virtual Agent 10
  10. 10. Watson as the Center of Customer Engagement 11 Create an omni-channel experience for better user engagement Flexible, cost-effective solutions for building chat bots and virtual agents Detect emotional states* and responds in appropriate ways Build from the ground up or buy pre-built capabilities Build once, deploy across multiple platforms *Leveraging Watson Tone Analyzer Create natural language interactions with your end-users, including Q&A and onboarding Advanced Machine Learning capabilities Walk customers through business processes like application forms or resetting a password
  11. 11. End-to-End Perspective
  12. 12. 13 A New Partnership With Watson Watson Conversation Service Watson Virtual Agent
  13. 13. Choose the Solution that Best Meets Your Needs 14 Build Your Own Watson Conversation Service Buy Pre-Built Watson Virtual Agent API for Developers or Technical LOB that want to BUILD a chat bot or virtual agent from the ground up Create conversational experiences across any channel (e.g. mobile, messaging, robots etc.) Integrated dialog builder allows subject matter experts the ability to easily construct dialog flows for chat bots and virtual agents To jumpstart conversational app development, IBM offers an array of software development kits, code examples, and simplified tooling created for developers, by developers. SaaS solution for Business Users that allow you to quickly CONFIGURE virtual agents, using pre-built content, without needing specific technical skills Bot Configurator Cross-industry, trained on customer service content Rich, real-time engagement analytics Streamlined publishing process and integration with systems of record Or, Use a Combination of the Two
  14. 14. Both Watson Conversation and Watson Virtual Agent Offer 15 Greater client control over how data is used – ability to keep proprietary data private Cloud delivery for continuous development cycle for ongoing feature enhancements so customers are always on the latest version Fast time-to-value; start for free Enterprise ready, Premium Plans that offer single tenancy, data isolation, PII support, SLAs, end-to-end encryption Multi-lingual capabilities (Watson Conversation Service – now, Watson Virtual Agent – 2017) Analytics across multiple areas - trend analysis, engagement levels, improving system performance, activity in production systems
  15. 15. 16 Watson Conversation Service An API for Developers or Technical LOB that want to BUILD a chat bot or virtual agent from the ground up. Create conversational experiences across any channel (e.g. mobile, messaging, IoT, etc.) Integrated dialog builder allows subject matter experts the ability to easily construct dialog flows for chat bots and virtual agents Combines intents, entities and dialog into a seamless experience Includes: • Code samples • Software Development Kits (SDKs) • Access to a broad set of platform services that can augment conversational use cases (e.g. Speech, Empathy) • Enterprise support with the Premium Plan (e.g. data isolation, e2e encryption, PII support)
  16. 16. Question Distribution 17 Watson Conversation Unique Intents 100s 100,000+ FrequencyofQuestions Long Tail Turn on my headlights. My exhaust is making a rattling sound, how do I troubleshoot the problem? Here Watson uses reasoning strategies that focus on the language and context of the question. Short Tail Watson Discovery Service Here Watson uses reasoning strategies that focus on identifying the most appropriate answer.
