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160322 everyday tools that are part of my process - part two


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More everyday tools that I use in my digital strategy work.

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160322 everyday tools that are part of my process - part two

  1. 1. Everyday tools that are part of my process – part two Ged Carroll
  2. 2. In this presentation • Right Relevance • Newsblur • Buffer • Weiyun More to follow in part three
  3. 3. Right Relevance – content suggestions Right Relevance is a service that provides content around specific topics of interest and sends it through on a daily email. It comes in handy to find at least a few gems a day if you need to curate content to share on social channels. An honourable mention would go to the content suggestion function on Klout. Klout promotes itself as a measurement tool – it’s a shockingly poor one that provides misguided vanity data. The content suggestions are not bad though.
  4. 4. Newsblur – intelligent RSS reader Newsblur is a trainable RSS reader that learns from your likes and dislikes to only show you content of interest. Hidden content can till be bought back for review at the click of a button. In addition to being able to filter by interest, it also provides three views: feed, text or story (what it looks like on it’s original site). The service costs $24/year. It has a web interface, supports third party desktop software and has apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  5. 5. Buffer – social publishing Buffer is a social publishing tool similar to Hootsuite. It has a number of advantages over Hootsuite; especially ease of use and pricing simplicity. Buffer has an equally simple-to-use iOS and Android app. It integrates into iOS system sharing and IFTTT recipes. It is the end point of automated plumbing for my social content publishing. I use ‘The Awesome Plan’ which costs $102/year.
  6. 6. Weiyun Weiyun is a Dropbox-type service provided by Chinese online services company Tencent. The key difference between it and Dropbox is that Weiyun gives you 1TB of storage for free. The downside of Weiyun is that all its software is in Chinese, but there is advice on how to use it online.
  7. 7. Links • Right Relevance website • Newsblur (once you subscribe it provides you links to the different mobile apps) • Buffer • Weiyun English interface Supporting articles How to use Weiyun | Wikihow
  8. 8. About me Amazon author page: LinkedIn page: About: Blog: Email address found here: Twitter account: @r_c Sina Weibo: renaissancechambara WeChat
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