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Digital Media Pitch Presentation


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A digital Media Pitch for Commits as a brand

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

Digital Media Pitch Presentation

  1. 1. Digital Media Pitch – Commits Alumni Association Group - D DMU Media Inc.
  2. 2. About Us We focus on Corporate Films, Digital Marketing and S.E.O DMU Media Inc. works with the leading companies in India by developing award winning and memorable campaigns for brands to connect, engage with and build sustained relationships with their consumers. We are a team of over 50 marketing professionals and consultants. D.M.U was setup 7 years back by a group of like minded experts from the fields Media marketing. Our Team Rohan Mozumdar (Project Head) Gautami Krishnan (Creative Head) Aswathy Murali (Marketing Head) Reya Dutta (Public Relations Head) Manisha Singh (Senior Copy Writer) Shreya Baid (Graphic Designer)
  3. 3. Pitch Brief: To connect and engage with Commits Alumni
  4. 4. Objective ▪ To form an Alumni Association by year end ▪ To have an alumni meet ▪ Connect with all the Commitscions ▪ To engage them on social media ▪ To showcase the achievements of Commits Alumni
  5. 5. Target Group Ex Commitscions Urban TG From the Batch of 2001 to 2013 24 – 35 Years Psychographic Analysis They are closely linked to the media industry. They are tech savvy. They are very active on Social Media. They are always looking at/for networking They have a very fast paced life.
  6. 6. Communication Angle Join the Commits Alumni Network (C.A.N.) and be part of the Circle…
  7. 7. Communication Angle … because C.A.N. is incomplete without YOU !
  8. 8. Insights 1. Arjun Sethi (a Commitscion) is an advertisement professional working as a graphic designer in an Ad Agency for the last 3 years. Saturated with his work, and unwilling to do a 10-9 job, he decides to resign and wants to start something of his own. 2. Manisha Nanda (a Commitscion) is a desk reporter in a reputed news channel for 2 years now. Under-paid and frustrated with her stressful job, she is looking for a career-switch. 3. Rahul Verma (a Commitscion) is working with a leading PR firm. He leads a busy life commitscions are doing in the media Knowing what fellow and doesn’t get time to socialize and meet friends (a lot of whom are commitscions). He terribly misses world would generate ideas and necessary contacts and advice his college days and want to stay in touch with his college mates for their work without being charged for it and also seek for future employees who maybe Commitscions – as their standards
  9. 9. Platforms recommended for the brand Online Facebook: • Upload a picture and share a memory • Commitscion Tips/Advice • Are you a proud commitscion? • Updates / News related to commits • Facebook event for alumni meet •Facebook App – Nominations for Commits Alumni Wards Mobile: SMS blast- Updating Commitscions (Past & Present) about latest happenings in college Email: Newsletters (Monthly, weekly)- latest updates, news from Commits • Ramesh Prabhu sir as Brand Ambassador YouTube : Creating a YouTube channel, where we can upload the videos related to students projects and showcase their talent or professional videos made my alumni which they would like to promote Online Forum: Message boards - to have a platform beyond facebook which is more engaging to connect with commitscions
  10. 10. Platforms recommended for the brand Offline Commits Alumni Awards Meet Events Organising a Commits Alumni Network Meet along with Commits Alumni Awards event that would be an Online – Offline integration.
  11. 11. Creatives & Platform Ideas: Commits Alumni Network (C.A.N.)
  12. 12. Logo: Commits Alumni Network
  13. 13. Commits Alumni Network: Facebook Page
  14. 14. Commits Alumni Network: Facebook Page
  15. 15. Online Forum: Commits Alumni Network
  16. 16. Commits Alumni Network: Youtube Channel
  17. 17. Commits Alumni Network: E-mail Invite
  18. 18. Video (1)
  19. 19. Video (2)
  20. 20. Video (3)
  21. 21. Thank You Group - D Aswathy Murali | Gautami Krishnan | Manisha Singh | Reya Dutta | Rohan Mozumdar | Shreya Baid