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Being Green in a Changing World of Search Engine Optimization

This WordCamp Miami presentation will discuss both the how and why of SEO, as well as how it relates to business owners, bloggers, and WordPress developers.

SEO plugins are awesome tools within WordPress, but they are only a small part of a structured SEO process. To be successful in SEO, you have to go beyond basic content creation and WordPress plugins.

This discussion will review: key questions to ask, the importance of user intent and keyword selection, the benefits of site mapping, then wrap up with a review of on-page tactics and how they relate to popular SEO plugins.

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Being Green in a Changing World of Search Engine Optimization

  1. 1. BeingGreeninthe ChangingWorldof SearchEngine Optimization
  2. 2. WhenIstartedwithSEOit wassomucheasiertorank!
  3. 3. Copyright © 2017 Web Savvy Marketing | All Rights Reserved It'stimetolook forkeywords It'stimetoreach newheights It'stimetomeet yourbuyersin Googlesearchtonight It'stimetowrite yourcontent It'stimetocodeitright It'stimetopublish blogpostsinyour WordPresssitetonight
  4. 4. WhenIstartedwithSEOitwas allrainbowsandsweetmusic… Akeywordwasjustakeyword. Webmasterscouldhidecontentin whitetextonwhitebackgrounds. Desktopwastheonlysearch. 300wordswasaworthyblog postthatwouldrankwell. Youcouldbuyinboundlinks.
  5. 5. Andevenbetter… A#1rankmeantyou’d actuallybeatthetopof pageonesearchresults andinthespotlight. Andyouactuallyknew whereyourankedin Google! Weweresuperstars!
  6. 6. Ah…thosewerethegooddaysofsearch!
  7. 7. Thenalgorithmchangesbecamefrequent andjudgmentfromsearchenginesbecamefierce.
  8. 8. Penaltiesstartedblowingwebsites andblogscompletelyoutofsearch.
  9. 9. Mobilearrivedandpasseddesktopinsearchusage.
  10. 10. Voicesearch arrivedand tookover20%of Google’sinquiries, andasaresult, searchphrases becamemuch morecomplex.
  11. 11. Arewestartingtolose controlofSEOandsearch? Lackofdata Strongercompetition Informationoverload Rulesandrestrictions Pandasandpenguins Knowledgegraphsandrichcards Personalizedsearch Mobileandvoicesearch Malwareandperformanceissues
  12. 12. YearsagoIlost myloveforSEO. Iwastiredofplugins. Iwastriedofdealing withpenaltiesfrom clientshortcuts. WhenIlostmy loveforSEO, Ilostcontrolof mydestiny.
  13. 13. Ineededtoremember thatSEOisn’tabout WordPressplugins. Ineededtoremember thatSEOisreallyabout doinggoodand helping otherssucceed. Ineededtoremember whatmademespecial wasthatIwantedtodo goodandhelpothers.
  14. 14. Ineededto rememberthat atonepointI stoletheshow. Andmore importantly,I coulddoitagain.
  15. 15. SEOtaughtmethat Icouldbeasuperstar. Iexcelledbyfocusing entirelyontheuser, by providinghelp, andbyofferingsolutions. Ieducated,Igained trust,andIbuilt authorityonline.
  16. 16. SEOhaschangedalot,andyet,itistheexactsame. Thegoalofsearchhasalwaysbeentohelppeoplefindinformation.
  17. 17. •  Ask questions about you and your target market •  Review your existing data and history •  Research competitors for keywords and tactics Research •  Build a seed list of preferred keywords •  Pull search volumes •  Score for Relevance •  Create a sitemap and plan for keywords Plan •  Write quality content •  Optimize content for SEO and usability •  Promote and link build •  Reverse engineer your success and repeat Execute GoodSEOhasandalwayswillstart andendwithastructuredprocess.
  18. 18. ThefirststepinyourSEOjourneyisto askquestionsaboutyou&yourvisitor: Whoareyou? Whatdoyoudo? Whatmakesyoudifferent? Whodoyoucompetewith? Whodoyouhelp? Howcanyouhelpthem? Whatproblemsdoyourvisitorshave? Whatquestionsdotheywanttoask? Canyouansweranyofthesequestions?
  19. 19. Keywordsarestillimportant.They’rejustdifferent.
  20. 20. Newusersarecomingonlineeveryday soqueriesaremuchmorediversethaneverbefore.
  21. 21. IsMacandCheese healthy? HowdoIbuilda website? Howmanycentimeters areinameter? What’stheaverageage forbuyingacellphone? Where’stheclosest Starbucks?
  22. 22. Don’tfighttheknowledgegraph,voice search,oranyotherGoogleshift.
  23. 23. Gobeyond beinggreen! Embrace Google’s changesand educate yourself.
  24. 24. Embracewhat makesyouunique! It’stheeasiest waytostandout inacrowdandthe easiestwayto makeanimpactin organicsearch.
  25. 25. CanIanswerany questions?
  26. 26. RebeccaGillWordPressAgencyOwner&SEOInstructor @rebeccagill TheTotheTopcourseisaneighthouronlinecourseforDIYSEOeducation. Courseincludesvideos, how-totutorials,templatedownloads, ThreedayintensiveSEOtrainingworkshoptakingplaceinMayof2017. ThreedaysofSEOtraininginavirtualclassroom.TakingplaceinAprilof2017. WantMoreSEOEducation?