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Cleverly Timing your Content Marketing to Build Brand Authority- SMX Advanced 2014 by Purna Virji


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Actionable tips and real-life examples to showcase how to effectively secure media coverage for your existing content to help with branding and SEO efforts. Presented at SMX Advanced 2014.

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Cleverly Timing your Content Marketing to Build Brand Authority- SMX Advanced 2014 by Purna Virji

  1. 1. • Director of Communications at Petplan Pet Insurance • A decade in inbound marketing • Search Engine Watch Columnist • Speaker at SMX, eTail, Temple University, Moz Meetup Philly • Cat-owning dog person
  2. 2. 1. Media-Worthy Content: How to Find Content that Gets Media Coverage 2. Getting Media Attention: How to Set-up Your Pitch For Success 3. Pawesome Pitches: How to Effectively Execute Your Pitches
  3. 3. More coverage in SERPs BENEFITS High Quality Links Goodwill Brand Authority Awareness
  4. 4. MEDIA COVERAGE for EXISTING CONTENT Pitch in time for “National _____ Day”
  5. 5. • Pitch: National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on April 30th
  6. 6. What’s relevant to your industry? How has it been covered before? Add a new & improved spin Showcase popularity of your relevant postings
  7. 7. MEDIA COVERAGE for EXISTING CONTENT Lesser-known Facts or Answers to FAQs
  8. 8. • Pitch: Lesser-known Poisons for Pets • Sourced content from popular blog post from 2012
  9. 9. • Timely use on Pinterest:
  10. 10. • What are common FAQs? • What’s lesser-known or often misunderstood? • Which related posts have proved very popular? • Showcase popularity of your relevant postings
  11. 11. MEDIA COVERAGE for EXISTING CONTENT Seasonal, Timely Content
  12. 12. – Common stories: • Travel • Fitness • Weather-Related Health & Safety – Picked most popular past content to pitch Summer-Related Content
  13. 13. TRAVEL
  14. 14. FITNESS
  15. 15. Image Credit:
  16. 16. Image Credit:
  17. 17. Image Credit:
  19. 19. What industry-related stories commonly run at different times of the year? What broader topics could you piggy-back on? Trending: Take related posts and spin angles.
  20. 20. Ideal People to Lend a Helping Paw: Community Manager SEO Outreach Coordinator Writers
  21. 21. Do homework first Start Local
  22. 22. • Use Graph Search to Build Media Lists
  23. 23. Run ads a week or two before pitching Ask for Introductions Aim to Get TOMA Helps Foreshadow Pitch
  24. 24. Find relevant journalists Send InMail on LinkedIn – Dmitry Davydov, CMO at Bitrix24 Source:
  25. 25. Be Brief Personalize Compliment Add Value
  26. 26. Follow Understand Engage Contribute Goal: Recognized Name When?
  27. 27. Every Tweet Ever:
  28. 28. Export Content Remove common words Form word clouds to find themes Voila!
  29. 29. Source:
  30. 30. For biggest names only In addition to e-pitches
  31. 31. Add: Photos Past Coverage Details Press Release Bios and Fact Sheets
  32. 32. Personalize Emphasize value First few sentences Short and sweet Be creative
  33. 33. Build relationship Lead time Alternate angles Relevant sources No social media
  34. 34. Thank you Share & Promote Be available
  35. 35. Offer first-look Keep up social media Continue to share Goal: go-to source
  36. 36. – – – Seek timely media opps Build (and foster!) a rapport Make pitches pawesome Enjoy more yoga – dog, cat or human
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  39. 39. @purnavirji 99/purna-virji Image Credit: