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Marketing Communication for Real Estate Developers


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Marketing Communication for Real Estate Developers

  1. 1. Yesterday’s amenitiesare today’s necessitiesIn such a scenario how does a propertydeveloper differentiate his projects?
  2. 2. Credentials Presentation to a Real Estate
  3. 3. Agency Profile◢ 2 decade old, INS accredited & CRISIL Certified, full service advertising agency◢ A team of 40+ creative professionals brimming with fresh, clutter breaking ideas◢ We work with an integrated model on media, designing, advertising and branding◢ Diverse client portfolio ensuring across category experience
  4. 4. We help builders, build trust◢ By understanding of the target audience & the mediums and vehicles to reach the target audience◢ By identifying the key message and positioning based on key differentiators
  5. 5. Differentiate by aligning theproject personality with theaspiration of the audience…
  6. 6. Differentiate with 4Cs Helps craft a message Helps draft a wellthat is relevant to informed strategy the project with an construction personality industry perspective & the aspiration of the buyer Helps prepare a strategy that is Helps keep you relevant to your Differentiated marketing methods & from other will define mediums & vehicles for lead local projects generation
  7. 7. What Buyers & Investors Want?◢ Trustworthy name◢ Strong Track record◢ Commitment◢ Promise vs. Deliveries◢ Transparency◢ Timely deliveries◢ Return on investments
  8. 8. Trust & transparencyneed to be communicatedon a sustained basis…
  9. 9. Core Capabilities◢ Branding & Strategic Planning◢ Media Planning and Buying◢ Integrated Content & Design◢ Interactive & E-media◢ Direct Marketing◢ Audio-visuals◢ Internal / HR Communication
  10. 10. Let ever piece of communication reflect◢ Commitment◢ Confidence◢ Competitiveness◢ Creativity
  11. 11. The MethodologyTheMessage The AudienceCreativeexpression The audienceof the Brand is based onPromise + The Medium clearly definedProject Print, Outdoor & Digital demographicsPersonality Marketing and thethat appeals psychographicsto the Depending onaspirations the projectof theaudience
  12. 12. Business Domains - Advertising Media Planning & Buying From formulation of efficient and effective media plans to its implementation and evaluation; we deliver the best suited plan @ the best negotiated rate.
  13. 13. Business Domains - Advertising ◢ Media Planning - Communication strategies that are superior in terms of both cost and advertising success rate. ◢ Media Buying - Media buying ability makes media plans cost effective. ◢ Media Innovations - By combining message and media, wherever possible ◢ Media Usage Reports –. A white paper meant to illustrate the overall media consumption of your target audience.
  14. 14. E-Media & Digital Advertising◢ Online Marketing Strategy ◢ Social Media Marketing We ensure Comprehensive plan of action, that a brand’s key message is containing a mix of online options effectively communicated through best suited to your requirement. relevant social media platforms.◢ Web-Design & Development A good ◢ PPC Advertising Your customers are looking website with easy using the search engine to find you, navigation creates a long lasting the question is are you there? Jump impression. the queue, appear on the first search results page, and drive◢ Search Engine Optimization quality leads to your website. Effective SEO improvises the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines.
  15. 15. Clientele (Real Estate)◢ RNA Builders (Creative + Media)◢ Bhattad Group (Creative + media)◢ Poddar Housing (Creative + Media)◢ Ashok Piramal Group (Media Planning & Buying)◢ Neumec Developers (Media Planning & Buying)*References can be obtained on request
  16. 16. Trust, we’ve made our point…THANK YOU