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wearables and the IoT HIMSS 2016

An overview of the the healthcare market for Wearables and integration with IoT

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wearables and the IoT HIMSS 2016

  1. 1. Real-world Wearables and the IoT: Cases and Outlook – Panel Discussion Moderator: Rick Krohn, M.A., M.A.S., President HealthSense Panelists: David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Healthcare and Fitness at Samsung Electronics America Kate McCarthy, Senior Healthcare Industry Analyst, Forrester Research Anand K. Ieyer, PhD, MBA, Chief Strategy Officer, WellDoc
  2. 2. Over 20% of Americans Use Wearable Tech – Forrester Research
  3. 3. Wearables Market snapshot The market includes nearables, “ there-ables” and implantables Wearables headliners continue to be health and wellness, fitness trackers …but the medical wearables market, excluding wellness and fitness, is expected to grow 65%, hitting $6 billion in 2016. [Frost & Sullivan 2016 Healthcare Outlook] Non-traditional, cross- industry innovative partnerships – including fashion, transportation, consumer electronics New Market Drivers – clinical grade device buyouts; payer adoption of wearable solutions; cheaper, disposable devices Growth opportunities: Aged, Chronic, RPM, Big Data, Analytics Hurdles – cost, policy and regulation, security
  4. 4. 2015 Wearables Market Penetration - Healthcare • $4.3 BB came into the digital health space in 2015 • Wearables were the second most funded category of digital health in 2015 • Estimated health wearables market growth rate: 17.7% CAGR • Market potential still largely untapped, adoption could quadruple by 2019 Source: Espeo Software, 2016 …and some Trends for 2016 • From Personal Tracking to Medical Grade – more companies are opting for FDA approval • Wearables as fashion statement – companies like Fitbit, UnderArmour teaming with Fashionistas • 1/3 of new wearable products from companies making first foray in to the space • Business strategies: niche populations, condition-specific and enterprise wearables, consolidation, richer data
  5. 5. Biosensing Wearables Landscape Source: Rock Health
  6. 6. Quantified Self
  7. 7. Wearables 2.0 Source.
  8. 8. NextGen Wearables – Intuitive, Integrated, Analytic, Actionable
  9. 9. Trends ……… Wearables around the body Wearables minimally invasive and inside the body Policy and Security Disruptive Business Models Connected Health!
  10. 10. Source: Rock Health
  11. 11. Wearables and the IoT
  12. 12. IoT in the Healthcare Enterprise
  13. 13. The IoT in Healthcare Source: HCL Technologies
  14. 14. mHealth in the Internet of Everything
  15. 15. New eBook from HIMSS authors Rick Krohn/David Metcalf, and Dr. Pat Salber Following the author’s 2 previous HIMSS books detailing mHealth (2012, 2014), this new mHealth eBook titled Health- e Everything: Wearables and the Internet of Things for Health conducts a focused examination of wearables as an explosive niche of the mHealth market. Covering a range of issues from newer wearable applications in the provider and enterprise spaces, to emerging technology solutions and hurdles to successful deployment, and with rich multimedia content, this eBook provides an engaging discussion about wearables - present and future – with contributors including Eric Topol, Daniel Kraft, Robert Wachter, Anand Dyer, and many more. This eBook also examines the interplay of mobile solutions like wearables in the healthcare Internet of Things (“IoT”) landscape. This eBook delivers a unique learning experience via deep content, digital techniques and expert perspectives. It can be purchased at the HIMSS show bookstore, and online at
  16. 16. Real-world Wearables and IoT Case Studies- Panel Discussion