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Google analytics

Using Google analytics for The Blog

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Google analytics

  1. 1. Demystifying Google Analytics for My blog (Analytics-TheEasyWay) Observations Causes and Recommendations
  2. 2. Website under consideration • Name : Analytics - The easy way • Type - Blog • URL - • Created on – 24th Dec 2015 • Line of action – 1st Post : 24th Dec 2015 – 2nd Post : 08th Jan 2015 • Promotion – Shared link on college WhatsApp group – Shared link on Twitter and Facebook
  3. 3. Audience & Behavior • As per the numbers above – No of Session ~ 2 times No of Users Which means, there are good volume of repeat readers – % New Sessions - 54.47% Which indicates that the assumption made above is very much true – Bounce Rate is 82% Which means, almost everyone is leaving, hence we are reaching the wrong people or bots – Pages/Session is 1.61 Since I have only 2 articles, with the given bounce rate Page/Session values indicates that those not bouncing off do navigate to almost all the pages in the blog – Avg. Session Duration 2:49 But the average time spent for most of the user would be < 1 min, as the bounce rate is so high. So the average time spent by non-bouncers would be much higher than 2:49mins, which is indicative that non-bouncers do read the blog.
  4. 4. • Audience are coming in from all parts of the world • But analyzing the other measures, we can see only audience from Russia, United States, India and China are probably true audiences while others may be bots. Locations
  5. 5. • Almost 90% of the sessions use Chrome or Firefox or Safari. • Almost the same volume of sessions took place on desktop, suggesting that most sessions have taken place with Desktop+Chrome combination. The data is almost aligned to the present condition of the browser industry. Browser & Device
  6. 6. • Most session take place on desktop and with Chrome Browser • Most safari users are mobile users • Users of Firefox spend most time on the blog • Chrome mobile users spend more time than desktop users
  7. 7. • People on mobile have the least bounce rate and the highest pages/sessions Suggesting that people reached on mobile devices are more interested in the content • People on table have 100% bounce rate. • Desktop users, using Firefox or IE have the least bounce rate. • The overall picture suggests that the Desktop + Chrome combination has lot of junk (bot data)
  8. 8. Behavior – New vs Returning • New and returning visitors are creating almost same numbers of sessions. • So which can mean, the new users and old users are also almost same in number But this can be distorted data, because of the presence of so much of junk referrals.
  9. 9. Frequency – No of Sessions • We can see the share of new sessions (Count of session = 1) and returning session (Count of Sessions >1) • The higher side (Count of sessions >50) can be from the testing activities
  10. 10. Recency – When was the last session
  11. 11. Cohort Analysis – User Retention • User retention is weak – Possible cause : Low quality content, Wrong Reach.
  12. 12. Acquisitions • Maximum traffic is coming from referrals, but the quality of traffic is very poor. The bounce rate is more than double compared to any other medium. The pages per session also show the low quality. • Social and Direct are giving low volume of traffic but the quality of traffic is comparatively much better The bounce rates and pages session have much better figues.
  13. 13. Referrals • As expected, most referrals are bot and they are just distorting the data for the blog. • This can destroy the whole analytics and if decisions are made without removing them from the equation, then most decisions will have inverse effects.
  14. 14. Social • As links have been shared on Facebook and Twitter, traffic is flowing from these websites. • Traffic from blogger can be my own blog hits which I might have done for testing the blog or previewing a post. And the very good numbers for all the paramters suggests these. • But the quality of traffic from Facebook and Twitter is also low. Their bounce rate is very high.
  15. 15. Recommendation • Promote blog on social media. (Facebook Twitter) • Increase post publishing frequency • Develop filters based on the bad referrals to clear out the data • Get your URL shared by influencers or large accounts like Jigsaw Academy.