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Multi Storey Steel Structures

Richa Industries Limited customizes structural steel system for heavy construction and offers design,engineering and construction solution from concept to completion.

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Multi Storey Steel Structures

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Richa customizes structural steel system for heavy construction and offers design,engineering and construction solution from concept to completion  Richa adopts innovative concepts in engineering and strives to go beyond the realm of conventional construction with its team of leading engineers, designers with world class manufacturing and efficient project handling for heavy project construction. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  3. 3. OVERVIEW India’s Leading Turnkey Metal Building & Steel Construction Company  Over 300 Steel Buildings executed across India for various applications.  Acknowledged for Quality, Safety and Timely Execution of Projects  Net worth in excess of Rs. 100 cr  One of the major leader in Pre-Engineered steel construction/off-shore manufacturing industry.  Some of the most prestigious industrial and commercial projects engineered and delivered. Timely delivery, Timely completion of projects & Countrywide support of project management services for your projects  Most diverse steel building solution portfolio in India. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  4. 4. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED A leading Construction & Engineering company operational in Pre-Engineered Building, Structural Steel, Turnkey solutions and Textile sectors. WIPRO MADHU SILICA RICHA CORPORATE OFFICE
  5. 5. WHY RICHA INDUSTRIES ?  Started its PEB division in 2008, Richa Industries has created an exclusive niche for itself in the PEB industry with the excellent support of its well qualified and experienced team.  Richa is committed to Design, Manufacture and Install Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, which are 100% custom built and designed in accordance with sound principle of Engineering using Computer aided designing.  We offer hi-tech solutions to our customers by utilizing MBS (Metal Building Software), Staad Pro (3D Structural analysis and design software) and Tekla (Model-based software) with highest precision to meet the structural requirements of the Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems.  Richa deputes qualified experienced safety inspectors to ensure complete project safety and provide good after sales service to its customers.  The company has presence in more than 120 cities across India with Sales office in more than 8 cities enriched with government as well as private clients.  An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Richa Industries is listed at Bombay Stock Exchange.
  6. 6. USPs RICHA INDUSTRIES Richa is the only company offering galvanized Flange brace angles, Sag rods and Gutter Straps Richa provides galvanized (275 GSM) Secondary members which enhance the life of Purlins and provide maintenance free solutions Richa offers galvanized Anchor bolts (36 dia)
  7. 7. MANAGEMENT TEAM Mr. Sushil Gupta (Chairman) An IIT engineer by profession, Mr. Gupta holds a B. Tech. (Mechanical) and M. Tech. (Applied Mechanics) degree from IIT- Delhi. With an experience of more than 25 years in the industry, is a “Father Figure” of Richa Industries. Mr. Sushil Gupta serves as Chairman and Managing Director of Richa Industries Ltd. His core area of focus remains on R&D, cost effectiveness and new developments. Dr. Sandeep Gupta (Jt.MD) Dr. Sandeep Gupta is a Doctor of Philosophy in Management. He has accomplished his MBA from University of Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Pune. He initiated Richa’s backward integration journey from textiles into Pre Engineered Buildings and further into Turnkey Solutions and going up-stream into structural steel. Mr. Manish Gupta (Director) Mr. Manish Gupta is the Director of the Company. Striving towards economic, environmental and social progression of the organization and the society on the whole, Mr. Manish Gupta firmly believes in the principles of respect, rigor and involvement. Mr. Gupta is the leading light in textile development and innovation insuring quality at all levels of operations. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  8. 8. SOLUTIONS FOR HIGH RISE APPLICATIONS  Richa Steel structure is an ideal solution for High Rise applications as today in urban Infrastructure there is a space crunch and such buildings are an appropriate solution to this problem and are cost effective too due to optimized use of steel.  Steel Buildings can be built as per architectural design for optimized energy requirement, such as Natural cooling, solar gains & natural day light  These buildings incorporate a high level of services which can be easily interfaced within our system: Air conditioning system ducts, flooring, electric power plants for essential facilities , fire protection system and all other Mechanical and electrical services easily designed in our Structural system RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF USING STEEL STRUCTURES  Beter ROI due to speedy construction of superstructure  Lighter in weight due to use of High strength steel, hence lighter foundations required  Internal dry wall partition system and acoustic proofing helps to keep structure lighter along with quick erection time  Provision for all MEP and other services offsite planning  Large span are possible in reception, lobby, function halls, food court etc  Architectural aesthetics and energy efficient views  Modern amenities provision and efficient work space  Customized solution to each and every need RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  10. 10. ADVANTAGES OF RICHA STRUCTURAL STEEL SYSTEM  Steel buildings are manufactured using automated equipment in-house  Better quality control as manufacturing takes place under controlled quality system in plant  Flexibility in selection of member section or can be made from built up  Mass Production resulting in cost control and highest degree of quality  Excellent accuracy of product dimension within close tolerance as per code requirement  Just-In-Time Logical Delivery  Faster erection at site  Easy to fabricate in any shape for any application  High load bearing strength and excellent ductile properties  Cost effective  Eco-friendly
