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Be About Your Business!


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Its said that the most successful people are the ones who make decisions quickly… they don’t fiddle around for lack of a sharper word. They realize that if it is a bad decision, later it can surely be adjusted or changed.

It is my desire to help YOU succeed in your business and reach your income goals. I want to give you something on this pdf that is very powerful that you can use in your business!

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Be About Your Business!

  1. 1. Be About Your Business… /be-about-your-business Eric Chestang “BE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS AND GET GOING” There is treasure on this page… just keep reading! This very statement stood out to me like a sore thumb… Who said it? … None other than Bob Proctor a motivational speaker, master thinker and lif e systemizer according to Doug Weed, a f ormer special assistant to the President of the United States. Its said that the most successf ul people are the ones who make decisions quickly… they don’t f iddle around f or lack of a sharper word. They realize that if it is a bad decision, later it can surely be adjusted or changed. Sadly, most people are an extra in their own movie not living up to their f ull potential. People are so af raid of f ailing they either procrastinate getting started or outright give up f rom a minor set back… sorta like a catch 22 right? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Obviously you are here because you are either struggling in your existing business trying to f igure this thing out looking f or that big break through. Or you are looking f or that perf ect business opportunity and kick starting guide to help you get the ball rolling. Let me tell ya,’ you have made the best decision EVER… the internet marketing space is the best business to be in period. Regardless of what anyone else tells you. HERE’S WHY………… Let me excite you for a moment about this magnificent industry and get you all giddy inside… There is no ceiling on your income… The earning
  2. 2. potential is endless! It is recession proof …no economic downturn will ever af f ect your online business in f act, it will increase sales and your network if you’re in the home business/ network marketing niche Instant gratif ication f rom helping people meet their needs…yes we are in the business to help people! You get to enjoy a laptop lif estyle and work f rom the beaches of the world! It is my desire to help YOU succeed in your business and reach your income goals. I want to give you something on this post that is very powerf ul that you can use in your business. What I am about to share with you will help you generate income while you’re learning and building your business. Most successf ul marketers will not share this stuf f with you simply because it has cost them thousands to learn. But I believe in GIVING back… and who knows, someday you may want to partner with me…RIGHT? Most online marketers are af f iliates that promote other people’s products using content marketing. They then earn a commission anywhere f rom 20% to 50% and sometimes 75% on a $27,$37 or $47 product and that’s cool right? Well of tentimes, product of f ers that many af f iliates promote don’t really deliver or have a lot of value. This will cause you to lose credibility with your audience and your list. Note: ”You must have a blog and build a list and create
  3. 3. your own traffic in conjunction with search engine marketing… don’t ever completely rely on google…Google will break your heart” NOW… What if you had your own product to promote while you are building your business? Or this is what you could build your business around making it the vehicle to catapult you to success…Wouldn’t that be AWESOME? Introducing – My Secret Pure Profit 7 Step System “lol…I just created this while writing this post..I love doing this stuff” Listen… this is very easy to do in f act it’s too easy but don’t go nuts with it. Remember when I said, you need your own blog? …Here’s why? This will work for any niche… 1. Targeting a high traf f ic keyword such as… “Article Marketing Secrets” – Research your topic, then write a post on your blog targeting your keyword. 2. Write a 1000 word image rich article giving extreme over the top value. The secret to success in this business is to over deliver in helping others. This builds your brand and credibility in the internet marketing space. Tip: Do this for every piece of content you create and you will go viral because people will share your stuff. 3. Now publish the post… 4. Go over to http://www.printf and enter the url of the blog post you created and click print preview. 5. Now click the PDF tab and VOILA! You just created your f irst digital product… 6. Now go over to f and have an ebook cover created… 7. Slap a price on it and Promote the HELL out of this product… It’s easier to promote because of the quality you put into it. You are now an authority and Product Creator on that topic GENERATING PURE PROFIT.
  4. 4. Tip: The more research and value you put into your product, (and resources like video) the higher you can set your price. Set a higher price but pitch it at a discounted price making it a steal f or your prospects. You could create a whole suite of products and build an empire… Aren’t you glad you read to the very end of this post? Now be about your business and get going…you can thank me later!