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The Deconstructed Broccoli Gratin Soup


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Welcome to my deconstructed broccoli gratin soup.

I know it sounds weird doesn’t it?

After all the idea that you could have a deconstructed broccoli gratin has weird written all over it. It was so weird to my teenage son that he ran out to the office to tell Dominic before I had even cooked it. He wanted to know what one was and why I was making it. Dominic just smiled and our son forgot about how weird this soup was going to be.

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The Deconstructed Broccoli Gratin Soup

  1. 1. The Deconstructed Broccoli Gratin Soup
  2. 2. Turn a favourite dish
  3. 3. Into a gorgeous soup
  4. 4. This one is well worth trying!
  5. 5. All you need is...
  6. 6. Carrots
  7. 7. Broccoli
  8. 8. Courgette
  9. 9. Onion
  10. 10. Cauliflower
  11. 11. Cheese
  12. 12. Coconut milk
  13. 13. Herbs and seasonings