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Resources for Using Digital Channels in a Crisis

Tips, resources, and services for those adapting to remote work environments

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Resources for Using Digital Channels in a Crisis

  1. 1. Using Digital Channels in a Crisis: Community Best Practices for Connecting and Collaborating Resources 1) Tips to increase engagement 2) Resources and reading 3) Services from The Community Roundtable
  2. 2. Alex Blanton: Tips to Increase Engagement • Treat the audience as participants before the session starts • Sound checks, visual checks, chatting them up • “Seed” the audience with a couple of active participants • Turn on your camera while you start the session • Ask the audience to interact right away – use the first 5 minutes to teach the audience how to use the interactive features of your software • Examples: Poll, whiteboard • Use peer pressure by making participation a requirement for moving on • “We have 35 people in the session, and 16 of you have completed the poll. Once we get to 30 we can continue…” • Model interactive behavior by being present in the session and intervening when necessary • Sometimes I ask a question about 10-15 minutes in, just to show people that it’s okay to do so • Make the IM something to pay attention to • Ask questions, answer questions, provide context, provide content, @mention people, like messages • Vary your interaction requests • Voice, chat, checkmarks, polls, whiteboarding, screen annotation, etc. • Complete your slides in the moment • Maybe: Have a controversial statement on the slide, and say “Now I’m going to type True and False on the screen, and I want you to put a check-mark under one word or the other to show what you think, then we’ll discuss.”
  3. 3. Further Reading and Resources 1. Managing Teams that are Suddenly Remote – The Community Roundtable Blog 2. Working in a coronavirus world: Strategies and tools for staying productive – Dion Hinchcliffe, ZDNet 3. 20 Tips for Working from Home – PCMag 4. How to Manage Remote Direct Reports – Rebecca Night, HBR 5. How to Manage Remote Teams Effectively – Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) 6. Creating an Online Classroom – Stanford Online Highschool 7. Five Can’t Miss Community Programming Ideas – The Community Roundtable eBook
  4. 4. Services from The Community Roundtable Research On-Demand Training TheCR Network Membership Social Learning with Peers; including hundreds of reports, training, and weekly roundtable calls Online community and engagement training and exercises (available for licensing)