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Tea Processing Virtual Tour_Evergreen Tea


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The perfect ppt for the production process and packaging of black tea

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Tea Processing Virtual Tour_Evergreen Tea

  1. 1. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” Welcome to Evergreen Dooars Tea Pvt. Ltd. Tea A initiative to bring you the best quality CTC tea without altering the benefits of the tea leaves.
  2. 2. Vision To bring you the best ever black CTC tea Mission To manufacture tea in a innovative manner with the fusion of world class technology. A mission to make the tea industry fully automated machine driven industry without disturbing the balance of the nature. We aim at achieving the satisfaction of the ultimate tea consumers both in India & across borders. “Quality tea with a blend of technology”
  3. 3. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” A VIRTUAL TOUR OF OUR INFRASTRUCTURE EVERGREEN TEA has a world class machinery setup with the high- tech system & totally automated processes. There has been a great deal of emphasis on hygienic tea processing & to maintain a clean environment in the factory premises.
  4. 4. Tea Manufacturing Process  Plucking Withering Cut Tear Curl (CTC) Fermentation – Continuous Fermentation Machine (CFM) Drying – Ready to be graded Sorting & Grading – Quality is judged here Packaging – Ready to be sent to buyer PLUCKING WITHERING CUTTING, TEARING & CURLING FERMENTATION DRYING SORTING & GRADING PACKAGING “Quality tea with a blend of technology”
  5. 5. A glance at each process and the difference that EVERGREEN has brought in the system. A. Plucking It involves the plucking of finest tea leaves from the gardens of Dooars & surrounding areas. We make sure that the best quality are purchased and used for the tea processing. As the best tea comes out of the quality tea leaves. “Quality tea with a blend of technology”
  6. 6. B. Withering Tea leaves contains 75% of water. Withering helps in reducing the moisture content of the tea leaves and soften them so that they do not break in the rolling process. We have adopted the trough withering . In our premises we have three storey trough area that gives the leaves enough space to spread and loose excess water. “Quality tea with a blend of technology”
  7. 7. C. Cutting, Tearing & Curling (CTC) CTC is a process where rollers are used to rupture the cell walls of the withered leaves for oxidation of the polyphones in the presence of oxygen from air. At our factory we have four cut CTC which is internationally acclaimed and helps in giving a fine cutting to the leaves.We have installed green leaf shifter which helps in filtering out the impurities & iron filings from the tea leaves. Also introduced the latest uniquely designed Rotorvane Feeder “MGWF 03” which helps in uniform feeding of the leaves in the CTC rollers. “Quality tea with a blend of technology”
  8. 8. D. Fermentation (CFM – Continuous Fermenting Machine) It is the process of oxidation of leaves. Humidity Fans & Wet & Dry Hygrometer is used in here. In Evergreen we have a double stage CFM unit which helps in giving a quality infusion. The unique micro controller based humidity system has been installed which helps in managing humidity Automatically. “Quality tea with a blend of technology”
  9. 9. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” E. Drying – Ready to be graded Drying helps in giving the brown colour of the tea, the tea is made to heat over the hot tray and that gives tea its ultimate appearance and is ready to be graded.
  10. 10. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” F. Sorting & Grading –Quality is judged Sorting is the operation in which particles of bulk teas are separated into various grades of different sizes conforming to the trade requirements.
  11. 11. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” G. Storing & Packaging Storage, is a process of stored final out puts after packaging before it handed over to the customers & the Sampling system is done in - vacuum tight packaging for sending the same to broker & buyers . We have automatic sorting system and also have introduced the paper packaging in 26 kgs.
  12. 12. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” Developed hi- tech research and tests are done for the quality gradation along with health and nutrition. A WELL ORGANISED TEA TESTING UNIT
  13. 13. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” TYPES OF EVERGREEN TEA Evergreen Clonel. Evergreen Supreme. Balarampur. Bhutkibari.
  14. 14. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” The grades of Evergreen tea BOP, BOPSM, BP, OF, PD, DUST. GRADES OF EVERGREEN TEA
  15. 15. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” MILESTONES •2013: Successful Launching of Evergreen Dooars Tea Pvt. Ltd. •2002: Successful Launching of Apex Tea Exports Pvt. Ltd. •The Evergreen Tea is the latest ISO & FSSAI certified which ensures its quality. •Much more to come ahead with the demands & wishes of all our valuable consumers &customers. Very soon we are planning to launch our own packeting unit through which we can reach to our ultimate consumers directly.
  16. 16. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” Corporate office: Mia Garage Building, Hill Cart Road, Siliguri 734001 Factory: Bhutki, Jalpaiguri 735135 : 0353-2521093 Website: Email:
  17. 17. “Quality tea with a blend of technology” THANK YOU