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Running a Scrum process with Trello


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An overview of the tips and techniques for managing you Scrum (or Kanban) process in Trello. This is based on things I've seen teams doing while building - Dasboards for Scrum and Kanban teams using Trello.

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Running a Scrum process with Trello

  1. 1. Scrum with Trello
  2. 2. About me Previously CTO at a small software company (2 Scrum teams) Spent last year building Corrello - a dashboard for Scrum/Kanban teams using Trello
  3. 3. In this presentation Board setup options Labels and life without subtasks Release management patterns Useful plugins
  4. 4. Board setup options
  5. 5. Board setup
  6. 6. Board setup
  7. 7. With ‘ready for’ queues
  8. 8. With ‘Done sprint …’ lists
  9. 9. With a notes list
  10. 10. Cards
  11. 11. Labels and life without subtasks
  12. 12. Using labels without going insane
  13. 13. Life without swimlanes and child tasks
  14. 14. Use labels (for Epics)
  15. 15. Use a checklist (for subtasks)
  16. 16. Release management patterns
  17. 17. One backlog list
  18. 18. To prioritise list
  19. 19. Release lists
  20. 20. Separate release/product management board
  21. 21. Useful plugins
  22. 22. Useful plugins Corrello - Burndown charts, CFDs, cycle time, release burnups etc. Scrum for Trello - let’s you add Story Points to your cards (compatible with Corrello) Kanban WIP/Card Counter - let’s you set list WIP limits Trello Business class - lets you use the Slack, Github and Corrello powerups amongst others
  23. 23. Any questions? Me: @robinwarren Corrello: