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The Community Roundtable's 2019 Research Agenda

TheCR's research agenda drives programming in TheCR Network, for TheCR Connect and determines the topics that The State of Community Management research will explore.

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The Community Roundtable's 2019 Research Agenda

  1. 1. Theme Channel Topic Description #1 Community Leadership Comes of Age Research Community Careers and Compensation 2019 Survey where community management practitioners stand in terms of their career progress,goals,and compensation. TheCR Network Community Careers & Promotions Case Study Learn how a community practitioner progressed from community manager to director and what projects enabled that promotion. TheCR Network SOCM 2019 Working Group Collaborate with TheCR’s research team to define the questions to explore in the 2019 State of Community Management research. Public Case Study Reports: Community Origin Stories Learn about community practitioners and their communities journeys from start to finish,including what practitioners learned along the journey. TheCR Network Skillbuilder: Develop Your Narrative Explore your business problem statement and,through co-working,grow that into a narrative that you could present to stakeholders. Event/Conference Community Management Comes of Age Connect, learn, and collaborate with peers at this two- day in-person event on September 23 - 25,2019 in Boston. #2 The Community Market Diversifies TheCR Network Platform User Groups Join a user group to connect with other practitioners to evaluate tools and see live demos and examples of how practitioners are leveraging different solutions TheCR Network Roundtable Call: Community Teams as the Invisible CoE Explore how different organizations are structuring their teams to support community cross-functionally, without always having the full resources of a Center of Excellence. TheCR Network Roundtable Call: Defending Your Community Program with ROI Hear about how a community practitioner used ROI to defend their community program to their stakeholders by showing impact to business processes. Public Case Study Report: From Checking a Box to Networked Learn how a community program progressed from simply existing to a networked approach. TheCR Network Skillbuilder: Roadmap Workshop Explore and workshop your current roadmap, or design a new one, to look at where your community is heading. The Community Roundtable's 2019 Research Agenda
  2. 2. Theme Channel Topic Description The Community Roundtable's 2019 Research Agenda #3 Mindsets Determine Community Success TheCR Network Skillbuilder: Connecting Community Participation to Business Goals Explore defining high value business goals and connecting those goals to community participation, showing stakeholders how value is generated through engagement. Public 2019 State of Community Management Advance and prioritize the discipline of community leadership within your organization by understanding industry trends and benchmarks. TheCR Network Roundtable Call: Gaining Executive Support,Getting Community Resources Discover how a community practitioner connected with their stakeholders and was able to shift the executive mindset from disinterested to supportive. TheCR Network Roundtable Call: Building A Goverance Model and Getting It Approved Hear about how a community practitioner built a governance model within their organization. Public Training: Strategy Workshop Learn what skills and tactics a community practitioner needs to build a business case and advocate for their community program. Public TheCR Connect 2019 Stakeholder Pass Attend TheCR Connect 2019 with your stakeholder or executive and partner with them at the conference to enable them to discover the value of community and what community can do.