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RV 2015: Integrating Health, Livable Communities and Transit: A How-To Discussion by C.J. Hager


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Where do wellness issues fit in the transit conversation? What is the link between how we build our cities and transportation networks, and the physical, social, mental and economic wellness of our communities? Participate in the discussion with health funders, community development professionals, health equity advocates and urban planners. Hear how they've leveraged new funding sources for critical investments. What are the politics, processes and mechanics of integrating health, wellness and health equity issues into the planning and design of livable communities? Learn new techniques and perspectives from health foundations, public policy advocates and urban designers and cities in the US (Phoenix, Dallas, Houston) and Canada.

Moderator: Elizabeth Sobel Blum, Senior Community Development Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas
Antonio Gomez-Palacio, Principal, DIALOG, Toronto, Ontario
C.J. Hager, Director, Healthy Community Policies, St. Luke's Health Initiatives, Phoenix, Arizona
Niiobli Armah, IV, Managing Director, WE-COLLAB, Houston, Texas

Published in: Health & Medicine
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RV 2015: Integrating Health, Livable Communities and Transit: A How-To Discussion by C.J. Hager

  1. 1. Integrating Health, Livable Communities and Transit: How to Engage Health C.J. Eisenbarth Hager Director, Healthy Community Policies St. Luke’s Health Initiatives
  2. 2. St. Luke’s Health Initiatives Improving well-being in Arizona by addressing root causes and broader issues that affect health.
  3. 3. Health ≠ Healthcare
  4. 4. What influences our health? Medical Care 10% Physical Environment 5% Social Circumstances 15% Behavioral Choices 40% Genetics 30% * McGinnis, J., Williams-Russo, P. and Knickman, J. The Case For More Active Policy Attention To Health Promotion. Health Affairs, 21, no.2 (2002):78-93
  5. 5. Charlotte’s Light Rail Users: • Lost 6 pounds • Reduced obesity risk by 81% *MacDonald, J., Stokes, R., Cohen, D., Kofner, A. Ridgeway, G. The Effect of Light Rail Transit on Body Mass Index and Physical Activity. American Journal of Preventative Medicine. (2010) 39(2): 105–112.
  6. 6. Foundation Roles Convener Investor Matchmaker Communicator Data Provider Deal Maker Capacity Builder Mission Steward Systems Engineer Policy Advocate Hacke, R., Wood, D., Urquilla, M. What Can Foundations Do to Foster Community Investment: 10 Roles for Philanthropy (2014) Retrieved from: foster-community-investment-10-roles-for-philanthropy
  7. 7. Reinvent PHX • Capacity Builder • Policy Advocate • Mission Steward • Data Provider • Investor
  8. 8. Complete Streets • Convener • Policy Advocate • Mission Steward • Communicator
  9. 9. Reaching Out to Health • Nonprofit hospitals through community benefit requirement • Heath impact assessments
  10. 10. Reaching Out to Health • Health foundations • American Public Health Association • Public health agencies
  11. 11. C.J. Eisenbarth Hager St. Luke’s Health Initiatives