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Rival IQ - Optimize your Hashtags

Now that hashtags are mainstream, it's time to learn how to correctly and efficiently use them for your business. Learn the hashtag dos and do not's to ensure you're using them in the right way that will connect you with a larger following and get your marketing content in front of the right audience.

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Rival IQ - Optimize your Hashtags

  1. 1. Optimize Hashtags Using These 6 Tips Hashtags = keywords prefaced by a # Adding hashtags to your content will make it more discoverable and help grow your audience. Hashtag Basics Used to group content together. Popular promo-hashtags include Create an event of your own4 An event can be a contest or giveaway, an invitation to tour your business or have lunch. 1 Never insert a promo into a tragedy As I am writing this, #Wheniwas is trending. Women are invited to tweet their stories of sexism, sexual harassment and abuse. Given the heartbreaking messages from women who were sexually abused as young as 5 or 6, this tweet from a website that sells workout clothing is in bad taste. Get 7 days free See how Rival IQ can help you make more informed decisions about your market. Visit RIVALIQ.COM for a free trial It’s time to learn how to optimize hashtags for your business! Hashtags are now mainstream. 2 Don’t go overboard You have only 140 characters to share your message. it gets annoying. Choose wisely1 Think of clever ways to associate your service with something people naturally love to talk about. For example #stove would have reached fewer people, even though it seems more fitting. LG makes appliances. Their feed includes this picture of a stove, tagged with #recipes. Industry events usually have lively hashtags. Live blog/tweet events3 Joining in helps you connect with industry leaders and interested onlookers. Check out #SMMW16 to see how social media pros keep it lively and fun. If your focus is B2B, you might choose Limit your hashtags, and use short ones. Long hashtags are very specific and users are not searching for them. #SMB Keep it short to broaden your audience. 2 and/or #Marketing Industry chats are a great way to meet influencers. Join a chat5 If you join a chat hosted by a competitor, you can connect with their audience. Chats are not the place for a sales pitch or self-promotion. Focus on sharing useful insight, and trust that if you leave an impression, people will look into your business. IFTTT has a lot of options for hashtag actions. Automate6 Automatically add hashtag users to a list Cross-post hashtagged messages to other social channels Follow other users on Snapchat Much more… Using the right hashtags in the right way with a much larger following and grow your business. can help you connect Clicking on a hashtag of other content using that hashtag takes you to a feed Keywords already associated with other companies, TV shows, movies, or celebrities won’t yield the results you expect. 3 Avoid used keywords If your B2B company name is Treanor, Walters & Dawson manufacturing, #TWD (The Walking Dead) is not likely to connect you to your ideal customers.