  17. 17. Watson Virtual Agent Cognitive Customer Engagement Platform 18 A cognitive, self-service digital assistant for customer service SaaS offering for continuous delivery of features and content enhancements Engage with customers via a configurable chat/messaging interface Handles inquiries based on personalized input and context
  18. 18. Watson Virtual Agent Cognitive Customer Engagement Platform 19 Includes Pre-built Content Out-of-the-box: • Pre-Trained Natural Language Understanding for Customer Self-Service • Simple, Complete Dialog flows Tooling Included: • Engagement Metrics Dashboard • Usage & Activity Trends • Transaction Success Rate • Bot Configurator • Tailor Dialog & Create Related Intents, Entities • Integration with enterprise systems, Reference UX
  19. 19. Watson Virtual Agent Cognitive Customer Engagement Platform 20 Benefits • Delivers omni-channel experience to your end-users through the channel they choose • Enables increased first-contact resolution – higher level end-user satisfaction • Absorb deflected contacts from higher cost channels • Lessens the burden for live agents, resulting in cost savings • Decreased agent-agent transfers • Increased revenue through re-tasking human reps • Sheds light on key customer issues and themes • Increases in end-user lifetime value, Net Promoter Scores
  20. 20. Watson Virtual Agent Content Class Structure/Intents – Complete Map (as of end - Oct 2016) 21 * Notes existing workflow for intent Account Management Service Management Off TopicDevice Management Order Management Sales Billing Help Information Complaints Payment Online Account Access Customer Profile Account Number Inquiry Billing Address Inquiry Email Change Update/Change Address* Update/Change Contact Phone* Name Change Authorized User Profile Password Profile Security Questions Privileges Upgrade Eligibility Timing Upgrade Eligibility Status Close/Cancel Account Balance Inquiry Credit Status Bill Explanation One Time Charge Recurring Charges Billing Cycle Bill Copy Online Statements Paper Statements Dispute Request Adjustment Payment Reminders Swap Device Activation About Us Jobs Contact Us Find Nearest Store* Store Location Store Hours Store Phone Number Store Products Store Services Make Store Appointment Change Store Appointment Troubleshooting Network Create Product Order Modify Product Order Get Product Status Cancel Product Order Make a Payment* Recharge Method of Payment Inquiry Payment Locations Method of Payment Update Payment Due Date Late Fees Payment Arrangement Recurring Payment Autopay Installments Defer Payment Payment Due Date Change Research Payment Payment History Verify Payment Missing Misapplied Payment Refund Payment Port in Return Device Price Plan Inquiry Price Plan Change Coverage Area Inquiry International Rate Plan Inquiry Roaming Inquiry Add Service Features Active Roaming Activate Prepaid Plan Remove Service Features De-activate Roaming De-activate Prepaid Plan Network Unlock Add Insurance Change Mobile Phone Number Greetings Help Connect to Agent Ending
  21. 21. … one perfectly informed decision at a time Profitable, billion-dollar oil drilling … Watson technology culls through 30 years of Woodside’s documented knowledge. Engineers augment their expertise with a virtual advisor, “Lesson Learned.” Each outcome is added to collective knowledge, informing future decisions. G R O W K N O W L E D G E F R O M D A T A E N H A N C E E X P E R T I S E L E A R N A N D A D A P T
  22. 22. The Cognitive Business Narrative / 05.18.2016 23 Student advice is powered 24/7/365 by IBM Watson
  23. 23. Simple Conversation Sample 24
  24. 24. 25 Business Challenge To provide anywhere, anytime service, Staples sought to remove the friction of ordering from its stores and websites and instead use its Easy Button to become part of the customer’s daily routine. Transformation Using IBM Watson® APIs, the company transformed its Easy Button into a cognitive ordering ecosystem that customers can use to order supplies from a variety of devices using voice, text or email. Results Higher Order Frequency Expected by embedding the ordering process into office managers’ work routine Increased Order Sizes Anticipated by enabling customers to order using voice, text and email across a variety of devices Improved Service Scores Predicted by facilitating anywhere, anytime service across channels Solution Components • IBM® Bluemix® • IBM Watson® – Developer Cloud – AlchemyLanguage – Conversation – Retrieve and Rank – Speech to Text – Text to Speech – Tone Analyzer
  25. 25. Royal Bank of Scotland Engages IBM Watson for Cognitive Insights to Better Serve Customers 26 New York and Edinburgh - 06 October 2016 IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Royal Bank of Scotland today announced the first pilot with customers of ‘Luvo’ a cognitive chat bot that allows people to interact with an AI-powered platform. Luvo leverages IBM Watson Conversation, a cloud-based cognitive service, to enhance the customer service experience. “Luvo frees advisors from spending time on simple, easily-addressed queries so they can help customers with more complex issues and questions.” –Jane Howard, Head of Personal Banking, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland
  26. 26. Watson Discovery 27
  27. 27. Watson Discovery 28 Watson Discovery Service A powerful set of APIs built to help developers find value in your data, fast.
  28. 28. Watson Discovery 29 * Many data scientists spend as much as 80 percent* of their time on so-called “data janitor” work – collecting, cleaning and organizing data sets. Developers face numerous barriers that slow them down when building applications to leverage unstructured data: Massive amounts of diverse and dispersed unstructured content NLP APIs are difficult to integrate Analysis requires complex queries and manual filtering. Watson Discovery packages cognitive technologies together in an easy-to-use end-to-end system to focus on specific business problems. It simplifies the infrastructure, scale and algorithm challenges associated with enriching and analyzing large data sets.
  29. 29. Watson Discovery 30 With Watson Discovery, go from data to insights rapidly and with less effort Confidential until 12-15-2016 Questions ?? “What are the top terms mentioned by customers in support interactions” “How do I setup a new connection for a customer with a locked accounts” “How many times was my campaign mentioned over the last 30 days” Documents/Data
  30. 30. Apply cognitive enrichments to your data and extract insights using a powerful and flexible query language in real time 31 Watson DiscoveryConfidential Until 12-15-2016 Automated Data Ingestion Automate ingestion using the APIs, web upload, or data crawler, and feed through Document Conversion to deal with multiple files types. Integrated Enrichment Rapidly setup advanced Natural Language Processing steps and custom models to extract entities, relations, keywords, sentiment, etc. Diverse Content Sources Create one-of-a-kind applications that leverage data from the pre-enriched news sources and private content from across the enterprise. Simplified Query Language Perform multiple query types including Boolean, filter, and aggregation queries to discover patterns, trends, and answers.
  31. 31. 32 Watson Discovery Service Solution for answering questions that require existing documents as a source of answers Combines the next generation of Document Conversion, Retrieve and Rank, Alchemy Language and AlchemyData News into a single service Built to scale for large data sets Integrates other Watson cognitive APIs and services for natural language understanding Flexibility of data types and sources Access via REST API endpoints and UI tooling Watson Discovery Watson Discovery Service extends functionality to allow for cognitive search and content analytics capabilities to be combined into new and existing applications. Alchemy Language AlchemyData News Retrieve and Rank Document Conversion
  32. 32. 33 The Automated Data Pipeline Discovery Service lets you build an automated data pipeline once, and then add it to existing solutions
  33. 33. Watson Knowledge Studio 34
  34. 34. © 2016 IBM Corporation IBM Watson Knowledge Studio Watson Knowledge Studio Watson Explorer AlchemyLanguage on WDC End-to-end system that enables developers and subject matters experts to teach Watson the linguistic nuances of industries and knowledge domains. Create, reuse & share custom text annotators built with WKS can be leveraged with Watson and, in future, other IBM offerings! Available on IBM Cloud Marketplace Analytics Exchange (Beta) Target Users Deploy Reuse/ ShareSME DEV
  35. 35. © 2016 IBM Corporation Understanding information extraction John Smith works for IBM. He has been in Big Blue for 20 years. PERSON PERSONORG ORG employedBy employedBy John Smith IBM Corp “Information extraction is the method of distilling structured data from unstructured data.” Source: MarketandMarkets NLP Markets by Technologies 2015
  36. 36. © 2016 IBM Corporation Various approaches for information extraction Source: Rule-based Information Extraction is Dead! Long Live Rule-based Information Extraction Systems! - Chiticariu, Li, Reiss; Market&Markets: NLP Markets by Technologies 2015 Rules-Based • Uses rules to perform natural language analysis • Easy to get started with small corpus • Easy to trace and debug • Requires humans to program rules with significant learning curve • Difficult to maintain as the complexity grows Machine Learning • Uses inferences and statistical models to perform natural language analysis • Taught by examples without the need to write code • Better approach where large volume of growing data is involved • Somewhat opaque to the developer and can be more difficult to debug • Requires creating ground truth Hybrid • Combination of both rule-based and ML approaches • Easy to get started with RB and scale over time using ML • Use rules to accelerate training and improve precision of ML models • Requires a solution to integrate both approaches Watson Explorer Content Analytics Studio Watson Knowledge Studio Watson Knowledge Studio TrainedUsing
  37. 37. © 2016 IBM Corporation Key Features • Intuitive • Keep track of performance statistics such as precision and recall for annotator components • Import dictionaries and pre-annotated documents to accelerate the training process • Collaborative • Work with other subject matter experts to teach Watson the linguistic nuances of an industry domain • Leverage knowledge artifacts on IBM Analytics Exchange (Beta) to expedite the model training process • Cost Effective • Iteratively improve performance over time of annotator components • Ability to deploy text annotators directly to Watson Explorer and the Watson Developer Cloud
