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Strategic Design Language Project


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An overview of the Philips brand and a concept to attract a more tech savvy consumer to the brand.

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Strategic Design Language Project

  1. 1. Brand Positioning Chart Brand Image Board Philips brand is shown through it simple, chic, stylish designs. It is known for it’s subtle curves and slightly chamfered edges. Most of the modern televisions produced by Philips have a modern feel to them and a clean, straightforward aesthetic. Character of the product is brought about through the material finishes.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  2. 2. Brand Positioning Chart Reliability Brand High Quality Price Features Philips as a Brand Budget Consumer Niche Consumer The Philips brand is currently positioned as offering middle tiered products in the TV/ audio consumer electronics market. The quality of the brand is perceived as higher than super chain specific brands like Vizio or Westinghouse but not on the same level in terms of technology as companies such as Sony, LG, and Samsung. They Low Quality have not been a leader in terms of offering new technology to the market place but the overall quality of the products offered is satisfactory.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  3. 3. Product Positioning Chart ? Depth perception audio headphones to enhance the Consumer Electronics Market: in-home 3D experience? Audio Headphones [example] High Price Product ? Area for possible Product Expansion Positioning Chart Philips could work to Philips products are positioned expand its product Vertical expansion: User at the low to mid technology line by creating new at affordable prices. To date, High Tech. technology. This would they have not really innovated Low Tech. make the company in the audio space and there are opportunities to become a more competitive in ?? leader in this space due to both the market. ? their brand recognition and global distribution capabilities. Low Price Horizontal expansion: Technology Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  4. 4. Product Positioning Price Positioning Chart Product $100 $500 $1000 $2000 $4000+ Comparisons Competitive Market Space In comparison to its main White competition, Philips is generally Market Space priced lower. It does have a $100 $500 $1000 $2000 $4000+ relatively strong brand following but lags behind on technology Brand Equity innovation and new features with Attributes Chart Aesthetics Price it television product line. The company appears to be one iteration behind innovative features Philips such as 3D. The company can Features Technology SONY set out to either dominate the extremely low price point market Samsung or make offerings in the ultra high- LG Picture Quality Reliability end niche market for televisions. Social IntegrationDuane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  5. 5. Competitive Landscape Amazon HTC Evo Motorola Droid Board Games Portable DVD HP Kindle Competitive Player TouchPad Landscape Chart LCD TV Philips faces increasing pressure in the television market as more competitors continue to enter the market. It has Plasma TV iMac Apple competition from large corporations as iPad Barnes and Sony Tablet PC Playing Cards well as super chains such as Walmart Noble Nook PSP and Best Buy who strike up deals with smaller TV manufacturers to sell 3D TV their televisions at discounted rates exclusively at their retail outlets. In the form group all flat screen TVs would Form be included. In the category group, any LCD Haier device that is used to consume video Screen Portable TV from cable outlets or the internet Amazon Apple was included. In the generic category Nintendo DS Sports all electronic devices with screens Category Kindle iPhone that could be used for entertainment purposes were included. Lastly in the budget group, price efficient means to Generic Budget entertain oneself was included.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  6. 6. Brand Identity Branding Colors Primary Philips Blue C: 87 M: 42 Y: 20 K: 1 R: 1 G: 124 B: 166 Secondary Light Blue C: 62 M: 24 Y: 13 K: 0 R: 96 G: 162 B: 196 Tertiary Deep Grey C: 60 M: 52 Y: 51 K: 21 Band Identity of R: 100 G: 100 B: 100 Philips The Philips brand is about presenting Product Colors quality, easy to use solutions to their Primary customers. Prior to 2004, their brand Black was positioned around the premise of C: 75 M: 68 Y: 67 K: 90 “Let’s make things better” and now the R: 0 G: 0 B: 0 brand is positioned around the slogan Secondary “sense and sensibility.” This new brand Silver direction is the embodiment of Philips’ C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100 commitment to ‘deliver solutions R: 0 G: 0 B: 0 that are advanced, easy to use, and Logo designed around the needs of all our White users and customers.’ Outside of print C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0 documents, the Philips brand logo is R: 255 G: 255 B: 255 usually displayed in white or silver on physical products. Black or silver is also used for base colors on the body of the televisions.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  7. 7. Visual Brand Image Band Identity of Philips Primary Identifier Balanced Simplicity Easy to Use Sensible Secondary Identifier Dynamic Cutting EdgeDuane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  8. 8. Brand Image (Web) Web Accent ColorsDuane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  9. 9. Brand Image (Print Ads)Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  10. 