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Published in: Travel
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  1. 1. Contemporary Traditional Asmat culture part 1 who are the asmat??... By;Ricardo Gonzalez  Jan 24 2012 period 5 culture and geography source: Mr. Ruben Meza 2012
  2. 2. The Asmat are an indigenous hunter gatherer culture in west Papua Indonesia.
  3. 3. West Papua is about 1/2 of a very large island just North of Australia in the south Pacific ocean.
  4. 4. The traditional Asmat are one of the last hunter gatherer culture the world.
  5. 5. One tradition of the piercing of the septum of the nose.
  6. 6. Another tradion of the Asmat is painting the faces and body  for both ceremony and war.
  7. 7. Traditional Asmat culture is truly amazing at crafting. they have unique designs.
  8. 8. Sadly though deforestation colonization and assimilation are deeply affecting the Asmat 
  9. 9. Irreversibly this is the ending of one of the earths last traditional hunter gatherer culture. The modern world is taking over the Asmat.