  38. 38. © 2016 IBM Corporation WEX + WKS: All enterprise text analytics needs addressed in an integrated solution! • Native integration – Machine learning runtime embedded in WEX • Only offering with support for running ML annotators on-prem • First and only offering to use a hybrid approach with custom rules and custom ML annotators • Customer can use existing WEX-CA Studio annotators to ”bootstrap” the machine learning training process • Machine learning supported on both foundational and analytical components • Supports real time NLP use case • Limitation – Machine learning annotators are supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux only
  39. 39. © 2016 IBM Corporation WKS + AlchemyLanguage: Custom Real- time NLP on cloud! • Deploy models directly from WKS to AlchemyLanguage on Bluemix • Fully-customizable machine learning based runtime for real-time NLP use cases • Cloud-based pay-go model • Ideal for business partners looking to build custom text analytics solutions on cloud • Lower cost of entry • Note: Requires Advanced package of AlchemyLanguage on Watson Developer Cloud (available June 2016)
  40. 40. © 2016 IBM Corporation IBM Watson Knowledge Studio makes deployment of custom cognitive applications faster than ever before. Intuitive Collaborative Cost Effective Use a guided experience to teach Watson nuances of natural language without writing a single line of code SMEs work together to infuse domain knowledge in cognitive applications Create and deploy domain knowledge infused annotators faster than ever before using an integrated development environment
  41. 41. Thank You! January 2017
  42. 42. Backup Slides January 2017
  43. 43. WATSON KNOWLEDGE STUDIO VISION Watson Knowledge Studio Watson Explorer Relationship Extraction Service on WDC Use Watson Knowledge Studio to teach Watson the nuances of industries and knowledge domains – enabling rapid customization of cognitive applications. Watson Offerings Create, reuse & share knowledge artifacts built with WKS that can be leveraged with Watson and, in future, other IBM offerings! WKS Shared Repository Target Users • Subject Matter Experts • Business Partners • Application Developers • Data Scientists
  44. 44. Watson & Analytics January 2017
  45. 45. Cognitive Trends Cognitive and analytics: The engine that drives cognitive transformation for clients in every industry and domain We harness data in all its forms, including: • External and internal • Structured and unstructured • Image, voice, literature, weather, social, news, events and the Internet of Things We help clients understand the hidden value within that data through cognitive, and deliver technological innovations in: • Analytics • Natural language processing • Artificial intelligence • Machine learning We insert prescriptive actions at the point of action in order to gain competitive advantage, outthink the competition and become a cognitive enterprise: • In business processes • Across platforms
  46. 46. Unstructured Data 47 Structured Data Analytics Commerce IoT .. 0 2 4 6 A B C D WORKING WITH WATSON Data Source Runtime Human Interface
  47. 47. Internet 48 ClientFirewall IBMFirewall CRM … Predictiv e … Core Data Analytics Models & Other Systems Enterprise Bus Services (Service Catalog) S1 … Orchestration Engine IBM CloudON PREMISES Web application VA UI Widget Proxy Server VIRTUALASSISTANT (INTEGRATED) Watson Center of Competency Users Customers Privileged Users, Download Logs Admin API Developers Watson Architects TLS Bi Directional SSLwithBasicAuthentication Watson Virtual Agent Watson Micro-services R&R TTS STT …PI Auth provider Warm Handover to Real Agent Smart phone TabletOnline
  48. 48. LET’S LOOK AT AN EXAMPLE John Smith works for IBM. He has been in Big Blue for 20 years. PERSON PERSONORG ORG employedBy employedBy John Smith IBM Corp
  49. 49. HOW WKS WILL WORK WITH WEX? • Import documents pre- annotated using rule-based annotators in WKS to ”bootstrap” the ML annotator • Deploy directly to Watson Explorer • Use with both Content Mining and Search use cases • WKS models supported by both WEX EE and AE Watson Explorer Content Analytics Studio Rule-Based Annotator IBM Watson Knowledge Studio ML Annotator Create Pre Annotation Import Training Data Import Train Deploy Deploy