  11. 11. MULTISTOREY BUILDINGS Cost Comparison - High Rise Buildings Lowest Construction Cost Low Rise Medium Rise High Rise Small Grid 8.6 m X 8.6 m Concrete Concrete Steel Mid Range Grid 11 m X 11 m Concrete Steel Steel Long Span Grid 15 X 7.5 m Steel Steel Steel  Cost effective solution for medium rise buildings of grid size 11X11  More cost effective solutions for medium or high rise buildings of grid size more than 11m RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  12. 12. MULTISTOREY BUILDINGS Cost Comparison - High Rise Buildings  Construction cost with 11m x 11m Grid Structure will be cheaper than one built in concrete  Medium and Longer spans in steel will be more cost effective RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  13. 13. MULTISTOREY BUILDINGS Cost Comparison - High Rise Buildings  Earlier revenue generation (Warm Shell @ Rs 250 per sq ft per month calculated on built area)  Reduction in financing cost (approx. at 13%)  Earlier return on investment  Faster speed to market (game changer and need of hour) Key Benefits of Early Completion of Project Pre - Construction and Construction Periods Concrete Framed Building Months Steel Framed Building Months Total Months 32 22 Earlier Revenue Generation Built Area – Sq Ft. Rent INR/ SqFt / Month Steel Framed Building Months Earlier Revenue INR Cr. 533,998 250 6 133 RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  15. 15. FABRICATION Structural steel members are fabricated by precisely cutting, sharing, punching, drilling, fitting and welding in order to produce the configurations detailed in the shop drawings. Each member is labeled with a piece mark, length, and job number for identification.
  16. 16. LABELLING Once fabricated, each finished structural steel member is labeled. In this case the fabricator labels each steel member with its piece mark, sequence number, and the last two digits of the job number. Richa uses specific labeling practices. In the image, the label color is yellow to differentiate it from previous labels. Labeling of the steel pieces is crucial because it helps identify members on the job site. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  17. 17. STORAGE After fabrication, finished structural steel members are stored in the storage yard. The yard is properly organized and it makes easier to transport steel to the site in phased manner. Steel structures are stored according to erection sequence. Sequences define areas of the frame and are used to organize their delivery and erection. The practice of planning and storing by sequence improves the efficiency of loading, delivery, offloading and erection. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  18. 18. ANCHOR BOLT PLAN One of the first drawings prepared by the detailer is the Anchor Bolt Plan. This plan guides the foundation subcontractor in the placement of anchor bolts. It contains horizontal and vertical information for placement of anchor rods, as well as dimensions and elevations of leveling plates (if used).d). RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  19. 19. ANCHOR BOLT SURVEY Before the erection process started, anchor bolts and leveling plates are surveyed to check if they are correctly positioned. If anchor rods are improperly located, they are corrected by the foundation subcontractor before the erection process may start. The surveyor uses a total station to determine the horizontal and vertical location of each leveling plate and anchor bolts. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  20. 20. tekla crane.mp4 ERECTION PROCESS An animation of the steel structure erection process sequence wise RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  21. 21. ERECTION TEAM The Erection Team consists of One Project Manager, One Foreman, 3-4 Iron workers for hooking steel, three to four iron workers connecting steel and a crane operator. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  22. 22. CRANES Cranes are selected on the basis of cost, availability, speed, reach and capacity. There are many configurations and sizes of cranes available. CRAWLER CRANE TYER MOUNTED CRANE TOWER CRANE RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  23. 23. UNLOADING & SHAKEOUT Upon delivery to the job site, fabricated steel unloads and places on wood or steel blocking. The blocking allows for chokers to be attached to each member for subsequent hoisting and erection. Shakeout of structural steel takes place after unloading. Shakeout is the process of sorting the steel pieces on the site so that they can be efficiently erected, and involves organizing and spacing each structural steel piece. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  24. 24. ERECTION DRAWING This is the erection drawing of floor framing for a project. The numbers one and two inside the red hexagons on each side of the red line indicates the sequence number for each part of the structure. The piece marks on the drawing matches those on the beams, girders and columns and are used to locate and orient each member during erection. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  26. 26. FIRST COLUMN This is the first column being hoisted into position. Using ladders, iron workers temporarily bolted the column. Prior to erection, the erector must consider column stability in accordance with safety standards and the AISC Code of Standard Practice. