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Using WordPress in the world of Higher Education

Much like online businesses or blogging, higher education is a world of its own with unique challenges, content, stakeholders, and target audiences. Higher education is WordPress at enterprise level but we don’t worry so much about which e-commerce plugin is best. Instead, we’re more concerned with managing large-scale networks of faculty blogs, abiding with FERPA and accessibility regulations, and implementing tools to promote research data.

This talk will showcase how WordPress is used in the world of higher ed. From learning management systems to intranets to student recruitment, college campuses are a great candidate for utilizing WordPress to its full potential.

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Using WordPress in the world of Higher Education

  1. 1. Rachel Cherry Director, WPCampus @bamadesigner
 @wpcampusorg #WPCampus Say hi on Twitter! Hi. 
 I’m eduwapuu. Rachel has lots of swag with my adorable mug on it. Just ask. Using 
 in the world of Higher Ed
  2. 2. Director, WPCampus
 Software engineer and 
 accessibility/higher ed consultant
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  3. 3. - @wpcampusorg - #WPCampus Use WordPress in higher ed? WPCampus is a community and conferences for web professionals, educators and people dedicated towards using WordPress to advance higher education.
  4. 4. #WPCampus Why is WordPress great for higher ed? •Cost •Open-source / community •Extendability •User management
  5. 5. #WPCampus WordPress in higher education
 WordPress in the enterprise… on a budget
  6. 6. #WPCampus Jeremy Felt, WPCampus 2018 “Universities exist for the long game.”
  7. 7. #WPCampus (Some) Universities using WordPress •Boston University •Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) •Georgetown University •Harvard •Northeastern University •Princeton •Yale University
  8. 8. #WPCampus What’s BIG for WordPress in higher ed?
  9. 9. A multisite install with over 
 10,000 sites and over 30,000 usersBLOGS.UBC.CA
  10. 10. NYU has over 2,000 sites on their multisite publishing networkWP.NYU.EDU
  11. 11. #WPCampus What does Gutenberg mean for higher ed?
  12. 12. #WPCampus Other important areas •Governance / change management •Security/privacy (FERPA) •Learning management systems •Content strategy /information architecture •Research / faculty and student blogs
  13. 13. #WPCampus Other needs / use cases •Intranets/student portals •Employee directories •Digital signage •Campus maps/virtual tours •Crisis communication
  14. 14. #WPCampus Other needs / use cases •Access control request systems •Digital asset management •Single sign-on with Active Directory, LDAP, etc. •Academic catalogs •Presentations and lectures
  15. 15. #WPCampus Stigmas within higher ed •Security •“It’s just for blogging” •General distrust of free / open-source
  16. 16. #WPCampus Resources •The WPCampus 2018 schedule • •Videos available next week •Main WPCampus website •
  17. 17. #WPCampus •University of British Columbia •View their multisite publishing platform •New York University •View their mulisite publishing platform Credits/Links
  18. 18. #WPCampus •UC Berkeley •View their news site •Boston University •Read Of hoops and healing article Credits/Links
  19. 19. #WPCampus •Washington State University •View their open source code •View their accessibility reporting dashboard Credits/Links
  20. 20. - @wpcampusorg - #WPCampus • Visit to join our Slack • You don’t have to work in higher ed to be involved • We have an annual virtual and in-person conference
  21. 21. How to talk to me: - @bamadesigner - @wpcampusorg - - Don’t forget about me and my swag! It’s pretty awesome. eduwapuu never lies. Visit the 
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