10. History of Philips TV Product History of Philips 1924 First Moving Silhouette Images 1943 Early TV Model American Charles 1862 Jenkins and John Baird Philips had been working First Still Image Transferred from Scotland, each on the television demonstrate the technology since 1925. In Abbe Giovanna Caselli mechanical transmissions 1949, the first television invents his Pantelegraph of images over wire model was introduced to Heritage Chart and becomes the first person to transmit a still circuits. the public in Eindhoven. 1953 image over wires. Philips TV Model The Philips brand and product design language has evolved many times 1927 First Electric TV 1949 throughout the years. This is due First Philips TV Model 1900 to the Public in the 1956 both to the changing technology And We Called It Television Philo Farnsworth, files Netherlands First Practical Remote for a patent on the first in the television industry and the Control complete electronic changing global brand positioning of At the World’s Fair in television system, which he Paris, the first International Robert Adler invents the the company from decade to decade. Congress of Electricity was called the Image Dissector. first practical remote Highlights in the history of Philips in held. That is where Russian control called the Zenith the television market include being one Constantin Perskyi made Space Commander the first known use of the of the first companies to introduce word “television.” televisions to the Dutch market.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  11. 11. Logo History of Philips 2007 1969 Philips Releases Ambient First Images Sent to the Light TV Moon 1997 First Plasma TV Released Ambient Lighting July 20, first TV 1981 Panasonic is credited with Technology, is a feature transmission from the 1,125 Lines of Resolution invented by Philips moon and 600 million bringing the first modern Electronics, generating light people watch. day plasma TV to market. effects around the TV that NHK demonstrates HDTV with 1,125 lines of 1983 correspond to the video resolution. Philips TV Model content. 1972-73 1997Half the TVs in homes 1978 Philips Releases its 2010 are color sets. Plasma TV First 3D HD TV Philips TV Model 1987 1982 Released Surround Sound Philips TV Model Giant screen Philips introduced a projection TV is first Introduced 42-inch (107 cm) display, Samsung releases marketed. with 852x480 resolution. the first full 3D high- Dolby surround sound for It was the only model definition television set home sets is introduced. available to the US public. to the public in the UK. Current Philips Model
  12. 12. Personas TV Personas
  13. 13. Lifestyle This couple loves to entertain guests. They have frequent dinner parties for their friends and usually serve as hosts for out of town guest. They are also self described ‘techies’ and try to stay on top of new technology.Anna & Daniel TV Habitsparty hosts Age: 32 and 36 They usually watch tv at night time Ethnicity: Caucasin before they go to bed. They catch Income: $125,000 TV Budget: $2500 up on the news and sometimes Occupation: Mechanical Engineer/ Computer they like to use the computer as a engineer monitor to surf the web. Kids: 0High Needs This user needs a tv that is in style “We love to bring people and ‘cool’ to their friends. They into our apartment and like the bells and whisles and make them feel at home” appreciate tvs that integrate withLow their other electronic devices. Income Quality Features Style
  14. 14. 1 2 3 4 Scre 5 en S ize Weig htDuane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim Port a bility Physical Needs Pictu re Q ualit y In-U se A ware n ess Feat u re Lo catio n Information Needs Aest h etics Prid e Perc Emotional Needs ie vd Q u ality
  15. 15. Lifestyle Tim leads a very simple life. He doesn’t hang out often with friends and spends most of his time in his apartment. He is at a point in his life where he is trying to figure out his purpose.Tim Hudson TV Habitscouch potato Age: 29 Tim is an avid gamer and a moive buff. Ethnicity: Caucasin He also enjoys watching reality tv shows Income: $30,000 and is the type of individual to DVR his TV Budget: $2000 favorite programs so that he is sure to Occupation: Retail worker never miss an episode. Kids: 0High Needs Tim needs a tv with a high quality display and various outputs to hook “The tv is the his game systems up to. He is also centerpiece of my daily big into screen size and enjoysLow having the latest features available to activities.” Income Quality Features Style him.
  16. 16. 1 2 3 4 Scre en S 5 ize Weig htDuane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim Port a bility Physical Needs Pictu re Q u ality In-U se A ware n ess Feat u re Lo catio n Information Needs Aest h etics Prid e Perc Emotional Needs ie vd Q u ality
  17. 17. Lifestyle This is a loud household with lively young children in the house. The parents life revolves around the children. Weekdays it’s school plays and it’s music recitals for the family on the weekends.Sharon and David Diaz TV Habitsfamily Age: 37 and 40 (kids 8 and 5) Dad usually has control of the tv Ethnicity: Latino immediately after he gets off work. He Income: $65,000 spends it watch game shows like Jepordy TV Budget: $1000 and local news. The children like to watch Occupation: Teacher/ Government Contractor their favorite shows before bedtime with Kids: 2 their parents on the tv also.High Needs This family uses the tv as a way to gather the family. They enjoy “We absolutely love watching movies together and family to watch movies as a shows. They care about parentalLow controls and ease of use along with family.” Income Quality Features Style price.