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  28. 28. BEAMS Main girders are hoisted after the columns. Beams are then hoisted and connected to the girders. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  29. 29. PRILIMINARY BOLTING The connector uses pins to align the holes between structural steel members being connected. Then several bolts are placed and temporarily tightened with spud wrench. At least two bolts per connection are used to temporarily fasten each connection. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  30. 30. HAND SIGNALS Teamwork and communication are important when erecting steel. Iron workers use hand signals to communicate with the crane operator. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  31. 31. PLUMBING Turnbuckles are a common part of the bracing system. A turnbuckle is a device that usually consists of a link with screw threads at both ends that is turned to bring the ends closer together. Using several turnbuckles connected to the temporary bracing, the steel frame is shifted until it is vertically aligned. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  32. 32. METAL DECKING This is a view (right 1st image) of the welding used to fasten metal deck to the structure. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  33. 33. PERIMETER SAFETY CABLES On multi-storey structures, perimeter safety cables are installed at the interior and exterior perimeters of floors and openings as soon as the metal decking has been installed. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  34. 34. SHEAR STUDS This is a view of the welded studs. Shear studs are tested to ensure that they are correctly welded to the structural steel members in compliance with the bend test of the AWS D 1.1 Structural Welding Code. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  35. 35. TEMPORARY BRACING Temporary bracing is used to provide temporary lateral stability to the structure and to plumb up the frame. The temporary bracing is removed once the structural steel frame is secured. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  36. 36. FINAL BOLT UP After a section of the structural frame is assembled and vertically aligned, iron worker permanently fastens the structural steel members with additional bolts. Tension controlled black bolts of SS 8.8 grade are widely used. Final bolt-up is performed using a torque wrench. The wrench stops automatically when the bolt shears at a tension control groove indicating that the required tension is reached. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  37. 37. SLABS Floor slabs are poured after the structural steel frame is secured to the vertical masonry shafts. After reinforcing steel and concrete is placed, the slab is leveled and finished. RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  40. 40. MULTISTOREY PROJECTS RICHA CORPORATE OFFICE Richa Corporate Office Multistorey Steel Structure building in Faridabad Clear Height: Approx. 29.5 Meters Total Area: Covered area is approx. 642 sqm & Super build-up area is approx 1800 sqm. Ground + 6 Mezzanine floors Multistorey Steel Structural building executed by Richa Industries Limited Speedy construction with in two months
  41. 41. MULTISTOREY PROJECTS MADHU SILICA Manufacturer of one of the tallest Multistorey Steel Structure building in Gujarat and India Clear Height: Approx. 36 Meters Total Area: Approx. 19000 Sq. mt. Load: 150 MT each floor Ground + 6 floors Speedy Constrution in less than 10 months Type: Silica Processing Plant
  42. 42. MULTISTOREY PROJECTS WIPRO Clear Height: Approx. Hig bay - 47 Meters; Low bay - 34 Meters Total Area: Approx. 2605 Sq. mt. Live Load: Maximum 10 KN Machine with maximum load: 97 MT each floor Ground +7 floors Type: Wipro Fatty Acid Manufacturing Plant Manufacturer of India's tallest Multistorey Steel Structure building in Haridwar till date
  43. 43. MULTISTOREY PROJECTS WIPRO Clear Height: Approx. 14.2 Meters Total Area: Approx. 1956 Sq. mt. Live Load: Approx. 100 Kg/m2 (first 3 floors); 500 Kg/m2 (4th Floor) Ground + 4 floors, Mezzanine Type: Manufacturing Unit Utility Building, Wipro Multistorey Steel Structure building in Haridwar
  45. 45. MULTISTOREY BUILDING WITH FACADE Methods of Fire Protection – Gypsum Boards
  46. 46. MULTISTOREY BUILDING WITH FACADE Methods of Fire Protection – Vermiculite Cementitious Spray
  47. 47. Methods Fire Protection – Intumecent Paints MULTISTOREY BUILDING WITH FACADE
  48. 48. Services through Beams MULTISTOREY BUILDING WITH FACADE
  49. 49. MULTISTOREY BUILDING WITH FACADE Erection Methodology – High Rise Buildings
  50. 50. AWARDS & RECOGNITION Richa Industries is the first Indian PEB Public Listed company to receive the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification by IRQS Richa Industries has received Second Runner up award in the "Emerging India Awards" at London in 2008 organized by ICICI Bank & CNBC TV 18 Certificate of achievement "Innovation in Structural Engineering" presented to Richa Industries in recognition of the achievement as a Nominee in the 2013 BE INSPIRED AWARDS by Bentley The Second Annual Inc. India 500 awards presented to Richa Industries in recognition of exemplary growth and sustainable success Richa Industries has been awarded as "Best Promising Pre-Engineering Steel Building Manufacturer from India" by Indian Achievers Podium in their 10th All India Excellence Award & 6th Realty award RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED
  51. 51. CONTACT US CORPORATE CUM REGISTERED OFFICE : Plot No 29, DLF Industrial Area, PH-II Faridabad -121003, Haryana Ph: +91-129-4009262 Fax: +91-129-4133969 Email : MANUFACTURING PLANT : 8th Km Stone, Ram Nagar Road , Distt Udham Singh Nagar, NH- 121, Kashipur-244713, Uttarakhand Ph: +91-9547-223073 Email : For all latest updates, follow us on Thank you for your valuable time ! RICHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED