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Aesthera msp lo res[1]


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Aesthera msp lo res[1]

  1. 1. November 3, 2005 PRODUCT REVIEW Aesthera Photopneumatic Therapy Recently, a MedSpaPress subscriber invited a hefty loan or lease payment immediately after our Product Review Team to participate in a the purchase. Quite frankly, this just isn't realistic demonstration of the recently released for many new medspas resulting in being Aesthera Photopneumatic Therapy system. We forced to use their marketing budget to make love reviewing products and quickly accepted the initial payments. I don't have to explain the invitation. the downward spiral that can result from that mistake. So, what's new from Livermore, CA based Aesthera? Basically speaking...two things. 1. New technology that competes head-to-head with the best in class laser and IPL systems 2. A refreshing new business model for the very crowded light-based aesthetic market Because every medspa owner is concerned about the bottom line, let's look at the business model first. When pioneer medspa owners built their businesses, they only had one choice in terms of purchasing equipment. That choice was to pay anywhere between $150K - $250K for the equipment necessary to provide both laser hair removal and IPL treatments to clients. In marketing terms, that's what we call a 'barrier to entry.' This means that everyone isn't able to afford the best quality equipment and many suffice with older, used models and Carone Scott, R.N. takes the Aesthera PPx System through out-of-date technology. It also means that the its paces completing a laser hair removal treatment on a business needs to be strong enough to support man’s back in just over 20 minutes. © Copyright 2005. MedSpaPress. All Rights Reserved. For additional reprints, contact
  2. 2. Aesthera has introduced what marketing folks have the business to support a $6,000 to call a razor + razorblade business model to the $10,000 lease payment per month. You can aesthetic industry. The concept is that instead think of it as Aesthera sharing the risk of your of paying around $100K for a hair removal purchase with you. As opposed to conventional laser and another $100K for an IPL, you can business models where the company sells you a purchase the Aesthera system for under $30K, system for nearly a hundred thousand dollars saving $170K immediately. You can think of and has no impetus to help you succeed, the Aesthera system as the razor in our marketing Aesthera only succeeds if you buy their tips on example. But, you need blades. Aesthera sells a regular basis. Their success is directly linked 'tips' for their system that range in price from with your success; this model creates a very around $35 - $50 each. The tip is a disposable nice, and important customer service relationship. that is programmed for a certain length of time or number of pulses before being inactivated. Now, on to the technology. It's no surprise that You can't necessarily think of one tip per person, Aesthera has developed what some consider to because they come in different sizes. You might be the next generation of light-based technology, want to use several sizes on a single patient, after all, most of their employees have spent and those same tips on another patient. entire careers as the leaders of the industry. Remember, today without tips, most lasers use They come from industry giants such as the same 'tip' on every patient during the Lumenis, Palomar, ESC, and Coherent. But, entire life of the laser. what they're doing at Aesthera is completely different from conventional technology. The Aesthera The technology behind Photopneumatic Photopneumatic Therapy or PPx is basically one of efficiency. Therapy System We all know that if you do anything more efficiently, it becomes easier, quicker and safer to achieve successful results. And, typically those results become much easier to predict with great accuracy. These are the concepts behind the Aesthera PPx technology. Aesthera Disposable With this technology efficiency is created by Tips combining broadband light with pneumatic energy. The system utilizes a vacuum to pull the targeted skin into a depression in the During our demo we were impressed with the disposable tip. This results in bringing the ability to work around curved areas such as the targets closer to the skin's surface and also jawline and the nose merely by changing tip decreasing melanin and hemoglobin in the sizes. This is a feat that's nearly impossible with area. This combination means that up to five many larger crystal IPL systems. The bottom times the photons are able to reach the target line on this business model is that Aesthera is than is possible with conventional technology. basing their business on your success. You pay PPx technology has already demonstrated its a very reasonable sum up front and a little effectiveness in treating unwanted hair, along as you purchase tips. This saves you unwanted red and brown skin pigmentation, money in the beginning when you may not and unsightly spider veins. © Copyright 2005. MedSpaPress. All Rights Reserved. For additional reprints, contact
  3. 3. The physics are actually pretty simple, if you And when we say brief, we mean it. the large stretch the skin under the laser, it reduces the tip size makes it possible to cover vast areas amount of energy required for treatment to a (like a man's back) in no time. We estimated mere fraction of the photons delivered by about 20 - 25 minutes for a back and about the previous systems. Because of this, PPx is literally same for an entire pair of legs. This was a nice painless, up to five times safer and delivers change from a typical hour or more for those amazing results in just a few treatments. treatments with conventional technology. While participating in the Product Review, one PPx is patented technology and is therefore of our team members volunteered to attempt only available from Aesthera. Currently the to eradicate some system is being very stubborn spider utilized for hair veins and difficult removal, uneven hairs. We were all pigmentation, thrilled at this and spider veins. prospect because However, rumor to say that she's a has it that they Chest Before Chest 2 Weeks Post wimp is the are conducting 2nd Treatment understatement of clinical trials on the century. She vellus hair, acne, wouldn't even and even skin think of going tightening. Our under the 'gold sources lead us to standard' hair believe that these removal system trials are being without serious performed with anesthetic cream the same system (yes, even with Aesthera is selling but she submitted Right Cheek Before Right Cheek 4 Months is a chance that the Chill Tip); today. (So, there to even the highest Post 3rd Treatment we may see future settings on the treatment options Aesthera PPx from the same without feeling a PPx system.) thing. Later, we were provided With the system’s with the results of versatility, safety, a clinical study effectiveness, Leg Veins Before Leg Veins 5 Weeks demonstrating the painless treatments Post 2nd Treatment system’s ability to (search our site provides 'painless' under lidocaine treatments. But death to truly more importantly, those unsightly spider veins understand how important this is) and speed that laugh at the YAG when they see it coming, (no numbing combined with faster treatment are almost history with only two brief treatments. times); our Product Review demonstrates that © Copyright 2005. MedSpaPress. All Rights Reserved. For additional reprints, contact
  4. 4. you'd best be served to see this system before With a business model that puts you in the driver's making your next light-based technology seat, you'll save hundreds of thousands and get purchase. If you're making your first purchase, the kind of customer service that is only seen we would emphasize this even more. from a company that depends of selling their disposables to insure their future success. © Copyright 2005. MedSpaPress. All Rights Reserved. For additional reprints, contact