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DevOps for Windows Admins

Learn about Windows / Linus monitoring
How DevOps could play a role in server monitoring space
Understand the advantages of agent-based server monitoring
Use of Plugins to create custom monitoring via DLL, Shell, Vbscript etc.. and use of Nagios plugins.

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DevOps for Windows Admins

  1. 1. DevOps for Windows admins Site24x7 Rex Peter
  2. 2. > Challenges faced by the infrastructure and application teams > Agent-based server monitoring flexibility > Performance metrics with agent-based server monitoring > Out-of-the-box Windows applications monitoring > Troubleshoot each of your apps at the code level: IIS |DevOps > Create your own application monitoring tool with plug-ins | DevOps > REST API for DevOps > Complement your ManageEngine Server Agenda
  3. 3. > Need to offer high availability on the servers and network. > Application's end-user experience should be excellent. > Identify slowness in application / servers and optimize it periodically. > MTTR : Identify issues faster and fix them. Challenges faced by the infrastructure and application teams
  4. 4. Monitoring from the cloud - Agent based Server monitoring
  5. 5. • Agent based monitoring • Supports Windows and Linux machines • Purely outbound communications for security purpose. • Auto discovery of Windows applications and helps DevOps to troubleshoot code level. • No credentials required to monitor performance metrics. • Proxy settings can be configured specific to each server
  6. 6. Easy ways to deploy agents in bulk Windows Linux
  7. 7. Savvy Tech Users Remote servers monitored using Site24x7 server agent • Distributed Remote Servers • No need for dedicated network • Helps Centralized monitoring • Real-time monitoring • Instant alerts
  8. 8. Monitored with Site24x7 server agents
  9. 9. Savvy Tech Users Server resources monitored • CPU utilization, CPU by core • Memory utilization, Memory break up, emory pages • Disk utilization, Individual disks • Windows Service / Processes • Event / Syslogs • Rx/Tx statistics
  10. 10. Monitor your core application's services and processes Start or stop
  11. 11. Start / Stop Take action from your native Site24x7 mobile app: • iOS • Android
  12. 12. Savvy Tech Users Root cause analysis report during downtime Top processes by:  CPU  Memory
  13. 13. Top processes by CPU and memory while the server's down
  14. 14. Savvy Tech Users Monitors the server interfaces Status of the interface | Rx or tx traffic | Errors | Bandwidth utilization
  15. 15. Savvy Tech Users Network monitoring capabilities with Site24x7 Auto-Discovery of your entire network. Interface Monitoring Supported Device Types: Storage WAN Accelerators Switches Printers Wireless Routers Firewalls UPS Load Balancers
  16. 16. Out-of-the-box monitoring with Site24x7 server agents. Windows applications
  17. 17. Preconfigured Site24x7 Windows app monitoring
  18. 18. Server + IIS + APM Insight Application monitoring for DevOps
  19. 19. IIS server monitoring Start/Stop a site
  20. 20. Start/Sto p App pools IIS server app pools with actions
  21. 21. Savvy Tech Users IIS server: App resource statistics IIS server app pools: • Memory usage • Network usage • Exceptions
  22. 22. Savvy Tech Users Enhance your IIS monitoring with APM Insight Toggle for APM
  23. 23. Savvy Tech Users Learn which traces are slowing down your IIS apps: Troubleshoot
  24. 24. Understand how your IIS apps work for users: Real user monitoring Identify based on: • Response time • Device • Browser • ISP • Geography
  25. 25. DevOps Create your own monitoring using plugins
  26. 26.  Out of box Site24x7 plugins support in Github repository for all the above apps.  Create your own custom Windows & Linux based plugins monitor using Python, Shell, DLL, Batch, PowerShell, and VBScript.  Site24x7 Integrate with 4000+ Nagios Plugins available, it reduces the effort for you to create your own plugins script  Set threshold values for individual attributes in a plugin for immediate notifications if the set values are exceed.  View the performance charts for multiple plugins across servers in a single, understandable chart. Site24x7 plugins | Create your own monitoring: DevOps
  27. 27. Two custom scripts: 1. Hardware metrics (VBScript) Cooling status, thermal status, power status... 2. Operating system objects (PowerShell script) Event, threads,process.. Site24x7 plug-ins demo
  28. 28. Savvy Tech Users Hardware metrics with VBScript
  29. 29. Hardware metrics output in Site24x7
  30. 30. Savvy Tech Users Operating system objects with PowerShell scripts • Events • Mutexes • Processes • Sections • Semaphores • Threads
  31. 31. Operating system objects' output in Site24x7
  32. 32. Resource checks
  33. 33. Savvy Tech Users Monitor key resources on your server
  34. 34. Avoid application failure |Content check Create checks to monitor log files for specific alarming text that has the potential to crash the application. Ex: Outofmemory
  35. 35. File checks: Access check | Permissions check | Size check | Last modified check | Content check Directory checks: Size check | Subdirectory availability | File availability | Access check | Permissions check File and directory checks
  36. 36. "If you don’t have logs available, you’re flying blind."
  37. 37. Windows event log monitoring
  38. 38. Query the event logs from our server tools
  39. 39. Savvy Tech Users Event log rule monitoring Get notified when important events occur. Monitor by: • Event ID • Severity • Keyword
  40. 40. REST API Achieve all the operations without going to the client
  41. 41. Savvy Tech Users API lets you: • Add monitors into Site24x7 • Modify/delete/suspend monitors • Obtain availability and response time graphs • View current uptime status and response time • List the last 'x' downtimes of all monitors • Setup Schelde maintenance • Obtain consolidated uptime and performance reports • Our New UI is bult over API • Full API Documentation
  42. 42. Maintenance of a server in AWS Schedule maintenance by calling the Site24x7 API within your application. Shut down and start up the script to avoid false positives.
  43. 43. Site24x7 Complement your ManageEngine server
  44. 44. Savvy Tech Users Monitor your ServiceDesk Plus server via Site24x7's server agent ServiceDesk Plus admin tab Monitor from outside your data center Real-time heart beat checks Instant notifications Track service: ManageEngine ServiceDesk Process: java.exe postgres.exe
  45. 45. Self monitoring Site24x7 can help self- monitor any ManageEngine product server for free. • Monitor availability • Resources • Services and processes • Get instant notifications • Any IT management on- premises products can be monitored.
  46. 46. Thank you!