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SlideShare Zeitgeist 2010


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Published in: Technology, Business

SlideShare Zeitgeist 2010

  1. Most presentations are short &sweetless than Avg 19 slides 10-30
  2. Be glad you did not sit throughthis presentation! 1937
  3. The Japanese take their time when it comes to slidesJapanese 42 Korean Dutch 31 Chinese Italian 29 French German 28 28 26 26 Spanish English 21 19
  4. On average, women use fewerslides than men 20 18
  5. Presentations are much fatter thandocuments
  6. The Americas dominatepresentations
  7. Top 5 Presentations of the Year
  8. Top 5 Business Presentations
  9. Top 5 Technology Presentations
  10. Three years after launch of PPTX,PPT still dominates
  11. Apple Keynote Users arePresentation Rockstars
  12. Hot tags for 2010forecast marketstatistics businessswot trendsindustry research report company profiles social media marketing
  13. Secrets of PopularPresentations
  14. Popular presentations havea lot of slides 63
  15. Popular presentations usefew words 24
  16. Top presenters do their own thingswhen it comes to fontsMisc LucidaHelvetica VerdanaArialTimes new Roman MonacoCalibriGill Sans