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  1. 1. Why you need this?• Because this is the most targeted system whereyou can count the reach of your campaign.• And How people are reacting to the campaign.• And can run till the last moments before the votingfor the maximum impact where as other TV andprint media stops day’s before the voting.
  2. 2. Internet Advertising istargeted.
  3. 3. Internet Advertising isFocused.
  4. 4. When to start?
  5. 5. Why Now ?You can build a bigger network of people to whom you will bepushing the messages/ads now and later just before the electionwhen it matters most.Right now will be cheap to advertise, but important is that we canreach more people. At later stage it will just get so crowded thatreaching out for a same person will cost you 20 time more.There are 1.4 million followers of Narenda Modi , he can deliver anymessages to them anytime. And the reach doesn’t stop there asmany of those 1.4 million will retweet the message to hundreds oftheir followers. And these messages are even picked up by mediaand personal blogs to be multifold it’s impact.
  6. 6. Where we stand?Pardaphash.Com is directly reaching around 3million people per month in UP and around.We are the 8th top most read news website inIndia.Our primary reach and readership is there inNorthern States and more of that in UttarPradesh itself.
  7. 7. Where we can help?We will help in reaching the targeted voters viaour website and the network which includes butnot limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.Direct reach to 3 million visitors via our site.Reaching around 20 millions people via otherthird party advertising sources.
  8. 8. Where we can help?We have a range of social media strategies tohelp you get your message across.We will do it in a way that your message reachesmillions in a most impactful way. And you get thebest results for your objective.
  9. 9. SpecialWe have an indigenous system to micromanagevotes from individual level to the top.It’s demo will be arranged on demand.Some of it’s features are even published onlineon the site here at that is only for the old elections.