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XII Marketing Project Work


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XII Marketing Project Work
Product: Pen

Published in: Marketing
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XII Marketing Project Work

  1. 1. Business Studies Project Made by: Rahil Jain
  2. 2. Marketing Product: Pen
  3. 3. Index. 1. Introduction 2. Reasons For Selecting The Product. 3. Brands That Exist In Market. 4. Permissions And Licenses Required. 5. Competitors' USP. 6. Range. 7. Name, Label, Logo, Tag Line. 8. Features of my product. 9. Selling Price Of Competitors. 10. Packaging. 11. Channels Of Distribution. 12. Warehousing. 13. My Price List. 14. Promotions Programs. 15. Schemes For The Wholesaler And Customer. 16. USP of my Product. 17. Transportation. 18. Social message for the Label. 19. Marketing Mix. 20. Questionnaire. 21. Conclusion.
  4. 4. Introduction • Pen has been used as an writing instruments since ages. The history of pen can be crated back to 1380’s when the first patent on the ball pen was issued to Petrache Poenaru. Our company has taken inspiration from the feathers that were used by Rajas and Rishis’. The flow that it gave to them in writing different manuscripts is found in our products. Our pen target different groups, including grown-ups, kids, and the honchos of the corporate world. The Pen will surely stand beyond the expectations of users.
  5. 5. Reasons For Selecting The Product. • As Student, Following are the reasons:- 1. It is a unique topic and none of my friends have chosen it. 2. As a Student, I am more connected with it. Therefore it gives me better understanding of this product. • As a Company, following are the reasons for selecting the product:- 1. Due to the cut throat competition in education, we feel it our duty to provide the students with the best of writing tool. 2. We find a great scope to grow in this field. 3. It is a commonly found tool with person of any field. So we intend to give all the writers the best way of writing experience.
  6. 6. Market Share • Reynolds – 25% • Classmate – 18% • Uni-Ball – 13% • Cello – 29% • Flair – 15% (Pie Chart) sales Reynolds Classmate Uni-Ball Cello Flair Brands That Exist In Market.
  7. 7. Permissions And Licenses Required. • Patent Registrations: Patent rights are given by govt to the employees for having innovative products. No companies can copy design, technology, etc. if the product is secured through patents. The company has to pay fees to the registrar on the timely basis till the company wants the patent rights. • Trade Mark: A part of brand which is given legal protection is called trade mark. Applying for the trademark is an easy procedure. The company has to give the list of brand names for which it needs trademark. Only one of the name is selected out of the list.
  8. 8. Competitors' USP. • Classmate pens: ITC forayed into the pen industry with the launch of classmate pens across market offering the consumer stylish and attractive designs. Classmate pens delivers unmatched comfort and neat writing experience. Classmate pens are attractive in design and superior in quality. The pens offer ergonomical grip; precision engineered tips and controlled ink flow. Mechanism to keep the writing smudge free and writing experience a pleasure. This first took off in the year 2009. ITC Classmate becomes the first Indian company to join the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN). • Uni-ball pens: The mitsubishi “uni” pens were able to capture large share in the market through the following value added features in their pen:- the smooth writing experience, the ability to write super fast, superior resistance, never fades, vivid long staying colours, low viscosity, low smudging and smooth intense flow. The company use PRODUCT CONCEPT and concentrates on more quality building. • Cello: Lauded as one of the world's best and India's largest pen manufacturer's and well known for its dynamism and spirit of innovation. Cello ceaselessly endeavors to bring in the newest and the best of technology to set new benchmarks in quality and innovates constantly to blaze new trails in the market place. At Cello, innovation is not just a guiding philosophy, it is a key business process, dynamism and a defining attitude. Today Cello offers one of the largest range of pens offered by any manufacturer in the world. • Flair: It attributes innovation & commitment to quality as it core competence. It is exporting to more than 75 countries across the globe. Flair has expertise for OEM business as well, and its clientele includes most of the major brands from the field of writing instruments. It has tie ups with some of the pioneers of writing instruments industry. It has a wide range of product in its competence. 3 of its own brands FLAIR, LANDMARK, and RUDI KELLNER are conquering the whole world. • Reynolds: A continuous focus on constant quality and constant endeavor to provide quality products at affordable prices have ensured it to be in the indian writing instruments market. The company substantially invest on reaching more customers through T.V., press, radio and other mass media communications. Market revolutionist has always being tagged to key notes which through continuous efforts has transformed the writing instruments category from a commodity to a brand dominated segment.
  9. 9. Range Verities/Types of the product
  10. 10. Puzzle Easy Flow Point Size: .7mm Tip: Jumbo bulky Ink: DSW Features: Waterproof ink, Crystal Clear Body, Instaflow Ink Technology for smooth writing, ergonomically designed barrel for smooth and sharp writing, sweat absorbing.
  11. 11. Puzzle Executive Point Size: .0.5mm Tip: Techno Radius Ink: DSW Features: Waterproof ink, Crystal Clear Body, Instaflow Ink Technology for smooth writing, Ergonomically designed barrel for smooth and sharp writing, sweat absorbing.
  12. 12. Puzzle Pens (name) • (logo) • (label) • Your success is our goal. (tag line)
  13. 13. Features of my product • This pen combines the ball point design with the use of liquid ink and flow systems of fountain pens. • It’s tip is small sphere of 0.5mm in diameter to give you best writing experience. • Puzzle Pens’ needs less pressure to be applied and writes smoothly. • It is smudge free. • Puzzle pen has the best grip with sweat absorption. • The puzzle pen with light weighted body gives you the Luxury of fountain pens and affordability of ball point pens. • Water proof ink on most of the surfaces.
  14. 14. Selling Price Of Competitors. Competi tors Brand Price too… Wholesalers Retailers Customers Reynolds 20/- 23/- 26/- Classmate 19/- 21/- 25/- Uni-ball 25/- 27/- 32/- Cello 11/- 13/- 15/- Flair 15/- 17/- 21/-
  15. 15. Packaging • Secondary Packaging: Pen will be packed in cylindrical plastic box (recyclable) with a sponge protection from both the ends. It will protect the tip of the pen and would also provide it with support. • Tertiary Packaging: The pens will be transported in a hard cardbox carton in following way. a. Firstly 100 pens will be wrapped in a thin plastic cover. This packing will be called ‘nod’. b. Then, these 100 nods will be packed in the hard carton for final transportation. c. In this way, it will provide 3-way shield protection and will protect the pen from all kind of damages. d. A single hard carton will contain 10 pens.
  16. 16. Channels Of Distribution. • Our company is selecting indirect channel in that two level channels for following reasons:- i. This is most commonly used distribution path where two intermediaries are adopted by firms to sell the product. ii. The manufacturer sells the goods in bulk to wholesaler who sells in small lot to retailers who supply it to ultimate customers iii. For less costly products, longer channels are preferred. iv. Our product is not complex, for simple products longer channels can be used. v. Our product is non-perishable so it can be distributed with long channel. vi. This Company is new, therefore, long channels are advisable.
  17. 17. Warehousing • The company has appointed C&F ( Cleaning and Forwarding ) agents in various states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, M.P., Karnataka, Goa, and Tamil Nadu. The goods will be dispatched to wholesalers and retailers through the distributors. Therefore, the stock will be placed in the ware house of various state under their corresponding C&F agent.
  18. 18. My price list Name of the product Price too… Wholesalers Retailers Customers Puzzle Smooth Flow 10 /- 15/- 20/= Puzzle Executive 40/- 45/- 50/-
  19. 19. Promotions Programs. • Advertising: It is an important promotional tool which reaches mass and is economical too. • We will be giving advertisement on T.V. having a celebrity with an encouraging personality. • We Will be giving adds in big posters across public places, in magazines and in newspaper. • Personal Selling: The company has tie ups with major institutions. The representative will distribute the free sample to the students in different school. • Sales Promotion: The company is using product combination as a means of sales promotion. On purchase of minimum 15 units of pens, the buyer/consumer will get an Eco-Friendly notebook for FREE.
  20. 20. Schemes • Schemes For The Wholesaler And Customer. • Wholesaler: The company is providing a special scheme for it’s new release “puzzles”. For All the wholesalers who will buy more than 1000 units of pens will get 100 unit of pen FREE. • Customer: The Customer will get an notebook free of 150 pages, if he/she buys more than 10units of pen or buys a whole packet of 20units as a half price.
  21. 21. USP of my Product • WE ARE NOT JUST THE BEST PEN MANUFACTURERS BUT WE ARE THE ONLY THAT… Has received the ECO HUBBY CERTIFICATE for the quality of raw materials used. We assure the writers, 16.5 km non stop writing experience. Provides a sweat absorption grip – first time with any of the pen. Provides 24*7 customer support service. Firm Grip for Stress-Free writing. Smudge-free Writing with Water Proof Ink.
  22. 22. Transportation. • We will use mainly road transport for transporting our products to various states’ c&f agents. The vehicle will be able to transport 1,00,000 cartoons approximately 100 crores pen. • We have many branches in various states managed by colleagues. By road, railway transportation, we will transport our products, to different cities that will grow our goodwill in the market.
  23. 23. Social message for the Label • We aspire to be a major brand in writing instruments WORLDWIDE by producing High quality pens for the masses.
  24. 24. Marketing Mix. • Product: My Product is a pen with a techno (sweat absorption) grip. It is a ball point pen with 0.5 mm stainless steel tip to give the users best flow and grip will writing. There is collaboration with German technology. The company has invested more which leads to more innovations. • Place: The product will be available at all those places which are convenient for the customers, like any stationery shops, or a supermarket where the customer can easily reach. We will give free samples to students outside their school, so that if they like our products then they can purchase it from their nearby places. • Price: Price of our pen will be equal to the market price of our competitors. Three basic pricing strategies are: market skimming pricing, market penetration pricing and neutral pricing. The 'reference value' (where the consumer refers to the prices of competing products) and the 'differential value' (the consumer's view of this product's attributes versus the attributes of other products) must be taken into account. • Promotion: We will be giving out the catalogues of our product outside the schools, giving the advertisement on newspaper or magazines. There is no season for the promotion of the product because pen is that kind of product which is used day and night by the customer. Public relation and effective communication that may use to provide information to different parties about the product.
  25. 25. Questionnaire. 1. Do you use pens?  Yes  No 2. Which brand you would prefer?  Reynolds  Uni-ball  Classmate  Flair  Cello 3. What quality do you see in a good pen?  Smooth flow  Good grip  Stylish  Long writing 4. What type of pen you prefer?  Ball pen  Gel pen  Ink Pen  Roller pen 5. What are you cost preference?  Rs5 to 10  Rs10 to 20  Rs20 to 50  Above 50
  26. 26. Conclusion. • I found my marketing project very interesting during my survey, I found the market share of cello is very high. On enquiring, I found cello has diverse product line. It has the divisional structure. It is not maintaining standardisation which is leading to deterioting quality. On the other hand, CLASSMATE which follows product concept has a very good quality control. It focuses only on quality. This has build up a goodwill of CLASSMATE. Majority of companies have taken to advertisement for promotion. • Suggestion – I suggest to comply with quality with affordability to acquire market share and build up goodwill. • After doing the project, I understood the importance of marketing as an important element of management.
  27. 27. Appendix.