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Download experiential avoidance exercise pdf


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This one page PDF exercise is designed to help career changers figure out how Experiential Avoidance holds them back from changing career.

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Download experiential avoidance exercise pdf

  1. 1. THE EXPERIENTIAL AVOIDANCE MODEL Away Towards What matters to you most in life? List some of your important values. e.g connecting with others What actions or behaviours take you towards your values? e.g being present with people,using humour What actions or behaviours do you take to move away from difficult thoughts and emotions? e.g keep myself busy, drink alcohol What thoughts and emotions show up when you move towards your values? Which thought or emotion has the power to stop you / ‘hook’ you away from your values? What thoughts and emotions do you experience in the long run when you move away from what matters? Phew! Hook edaway Relief shows up here