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The life of a rain drop


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The life of a rain drop

  1. 1. The Life of a Rain Drop Introduction: What are raindrops? Where do raindrops come from? What happens to them? Do you know the answers to these questions? On this webquest, you will learn the process of the water cycle and understand each step by pretending to be a raindrop. Task: Now it is time to learn the water cycle. Are you rain drops ready to see where you are headed? We are going to explore and figure out the mystery of rain drops. We are going to research, fill out a worksheet, and play games. At the end of the lesson, you will make a poster board on The Water Cycle with your group. Process: You will be assigned to groups of 4. Each student will work together to accomplish the tasks. Once you are in your group, go to the following websites:, and The Water Cycle. These two websites give you some fun facts about water and the cycle of it. You will go to the next website and listen to a song about the water cycle. Water cycle song On the next website provided, Watercycle Diagram, one student will need to right down the terms provided at the bottom, so that you can label the activity handout that will be graded. After reviewing all the websites provided and working on the activity, you will have learned a lot about the water cycle. As a group, you will create a poster that will demonstrate the life of a raindrop. Be very creative and colorful.
  2. 2. Evaluation: The teacher will assess each student using the evaluation rubric: Water Cycle Diagram Unacceptable Did not complete assignment. Group Participation Did not get along with other group members. Poster Not complete. Very little color and personality. Acceptable Has assignment completed with errors. Good teamwork. Had some minor issues, but easily fixed with teamwork. Poster is complete. Very few errors, lacking some color. Exemplary Has assignment completed with no errors. Excellent teamwork. No problems came up. Assignments were completed and on time. Poster is complete. Very colorful and creative. Less than 3 errors on board. Score Total Score: Conclusion: That is the end of the rain drops journey! Now you know how a raindrop travels through the water cycle with the help of research and teamwork.