  18. 18. 1 2 3 4 Scre en S 5 ize Weig htDuane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim Port a bility Physical Needs Pictu re Q u ality In-U se A ware n ess Feat u re Lo catio n Information Needs Aest h etics Prid e Perc Emotional Needs ie vd Q u ality
  19. 19. Lifestyle Ray is a single man who is a sports enthusist. He played multiple sports in high school and at the colliegete level. He still works out three times per week and tries to stay healthy.Ray Simon TV Habitssports enthuisest Age: 40 When the tv comes on, it is usually Ethnicity: Black already set to ESPN to catch up on Income: $70,000 TV Budget: $4000 all of the past games. He spends Occupation: Bank Manager most nights also tuned into ESPN or Kids: 0 tuned into the local news.High Needs This user cares about a big screen “If it’s Sunday, you and a clear picture to catch his favorite games on. He is looking for better believe footballLow the best picture/ sound quality. will be on!” Income Quality Features Style
  20. 20. 1 2 3 4 Scre en S 5 ize Weig htDuane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim Port a bility Physical Needs Pictu re Q ualit y In-U se A ware nes s Feat u re Lo catio n Information Needs Aest h etics Prid e Perc Emotional Needs ie vd Q ualit y
  21. 21. Journey Map Tim Hudson Age: 29 Lifestyle Tim leads a very simple life. He TV Habits Tim is an avid gamer and a TV Needs Tim needs a TV with a high Journey Map: Ethnicity: Caucasian Income: $30,000 doesn’t hang out often with friends and spends most of his movie buff. He also enjoys watching reality TV shows and is quality display and various outputs to hook his game Buying a new video TV Budget: $2000 Occupation: Retail worker time in his apartment. He is at a point in his life where he is the type of individual to DVR his favorite programs so that he is systems up to. He is also big into screen size and enjoys having game trying to figure out his purpose. sure to never miss an episode. the latest features available to Kids: 0 him. Desire for new Which sites have Does the game Where should I How far away is Is the store clean? How are the Possible Which method Anxious to play Happy to be Relief to finally Excitement to Thoughts video game. similar gaming meet go to pick up this the location? Is Is the store games frustration with do I want to use new game. Tired home. get to play the finally start Bored with preferences as expectations? Is particular game? there traffic? organized? Is it categorized in the looking through to pay? Is the from trip to Excitement about video game. playing new video previously owned myself? How high it worth the Will they have it What is the best crowded? Is it store? Confusion many titles to find cashier friendly? purchase the the potential of Excitement about game. Anxious titles. Excited is the rating? money to buy it? in stock? Is a way to get there? inviting? about where to game. Tired from Is the checkout game. Frustration the new game. the potential of about the video about the Does the review store offering a Walk? Drive? find a certain searching around line long? with traffic/ other the new game. game experience. entertainment match the rating? discount? Can I section? the store. drivers on the potential of the trade in old titles way home. new game. for discount? 1. Motivation 2. Research 3. Decision 4. Decision 5. Travel 6. Enter 7. Survey 8. Locate 9. Pay 10. Travel 11. Enter 12. Setup 13. Play Start searching Read online Settle on which Decide the Head to Locate Search the Locate the Wait in line Head from Locate entrance Turn on TV and Start playing the online for a reviews from game to buy best way to destination to entrance to store for the desired game and then pay gaming store to home and gaming system. actual video game. Actions new game to trusted sites purchase the buy the store. Enter section that to purchase in cashier for the back home. room to play Grab controller video game in. buy. and publica- game and particular title. store to buy the video game the section of desired game. tions about the where to the game. would be in. the store quality of the purchase it video game. from.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  22. 22. Main Activities Side ActivitiesActivites Researching. Traveling. Buying. Making decisions. Surveying. Activites Playing.Environments Shared Enviornments Individual Environments Environments Internet to research the game. His living space. Car. The road to travel to buy the game. The retail store to buy the game. People Interactions Object Interactions IndividualsIndividuals People on the road. People in Computer. Gaming system. TV. the retail store. Friends he may Remote Control. Couch. Car. Objects invite around the house to play the game. Users Functional Objects Supporting ObjectsObjects Gaming System, Controller. TV. Couch. Remote Control. Car to Video game disc. get to store. Computer to re - search the game Primary Users Secondary Users ChartUsers Tim is the primary user of the Are his friends that come by his game. apartment to play video games from time to time.
