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Tailored pharmacy vertical carousel storage & dispensing solution


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Pharmaceuticals are stored securely inside the vertical carousel system and are only accessible to authorised personnel.

The custom made automated system works in conjunction with swipe cards, PIN, passwords or other form of identification methods.

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Tailored pharmacy vertical carousel storage & dispensing solution

  1. 1. A new tailor made automated pharmaceutical storage and dispensing machine has been releasedby MaxiFile for hospitals and pharmacies applications.The Panakeia Carousel is designed to take advantage of interior airspace to give you more roomfor storage and increasing up to 80% on existing room storage capacity.Panakeia Multiple access storage carousel is a high-tech version of a pharmacy shelving, butinstead of the user having to go up and down, the system brings each individual shelf down tothe users height by means of a vertically rotating automated shelves.In addition to increased storage capacity further benefits are improved ergonomics, efficiencyand higher security of the drugs or medicinal stored inside the system.
  2. 2. Other Benefits:Allow more time for pharmacist-patient consults and reduce pressure behind pharmacist bench.Enhance efficiency & increase pharmacy productivity, minimize handling.Improve staff deployment time: Due to the reduction in time spent looking for prescriptions,staff can be redeployed on other more strategic tasks.Improve control, minimize medication errors and increase patient safety; with barcodemonitoring precision, picking errors are almost eliminatedKeep track of stock: Manage growing stock and delivery overload with monitoring, traceabilityand the reporting system offered by automated storage and dispensing carousels managementsoftware.Safety: Pharmaceuticals Drugs are stored securely inside the carousel machine and are onlyaccessible to authorised personnel; the automated system works in conjunction with swipe cards,PIN, passwords or other form of identification methods.Reduce waiting time as more stock dispensing can be automated, the medication can bedelivered at the most convenient location for patient and other users.
  3. 3. Versatility: Temperature controlled solutions for blood banks, are also available on request.No extra space required: The pharmacy carousel storage systems is designed to use theminimal amount of footprint and make best use of overhead floor-to-ceiling space.Mobility the pharmacy carousel storage & dispensing system can be installed on wheels andeasily moved to different working or dispensing areaCustom made: All solutions are tailored to customers’ requirement.If you are a distributor of pharmaceutical equipment and looking for new opportunities, contactus through out website.