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How to launch a brand ambassador program


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How to Launch a Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassadors are a force that shouldn’t be ignored. Not only do they act as an extension of your marketing department, but they often add a layer of authentic eagerness around your brand.

The Course will include:

What's a Brand Ambassador
The Benefits of having Brand Ambassadors
Structuring a Brand Ambassador Program
Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

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How to launch a brand ambassador program

  2. 2. BUILDING YOUR BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Roger Lopez VP Marketing Sideqik @digitalsmb
  3. 3. Structuring Program Launching in Sideqik Benefits of Brand Ambassadors Managing within Sideqik Reviewing Results 1 2 4 5 ROAD MAP 3
  4. 4. THE BENEFITS A brand ambassador is 50% more likely to influence an average customer 68% of consumers trust other consumers’ opinions online 70% of consumers have acted after reading users’ post about product
  5. 5. 90% of people consider consumer recommendations to be the most credible form of advertising 20% of existing customers 80% of future revenue ★ More likely to be loyal ★ More profitable ★ Spend 2x more money with the company ★ Provide 2x more sales than paid advertising Brand Ambassadors New customers attracted by Brand Ambassadors are:
  6. 6. Structuring a Program: Create Influence Define Outcomes and Strategies Pinpoint Channels Follow and listen to audience Engage Audience Write content they want to share Encourage Discussion Interact with them
  7. 7. Structuring a Program: Maintain Influence 1. Identify top ambassadors and advocates 2. Create content themes based on strategy ● Organize in a content calendar 3. Set expectations ● Posting requirements ● Trial and review of new products ● Blog post creations
  8. 8. Structuring a Program: Maintain Influence
  9. 9. Identifiers for Potential Brand Ambassadors Highly satisfied customers Active in at least one of the pinpointed channels Large following on more than one platform Shares positive experiences Contributes actively and positively to brand communities Can be partners, employees, or loyal customers Associate with and embody the brand identity Encourage others to try Defend brand against dissatisfied users
  10. 10. Structuring a Program: Reward Influencers Monetary and non-monetary incentives ● Cash - similar to affiliate programs ● Early entry into contests ● Inherently rewarding partnership ● Sneak peeks and member-only events ● Exclusive discounts and branded swag Decide on the reward structure ● Tiered? ● Criteria (i.e. performance, points, etc.) Rewarding ambassadors helps procure and retain them.
  11. 11. 3 Steps to Building Brand Advocacy Locate ● 50% of population is active on social media Encourage ● 83% of ambassadors are more likely to share relevant content from favorite brands Reward ● let them know you see them ● maintain levels of quality that first attracted them ● 92% of people trust word of mouth marketing
  12. 12. Building your Ambassador Team Evaluate your existing customers, users, employees, even Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Don’t wait till someone is a customer Finding Ambassadors Incentivize Spend time figuring out what sort of incentives will mobilize customers. Monetary or non- monetary Evaluate Once you have some active brand ambassadors, learn from them. Based on their activity, you can better understand who you should be recruiting to be ambassadors and what sort of rewards they prefer Engage Them Email updates (especially success stories), periodic contests and shout-outs via Facebook and Twitter for those who are more deeply engaged.
  13. 13. Tools to Manage Campaigns Once you have some active brand ambassadors, learn from them. Based on their activity, you can better understand who you should be recruiting to be ambassadors and what sort of rewards they prefer Google Sheet - Use it keep track of influencers Drop Box - To give Ambassadors access to creative - Track Unique Links of Traffic Driven Google Analytics URL Builder