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Digital Agency - Fully Managed For You - Tap into a multi-million dollar industry!


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Now you can enjoy the profits of a Digital Agency offering solutions such as, SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, Online Listings, CRM and more, but without the hassle of training or hiring any sales people.

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Digital Agency - Fully Managed For You - Tap into a multi-million dollar industry!

  2. 2. AGENCY - Profit from your own Social Media & SEO Agency while enjoying the rewards of having it fully managed for you. Each Agency gets 30% on every sale, recurring every recurring every month as long as the business continues to subscribe to our services. services. MyPowerSEO - Starting at $795.00 per month. MyPowerSocial - Starting at $489.00 per month. Bundled - MyPowerSEO & MyPowerSocial starting at $1239.00 per month.+ MyPowerBuilder, MyPowerConference and MyPowerOfficePro are included for FREE with either MyPowerSEO or MyPowerSocial products. (Over $149 value)
  3. 3. SEO SALES |2 YEAR ESTIMATE The following chart is based on 30% payout on SEO sales Bundled Products and Social (MyPowerSocial) are not included in this chart, so the revenue may vary. Note: Each Agency gets 30% of the sale recurring every month (based on the amount, as long as the business continues to subscribe to our services.) Both Social and SEO platforms have the highest retention rates in the industry (Over 90%). Note: If you stoppedgrowing and only maintained 120 accounts, year 3 profit would be $329,130.00.
  4. 4. OUR PRODUCTS | DIGITAL SOLUTIONS MyPowerNetwork - Grow your business faster and easier. See full product details at
  5. 5. FULLY MANAGED |DETAILS MyPowerNetwork Team provides the following: Agency Website Each Agency receives their own website, including custom domain name and ecommerce. Website will be maintained for FREE by MyPowerNetwork.
  6. 6. FULLY MANAGED |DETAILS MyPowerNetwork Team provides the following: Managing Hired Sales Agents Will assist Agency in recruiting and hiring Sales Agents (Digital Solutions Account Executives – DSAE). Agency has final hiring authority for their Agency.
  7. 7. FULLY MANAGED |DETAILS MyPowerNetwork Team provides the following: Training & Support Full and comprehensive training include weekly Sales Meetings and Trainings. Every DSAE (Digital Solutions Account Executive) get their own MyPowerTraining account with PDF documents, videos, marketing tools etc. Weekly Reports Agency will receive weekly Reports on Sales Team and Sales
  8. 8. AGENCY RESPONSIBILITIES Approve New Hires MyPowerNetwork will do all the recruiting and training. Each Agency has the final authority with “Who” is hired and how many. Set Compensation Plan Every Agency receives 30% on each sale. The Agency decides what percentage to pay those they hire from the commission they earn from each product.
  9. 9. AGENCY ROI How much is an Agency expected to pay sales people and what is the ROI on that? Your ROI will change depending on how many sales people you want to hire and how much you want to pay them. To evaluate the ROI, we begin with how much you will earn if you get 5 sales each month. Then decide how many sales people you want to hire and at what rate to get a minimum of 5 sales per month. We recommend at least (2) sales people. Once you start earning a recurring income of over $10,000 + per month then you can decide to add another sales person if you like. Example Sales Force Budget: If an Agency paid 2 full-time sales people @ $2000 per month, the Agency would earn the following: Year One: $98,800 - $48,000.00 (2 sales people) = $50,800.00 Year Two: $271,374.50 - $48,000.00 (2 sales people) = $223,374.50
  10. 10. WHAT IS THE COST? Special Timed Discount: Purchase an Agency Position before February 5, for only $36,000.00 Purchase from February 6th – February 15th for only $48,000.00 Regular Price: Anytime after February 15th the price will be $64,000.00
  11. 11. Contact Ron Holt - 707-782-9802 Go to the next slides to see our Product Videos
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