  23. 23. Concepts
  24. 24. Concepts Ambilight Gaming This concept takes Philips Ambilight technology and uses it to enhance the gaming experience. The idea is that ambilight changes the color around the TV set in relation to the pixels displayed at the time. We can take this concept one step further and allow game developers to tap into this technology to change ambilight colors based on what is happening at various points in a video game. For example, in a first person shooter, the ambilight system can be used as radar to let the user know which direction enemies are attacking at.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  25. 25. Concepts Light-Air TV The idea behind this concept is to make the TV smaller in order for the user to save space in close quarters. It also would require Philips to develop a new technology to project TV in midair without the use of a wall for contrast. In this concept, a small box is the base of the projector light. The box would be able to be set an any orientation and then project a “screen” of light into midair a few feet away (the user would be able to set this). This concept would allow the user to havve a bigger TV that takes up less space and open up more ways for them to utilize their space in the home.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  26. 26. Concepts Pushing Apps to the TV In this concept, Android and iOS devices would be able to push their screens to Philips TVs via a WiFi connection. This would make sharing and consuming content easier while in the home. This would be useful for playing games, sharing photos, or reading articles.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  27. 27. Concepts Integrating Twitter into the TV This concept is allowing the user to bring up their Twitter while watching TV. This would allow them to connect with friends and talk about the show while it is on. It would allow for greater interaction with friends while watching routine shows.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  28. 28. Concepts TV Suggestions Service This concept focuses on the scenario when you want to watch something on TV but you have no idea what to watch on certain days when your favorite shows aren’t on. This service will take the Netflix/ Amazon/ Pandora model and suggest shows that are on TV that are similar or recommended baised on other shows that you have watched or like.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  29. 29. Storyboarding Concepts
  30. 30. Storyboarding Concepts Concept: Twit-V Bringing Twitter to the TV timeAttk Robert Smith @t_jones The Grammys are on! #grammys 11 secs ago CuteDT Denise Thorpe OMG! I luv the dress that she is wearing tonight #grammys 1 min ago @t_jones The Grammys are on! #grammys ... @sa Twit-V Button User turns on TV to watch a big event. User presses the Twit-V button, a The user has two options to view the The second option is to view the Users can update their Twitter feeds The user wants to connect with friends exclusive Philips TV service that allows feed. The first option is to view the Twitter feed in a larger format and have using a bluetooth enabled wireless while watching the event on TV via you to bring up a Twitter feed on the TV. Twitter feed ticker style. Examples the current TV channel minimized. keyboard, their smart phones, or their Twitter. include CNN News, ESPN Sportscenter, Examples of this include the TV Guide tablet devices. FOX News. channel and the Direct TV Channel Guide screen.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  31. 31. Storyboarding Concepts Concept 2: PHILIPS Capture Bringing Saved Media Content to the TV P-Capture Tool PHILIPS Capture Video 1 saved 11/1/11 Video 2 saved 10/24/11 RE APTU P- C PHILIPS Capture Button User surfs the web and comes across In order to save the content for viewing The user returns to his home and The user browses and selects the The user can now view saved content some media content he wants to watch later, the user clicks the PHILIPS presses the PHILIPS Capture button on content they want to watch. on the TV screen. Media content that later. Capture tool in their browser. his remote control to bring up the can be played are videos (YouTube, Examples of this is saving bookmarks, saved media content folder. Vimeo,Vevo, Flash video) and pictures Pinterest, or Zoolot. (Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook Albums).Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim
  32. 32. Video Prototyping TVwit- FroHawk Tim Dover @HeSays_SheSays I’m watching also #show2011 2 mins ago Twit-V Concept HeSays_SheSays Tim Dover @mr_daily This is one of my favorite shows! #show2011 In order to better understand the 2 mins ago Twit-V concept, a video prototype was made. In this video, the Twit-V concept is showing how TV can be made more TheySayTim Dover @hairypick LOL! Too Funny!!! #show2011 social by connecting the user with his 2 mins ago or her friends. The premise is that HeSays_SheSays Tim Dover TV is lonely and dull while the user @mr_daily This is one of only watches by themselves. Bringing my favorite shows! hairypick Tim Dover @TheySay Are you watching??? #show2011 friends along for the experience make #show2011 2 mins ago 2 mins ago watching everyday TV much more enjoyable. Watching TV alone is dull and boring. It is always more exciting to watch TV with your friends. So how can we make TV more social by connecting people at a distance? Twit-V with Philips is a tool that brings together friends while watching your favorite TV shows. It is a way to connect and offer a new experience to the user with real time viewer feedback.Duane Rollins | Strategic Design Language | Prof. Kim