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Preston Rezaee: 6 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident


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Preston Rezaee shared simple steps that can be taken to minify your risks. The key points are to obey the traffic laws, be predictable, avoid distractions, drive rested, and steer clear of alcohol and drugs. Do this, and you'll help make the roads safer for all.

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Preston Rezaee: 6 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

  1. 1. Preston Rezaee: 6 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident
  2. 2. Buzzed driving The sobering fact of drunk driving is that it is certainly a dangerous behavior, yet too often drivers get driving with alcohol in their bloodstream, impairing view and slowing reaction time. Sadly, drunk driving stated more than 10, 1000 lives in 2012, and alcohol-impaired motor vehicle dives cost more than an estimated $37 billion a year, according to NHTSA. If you're out having a great time, designate a driver. Or simply just don't drink till most likely home.
  3. 3. Distracted driving Go in any populated area and you're bound to see people driving too slowly, occasionally weaving while talking contacting companies. NHTSA records that 3, 154 people were killed in sidetracked driving crashes in 2013, but it is not hard to see that the near-misses were likely a multiple of that. As the saying, hang up and drive. And whatever you do, don't textual content. In many states, it is currently against the law to drive and operate a hand-held phone, but also in all states, it is a bad idea.
  4. 4. Speed A speed limit exists for reasons, and it just isn't just too certainly be a damaged. Exceeding a posted acceleration limit means you have elected to drive faster than was intended for that highway, putting others in danger, all while consuming more fuel. The faster you decide to go, the less reaction time you have and a lot more skills are necessary to avoid an accident. As the acceleration climbs, so do braking system distances and other push measures that can lead to catastrophic collisions and rollovers. The Insurance Start for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that in 2013, speeding was a factor in 29 percent of motor vehicle crash fatalities.
  5. 5. Car parking lots It's important to land on alert when you're driving in the parking lot. Most people driving are so focused on finding a parking location that they aren't observing what else will go on. Children can be very challenging to see in a busy building, especially at night. An excited child can dart out from between cars in addition to front side of you right away. A car with a back-up camera will give you a look at the space behind the car that would otherwise be unseen. Better yet, rear end cross-traffic alert can sense if there is a car approach throughout the section as you commence to back out of a parking space.
  6. 6. Drive the right car In addition to being conscientious with your driving behavior, choosing a good-performing car with superb safety marks and proven reliability can further reduce your risks. Between the many tests Buyer Reports performs, functioning at accident avoidance (through a simulated maneuver) and both wet and dry braking system. As we evaluate automobiles, we rate handling, simplicity of use for controls, and visibility--all factors that can help avoid trouble. Our street tests are supplemented with insurance industry and Govt. crash test data, displaying how cars perform in their various crash assessments.
  7. 7. Advanced safety systems Regular on new cars since 2012, electronic stability control has been shown to lessen the risk of a fatal single-vehicle crash by about half and the risk of an airport terminal rollover by as much as 80 percent, matching to IIHS. The latest cars can usually advantage from advanced safety features, such as front-collision minimization, that can actively help avoid a major car accident, or at least reduce its severity. Other systems such as lane-
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