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Developing a Social Content Strategy: Finding the right mix of paid, owned and earned Media

Amy Mengel's presentation from the 2012 PRSA Counselors to Higher Education Senior Summit defines different types of content types: paid media, owned media, and earned media, offers examples of each from across higher education institutions, and discusses a framework for integrating the three types of media in to a strategic communications approach.

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Developing a Social Content Strategy: Finding the right mix of paid, owned and earned Media

  1. 1. Developing a Social Content StrategyFinding the right mix of earned, ownedand paid media Amy Mengel readMedia PRSA CHE Senior Summit April 27, 2012
  2. 2. Welcome, SlideShare viewers!Thanks for your interest in this presentation. I prefer the“less is more” approach with slides when I present, somany of these slides are simply a photo or a screenshot.Please refer to slide notes/transcript at the bottom of yourbrowser for the speaker notes so that the presentationmakes more sense.Contact me with questions or comments!--Amy
  3. 3. About MeHead of Marketing & Research at readMediaAdvise clients on best practices in communications, social mediaBackground in corporate communications
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Paid Owned Earned
  6. 6. Paid Owned Earned
  7. 7. Paid Owned Earned
  8. 8. Paid Paid Media• Paying to place your messaging/content in front of an audience that someone else has assembled
  9. 9. Paid Paid Media: Benefits• Control of message• Control of reach• Flexibility: audience targeting• Auditable• Fast/Immediate
  10. 10. Paid Paid Media: Challenges• Cost• Low influence/trust• Low conversion• Short-term
  11. 11. Paid Paid Media: Search
  12. 12. Paid Paid Media: Search
  13. 13. Paid Paid Media: Facebook
  14. 14. Paid Paid Media: Facebook
  15. 15. Paid Paid Media: Facebook
  16. 16. Paid Paid Media: Facebook
  17. 17. Paid Paid Media Online
  18. 18. Paid Paid Media: Consider• Budget• Messaging / Relevance• Targeting / Segmentation• Then what? Where are you driving your audience to from your paid media?
  19. 19. Owned Owned Media• Owned media is content that you create, on channels that you control (or mostly control)• “Brand Journalism”
  20. 20. Owned Owned Media: Benefits• Control• Longevity• Community-building• True voice• Less interruptive• Expandable across the web• SEO
  21. 21. Owned Owned Media: Drawbacks• Effort to sustain• Resource intensive• No built-in audience• Measuring success is difficult• Not fully trusted by audiences• Shared platforms: lack of control
  22. 22. Owned Owned Media: Driving SEO• 60% of searchers never move past the first page of search results• 42% of searchers click on the first organic link that’s returned• 77% choose organic over paid search results
  23. 23. Owned Owned Media: Driving SEO
  24. 24. Owned Owned Media: Driving SEO
  25. 25. Owned Owned Media: Microsites
  26. 26. Owned Owned Media: News
  27. 27. Owned Owned Media: Blogs
  28. 28. Owned Owned Media: Video
  29. 29. Owned Owned Media: Facebook
  30. 30. Owned Owned Media: Facebook• Only 16% of fans of your page see your content in their newsfeed• Among millennials, 70% rarely or never visit Facebook fan pages• 65% of Facebook users are fans of 5 brand pages or less
  31. 31. Owned Owned Media: Where Else?
  32. 32. Owned Owned Media: Consider• What are your stories?• What resources can you commit to tell them?• Where and how should you tell them?• What’s your brand’s voice, values?• How will this drive earned media?
  33. 33. Earned Earned Media• Earned media is the promulgation of your brand by unpaid, external third parties
  34. 34. Earned Earned Media: Benefits• Free• Authentic• Most trusted, credible• Can drive audiences to your owned media
  35. 35. Earned Earned Media: Drawbacks• Lack of message control• Can be negative• Harder to audit, measure• No “on-demand”
  36. 36. Earned Earned Media: National PR
  37. 37. Earned Earned Media: National PR “In 1946, 53% of articles mentioning a researchuniversity were about that university – its programs or activities. Today, just 15% of articles mentioning a university are about that university: the remaining 85% simply cite high-stature faculty for soundbite commentary on current events.” Leetaru, Kalev&Magelli, Paul. (September 2010). The Soundbite University: 60 Years of University News Coverage.
  38. 38. Earned Earned Media: National PR
  39. 39. Earned Earned Media: Long Tail
  40. 40. Earned Earned Media: Social Networks
  41. 41. Earned Earned Media: Facebook Shines
  42. 42. Earned Media: Advocates ComeEarned Alive
  43. 43. Earned Media: Setting the Stage forEarned Conversation “The people talking about your products and services are never compensated by an agency or network—howeverthey can be set into action by triggers youve put in place.This could mean establishing a relationship, sharing news,seeding content, talking to, and in general interacting with the people who actually care about your product or even better the topics associated around them.” David Armano, Edelman
  44. 44. Earned Media: Encouraging SocialEarned Discussion
  45. 45. Earned Media: Facilitating OnlineEarned Endorsements
  46. 46. Earned Earned Media: Consider• What triggers can you create to incite sharing?• What owned content are you driving to?• How can you make sure that social word-of- mouth includes your brand messaging?• How can you leverage more than just national media to get people talking about you?
  47. 47. Paid Owned Earned
  48. 48. Earned PaidReach Owned Control
  49. 49. Source: Forrester Research
  50. 50. Paid Owned Earned
  51. 51. “Every marketer, of course, has the option ofpraying or waiting for lightning to strike. But only by sending off a piece of attractive owned media can advertisers set off a predictable round ofconversation and pass-along that has the potential to spread brand stories and messages almost endlessly through the ranks of their audience.” – Kirk Cheyfitz, Story Worldwide
  52. 52. “No matter what the short-term goal of anyadvertising effort (product introductions, trials and test drives, store visits, etc.), the long-term goal isalways the same: to drive media spending sharply downward by recruiting fans and advocates who will spread a brands messages for free, forever.” – Kirk Cheyfitz, Story Worldwide
  53. 53. Vanderbilt: MyHealthChat
  54. 54. Vanderbilt: MyHealthChat
  55. 55. Vanderbilt: MyHealthChat
  56. 56. Vanderbilt: MyHealthChat
  57. 57. Vanderbilt: MyHealthChat
  58. 58. Vanderbilt: MyHealthChat
  59. 59. Resources & Links• media.html•• channels-are-you-in-the-right-place/•• picure-de-rappel/•••• friends-and-virtual-strangers-the-most/•• organizations-on-facebook.html••
  60. 60. Questions? Amy Mengel 518-429-2780