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Fundraising Newsletter Issue 3 May 2010 Doc Jl (2)


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Fundraising Newsletter Issue 3 May 2010 Doc Jl (2)

  1. 1. Newsletter April 2010 Mesothelioma UK Fundraising News Issue 3 Moustaches for Meso - How did we do? Meso UK gets LinkedIn and Twittered! In This Issue This was the first ‘Moustaches for Meso in Mesothelioma UK Charitable trust would like to thank • Update ‘Moustaches March’, that with your help and support will be Judith Richardson for setting up and managing the for Meso in March’ one of our annual events. Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust LinkedIn site, Four individuals took part, Mountsorrel Gas Appliance enabling you to share information, ideas and advice. • Fundraising Events Services LTD (MGAS) who kindly raised £100.00, Mr. Judith is also now Twittering for us, a wonderful tool • What’s happening’ Alan Flowers family raised £50.00, Alan Flowers 6 for fundraisers, your family and friends can follow you former colleagues from ‘Eon energy’ raised £500.00 on your fundraising trials and tribulations. and David Robinson £600.00. What a fantastic ____________________________________________ achievement, thank you to all who took part and well www.mesotheliomaukappealfund “Make it your done. We hope next year will be even better. We would also like to thank Keith Rutherford for his New Years untiring fundraising efforts and support. He has started a £1 million appeal fund for the Charitable Resolution to Trust on e-bay. See how you can support this appeal Support by buying one minute at a time. Go on-line and look for the, www.mesotheliomaukappealfund and help us Mesothelioma today. ____________________________________________ UK Charitable Trust” Lathom Golf Society It costs £170,000 to run Mesothelioma UK a year. Some of the guys’ from Eon Energy Support us for: sporting their moustaches! A Month ~ £14.166 __________________________________ Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic A Week ~ £3,720 Charities Jill Lemon collecting a cheque from the 'Lathom Golf A Day ~ £675.00 Society' a works based golf society at the NSG Group's An Hour ~ £85.00 European Technical Centre at Ormskirk in Lancashire. The society has approximately 40 members and they raised the money throughout April to October 2009 by Contact: holding different golfing events. £1,000.00. ____________________________________________ Jill Lemon Mesothelioma Fundraising & ‘What’s Happening’ ‘Just Giving’ on-line donation. Marketing Manager. Due to continued interest from our fabulous fundraisers, Mesothelioma Charitable Trust have decided the time is right for us to join ‘Just Giving’. Mesothelioma UK: Jill Lemon and Liz Darlison with David Hagger, Deputy This will help those who want to raise funds for Provincial Grand Master in Charge, on behalf of the Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust set up a web page Free phone helpline: Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic Charities who for their chosen event to raise money direct. You can 0800 169 2409 kindly invited us to the Freemasons Hall to collect the and will still be able to donate on-line with ‘Charity £1000.00 grant awarded to Mesothelioma UK Choice’, through the link on our website which is our Charitable Trust. preferred on-line donation provider as it does not _______________________________________ make a charge meaning Meso UK collects 100% of Details of all sponsorship, donations and successful your donation. is a site that you grant applications are posted on our website can also register with where you will save money and raise money for Meso UKCT when ordering your goods on-line through their website from Tesco’s, Asda, Our aim is to raise the funds necessary to Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and many many more. sustain Mesothelioma UK which requires:- _____________________________________ Look out for any future events £170,000 per year. For more information on any of the above on our website, or contact us for details: topics, please contact Jill Lemon.