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Culture heritage of india final rajul


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Culture heritage of India

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Culture heritage of india final rajul

  1. 1. Presented By: Mayuri Agrawal Mohd. Anwar Rajul kharya CULTURE HARITAGE OF INDIA
  2. 2. Gujarat may have earned the position of being most industrialized and developed states of India but the people of Gujarat have preserved the rich Culture and tradition of Gujarat. Lets first talk about food of Gujarat Vegetarianism is a dominant thread in Gujarati society. Here are some variations in eating habits and methods of preparations but the famous Gujarati dishes are Dhokla, Khandhvi, Undhiyu, Fafda, Thepla, Handvo, Ganthia, etc. A Traditional Gujarati Thaliis served in silver platter consisting of Dal (lentils), rice, vegetables, rotis and it is incomplete without crispy fried Farsan, chaach(Buttermilk), sweetmeats, sour chutneys and pickles. The dinner basically consists of Bhakhri-Shak or Khichdi Kadhi.
  3. 3. Traditional Gujarati Dressing styles The Abhas (a traditional costume) of Kutch has entered the world of High fashion. Abha is the typical choli worn by women folk and Kanjari is a long blouse beautifully embroidered and the mirror work. Chania Cholis are traditional dresses worn by females during navratri (the longest dance festival) while the men wear kediyas.
  4. 4. Gujarati dances Dandiya Raas: Dandiya Raas is a romantic, very energetic, colorful and playful dance originating in the state of Gujarat. Garba: Garba is a very graceful form of dance mainly performed by females in a circular formation, it is in reverences of goddess Ambaji. Padhar It is performed by a rural community living around NalLake. In it, performers simulate the rhythmic movements of roving mariners and the undulating sea waves. The Bhil tribes, who live close to border tracts, and the Adivasis of Dangs district, have particularly lively folk dances.
  5. 5. BACKGROUND Madhya Pradesh, the largest state in India, is located in the center of the country and is filled with heritage sites of great cultural importance chronicling the history of the region. There are 167 state-designated heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh and many of them have been identified as needing conservation. Due to Madhya Pradesh complex history, these sites are of a diverse range of styles and ages and spread over a wide terrain. Encroachment on the sites is a concern and there is a need for greater expertise on conservation and management
  6. 6. Madhya Pradesh Cuisine The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh is unique in its own way from other culinary traditions that are found in India. In keeping with the Indian tradition, people of Madhya Pradesh are both vegetarian and non vegetarian. The northern part and the western part of Madhya Pradesh have their delicacies centered around wheat-and-meat, whereas the southern and the eastern part of the state mainly concentrate on rice and fish as their staple diet. Bafla is another dish which is the specialty of Madhya Pradesh and is made of wheat. This dish is made by dipping wheat cakes in ghee and is eaten with daal. Few vegetarian specialities of Madhya Pradesh are Bhutte ki Kees- made of milk and corn, Chakki ki shaak – this steam dish is made of wheat, mawa-bati, khoprapak, shrikhand and malpua are popular sweet dishes of Madhya Pradesh. Famous of food of Madhya Pradesh differs in every region however the hospitality offered by the people of Madhya Pradesh is unmatched.
  7. 7. Traditional Costumes of Madhya Pradesh for Men and Women Madhya Pradesh is also called as “Heart of India” where costumes differ among people, tribes, cultures, religions and so on. The clothing of this state of India displays the multiplicity in diverse aspects. Textiles and handicrafts are designed beautifully with rich ornaments. Costumes of Men in Madhya Pradesh Most of the men in Madhya Pradesh wear Dhoti as it is a traditional dress. Safa is a type of turban, which is commonly worn by males. There is a black or white jacket called as Mirzai or Bandi, which is attractive attire, particularly in Malwa and Bundelkhand Costumes of Women in Madhya Pradesh Most of the women in Madhya Pradesh wear Lehenga and Choli. There is another clothing i.e. Lugra or Orni covered over the shoulder and head
  8. 8. Art of Madhya Pradesh Dances: Matki Dance- The tableland of Malwa has comparatively very few dances. On wedding occasions, the countryside women of this part perform the 'Matki' dance with an earthen pot balanced on the head. Jawara The Jawara is performed in the Bundelkhand area of Madhya Pradesh. It is essentially a harvest dance- reflecting the gaiety and pleasure of the peasants who have reaped a good harvest. And there are more….
  9. 9. Hence with the end of our presentation we can only say that India is a rich heritage of culture as we saw in this two States there are few more states are there which have there unique quality. THANKS FOR YOUR IMPORTANT TIME.