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The Community Roundtable's 2018 Research Agenda

Themes and priorities for community management in 2018

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The Community Roundtable's 2018 Research Agenda

  1. 1. Theme Channel Topic Description Q1 Communities Get Down to Business Training Course Strategy, ROI, and Business Case Explore how to develop your community’s strategy, calculate ROI, and build a business case that resonates with stakeholders. TheCR Network Community ROI Case Study Understand how a new external community program used ROI to understand its first year of growth, project potential growth, and plan for success TheCR Network Community Strategy Case Study Discover how ROI can benefit an internal enterprise social network program, even when stakeholders are not asking for it. TheCR Network SOCM 2018 Working Group Collaborate with TheCR’s research team to define the questions to explore in the 2018 State of Community Management research. Public Case Study Reports: ROI and Strategy Learn how one organization benefited from getting consensus on its community strategy, including defining shared purpose, shared value, and identifying key behaviors. Public Webinar: The Role of Community Management in Digital Transformation Listen to a panel of experts and practioners discuss the role of community management in transforming organizations and why adoption has been slow Q2 Communities as Change Agents Training Course Communities as Change Agents Explore how to apply community management techniques strategically in ways that encourage and reward behavior change creating a strategy system of engagement for your organization. Public 2018 State of Community Management Advance and prioritize the discipline of community leadership within your organization by understanding industry trends and benchmarks. TheCR Network Case Study: Using Communities to Change Culture Discover how one organization used its community ecosystem to change how specific behaviors and workflows were changed and how the organization has benefited. TheCR Network Show & Tell: Unique Community Program and Results Get inspired by programs implemented by peers Public Case Study Report: Engagement & Culture Change Learn how one organization used engagement as an avenue to transform their organizational culture by focusing on a few key behaviors The Community Roundtable's 2018 Research Agenda
  2. 2. Theme Channel Topic Description The Community Roundtable's 2018 Research Agenda Q3 Community Roles Evolve Training Course Governance: Building a Networked Organization Explore how governance needs to grow and develop as your community program matures. This workshop will cover goverance for members, advocacy groups, community teams, stakeholders, and centers of excellence. TheCR Network Roundtable Call: Evolving Community Management Roles Discuss and share approaches to community team governance with peers. This discussion will include topics such as roles, skill sets, and centralized vs decentralized approaches to community management. TheCR Network Case Study: Moving On, Moving Up, and Moving Out Learn how community management professionals are creating career paths by either staying in the field or transitioning to other funcational roles Public Case Study Report: Evolving Community Management Roles Understand how one organization reduced duplicated efforts and content by designing a process to approve new groups. Public eBook Explore how community roles are evolving and understand the emerging career paths for community professionals Q4 Strategic Measurement of Communities Training Course Measuring Communities Strategically Explore approaches to measurement and reporting that help your organization focus on and understand value. This workshop will use TheCR's tools and templates to help frame the metrics that matter for different audiences and how to use them to support a value-centric narrative of community growth. Event/Conference Investing to Build a Networked Organization Connect, learn, and collaborate with peers at this 2-day in- person event on October 1-2, 2018 in Boston TheCR Network Roundtable Call: Metrics that Matter Discuss and share what metrics are meaningful with your peers TheCR Network Case Study: Gamification Learn how one organization used gamification to engage and sustain their advocacy program TheCR Network Show and Tell: Community Dashboards Get inspired by how others report their community's progress to stakeholders Public Case Study Report: Community Metrics that Matter Learn how one organization created a dashboard that resonated with stakeholders and effectively told the story of their community's progress