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Tailor made Vertical Carousels Storage Equipment


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Tailor made vertical storage solutions, delivered and installed through local distributors in Europe, Middle East and USA. Further details

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Tailor made Vertical Carousels Storage Equipment

  1. 1. UROT VERTICAL CAROUSEL STORAGE SYSTEMS Urot vertical carousel storage is a compact automated sys- tem with a series of carousels (rotating carrier shelves) that travel the shortest distance with speed and accuracy to deliver the selected product or file to the operator level. The Urot car- ousel is very easy to operate: a simple click on the keypad for the required product or file, and the system will automatically select, retrieve and deliver it to the operator level. Urot is ideal for a wide range of applications. In industry it software options: stand-alone or an integrated computer con- can be used to store and retrieve light or heavy finished prod- trol. Depending on the configuration chosen the system of- ucts, electronic components, pharmaceutical, spare parts fers a wide variety of control, from manual to numeric keypads or tools. In the office it is ideal for stationery, box files, docu- and digital displays. ments, DVDs, CDs, videos, files or books. w Health & Safety: Multilevel safety features are standard and BENEFITS include photo-electric cut-out switches cross-over and in-line, emergency stop switches and electro-mechanical trip bars in w Makes Full Use of all available Ceiling Height and Floor the door. No lifting, climbing ladders, bending and stretching Space to maximize storage and filing capacity, thus reducing is needed to retrieve products and files. the cost of floor space devoted to storage. All Urot systems are wheelchair acces- w Minimizes Floor Space Requirements: Maximises all stor- sible. The systems are manufactured to age capacity within a minimum footprint. Urot saves up to comply with EU security standards. 50% or more on floor space when compared to conventional w Fire Protection and Security: We storage methods, allowing companies to create additional offers a range of protection against fire storage room, desk space or meeting rooms. and un-authorised access. The unit can w Customized Configuration: Available in wide range of be made fully fireproof by using a dry height and width configurations customised to the client’s re- gas fire protection system. Additional quirements. Plain, double and triple, slotted, honeycomb, pull- facilities are available including double out and multiple carriers are available, to accommodate metal locks, electronic locks, card swipe, PIN, or plastic boxes, frontal and lateral suspended filing, card and and reinforced door panels. archives, multimedia, binders, or tab file folders. Standard car- w Warranty: All Maxi-file units are cov- riers are available with loading capacities up to 500 kg. ered by a 24-month warranty on parts w Greater Productivity: Increases order-picking productiv- ity (output per employee) with higher rates of throughput on each shift, as the system brings the file or product to the op- erator. Walking time from one picking point to another, bend- ing, stretching and climbing are eliminated, which reduces non-productive picking time and minimizes operator fatigue. w Computer Interfacing & Inventory Control allows high performance control through PC-based software for inven- tory control administration. All transactions can be recorded and retained by the software to give up to date inventory and stock information, with accuracy up to 99%. There are two