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Go to Market Strategy

Planning a Product launch ? Here is a guideline/template for Defining a Go To Market Strategy. The deck would be more apt for Technology Product / Solution launch. Feel free to download and customize the deck for your needs.

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Go to Market Strategy

  1. 1. Go To Market StrategyHow to Define a Go To Market Strategy - Rajiv Netra
  2. 2. Market Analysis Go To MarketMarket Analysis Strategy
  3. 3. Market Analysis• Product Overview• Who would be interested in this solution?• Users and their Current Problem• Market Research• Competitors and the Competitive landscape• Product Positioning• USP
  4. 4. Product OverviewProduct Description in few lines
  5. 5. Who would be interested in this Product / Solution ?Small, Medium and Large Enterprises ? Or Consumers ?
  6. 6. Current Problem of Potential Users ?Identify Current Problems faced by Potential Users that the product/solution is expected to address
  7. 7. Market ResearchIdentify the overall market size for product/solution, market segmentation, user base, growth trends, etc. Depict the Market and Product potential by means of charts and graphs for couple of slides.
  8. 8. CompetitionIdentify Direct Competition and Indirect Competition
  9. 9. Key Differentiators with other similar productsIdentify the competing products / solutions with description and List down how your product differentiates from them Products Product Description Your Product Differentiators
  10. 10. Product PositioningPositioning is key. Describe how it can be positioned and some of the advantages it has in terms of positioning
  11. 11. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Identify Tangible Advantages - IPs and Patents, etcIntangible Advantages - First in business to offer a certain feature , cost advantage, etc
  12. 12. USPsIdentify and provide the USPs of your Product / Solution
  13. 13. Go To MarketMarket Analysis Go To Market Strategy
  14. 14. Go To Market• End Goal in a Year• Whom to sell ?• Marketing Strategies• Partnership Strategies• Channel Partner program• Pricing Strategies• Metrics and Measurement
  15. 15. End Goal in a YearYou might want to start out with End goal in a Year or two or some suitable timeline. Mention target in Sales Numbers and Revenues.
  16. 16. Whom to Sell ?Regions - Segments – Industries - Etc
  17. 17. Marketing Strategies Identify and Detail the Marketing strategies with clear Timelines – When to start and How long to execute it?Prioritize the Marketing Strategies based on their impact and budget
  18. 18. Partnership StrategiesWhat sort of Partners to tie up for GTM ? What unique benefits do they bring ?
  19. 19. Channel Partnership Strategies Going Channel Partner route? List down strategies forChoosing the right partners, Supporting Channel Partners, Making them work, etc
  20. 20. Other Go To Market strategiesMention other unconventional or unique strategies to reach the prospective customers
  21. 21. Expected Sales at LaunchProvide numbers (1month after launch) . Example representation below. Distributors Indirect Sales Resellers 20% ISVs Region - Medium and Large 80% Industries Direct Sales
  22. 22. Projected Sales 6 months /1year after launchProvide numbers. Example representation below. DistributorsIndirect Sales Resellers 40% ISVs Region - Medium and Large 60% Industries Direct Sales
  23. 23. Pricing strategiesStudy the competition and market and identify someunique pricing models that will entice and hook the customers
  24. 24. Metrics and MeasurementMeasure the marketing impact and reach with metrics Identify the ROI Refine the strategy
  25. 25. Thank You !Feel free to Download and Customize this template for your needs