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Website slide show

  1. 1. Reading, Phonics And Language Arts CurriculumAre you interested in reaching more of the childrenyou teach, have fewer class disruptions, and put thefun back into teaching? Perhaps you are simplyinterested in earning extra income. If so, you havecome to the right place.
  2. 2. Total Physical ResponseTPR has been around forover thirty years . We know:• Children learn faster•Retain more•Drop out rates decrease•Stress is reduced making The conventional methodthis method ideal for active teaches to the left brain.children, children with But TPR teaches to bothADHD, and Kinesthetic sides of the brain bylearners. involving the body, brain• It teaches effectively to all and senses in the learningpersonality types process.
  3. 3. Note: As a tutor, I use computer games because theyuse TPR. But they are not good for teaching thephonic sounds because they teach some of themincorrectly . It is important that you the educatorteach the children the sounds.For example, if the child is pronouncing the letter Das du, they pronounce daddy as du-a-du-y making ithard for them to blend the sounds to form words.The most commonly mispronounced phonic soundsare T,D,B,G,H,C,J,W,K, M and P.To hear the phonic sounds in video format (free),click HERE (the free videos are for you, theeducator… not for the children)
  4. 4. Nile Stanley, Ph.D. reading professor, University of NorthFlorida recommends Ring Around The Phonics For TheClassroom. He writes:"Ideal for classroom, clinic or home, the Ring Around the Phonics game {Ages 4 andup; for 1 to 4 players (Note: by adding 4 more game pieces, 8 children can betaught at one time)} engages children joyfully in confident learning and producesinstant growth in phonics, comprehension, reading. listening and speaking. Startdown the magical road to reading success with this adorable, easy to learn, boardgame which includes 336 static cling letters, fun activity cards, phonics books andmotivating certificates. I loved the adaptability of the game for educators to be ableto be an instructional decision maker, and address his/her own program’s standardsfor spelling, writing, language, and more."One can view the full review HERE (PDF)Note: This game teaches up to four children at one time even if on different levels orsubjects. Please feel free to continue. But if you are ready to order click HERE
  5. 5. Kay Normandine (Kindergarten Teacher) Writes:Ring Around The Phonics created by Mrs. Roma Cox has proven to be a greatsuccess.Mrs. Cox volunteered in our classroom for 3 months working with studentsbelow grade level.The board game was a great success when used with these students. Themajority of these students went from readiness to working on a higher readinglevel. One of our students went from below grade level to reading andworking independently.The game Ring Around the phonics can easily be implemented in theclassroom. We appreciate Mrs. Cox’s game and the time she gave to ourstudents.To read more, click HERE (PDF)
  6. 6. The game haseverything youneed to teachreading andphonics. Buteducators begantelling us they alsouse it to teach:Spelling, comprehension, listening&communicationskills, writing, vocabulary, foreignlanguages andmore
  7. 7. How To Earn Extra Income 2 Tutoring can be rewarding and profitable. Many families can not afford the high cost of a tutor, but by offering to teach 4 children at a1 This game is sold on time, which is easily done with Ring Amazon. So you can Around the Phonics, one can place their widget on reduce the cost to $10.00 per child your blog or website to per hour….very affordable. earn a commission on each game you For more information Please feel free to call us at sell…no cost to you. (904) 317-5330 from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST
  8. 8. So if you are ready to reach more children, reduce stress , haveless classroom disruption, and bring the fun back intoteaching:To order the game/ curriculum , click HERETo learn more about this language arts curriculum , clickHERE