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Boho Express Ibiza

Fashio Express

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Boho Express Ibiza

  2. 2. Retail Wholesalers
  3. 3. GBSNetworks 2019 BOHO EXPRESS IBIZA The Boho express platform aims to support all the designers of the Pitiusas islands and supporters of Adlib fashion, for the distribution of their collections at a global level, sale e-commence to the greater or retail. As its name indicates Boho is the stylistic term that defines the style of fashion in concept mainly bohemian, ethnic, i s l a n d e r, v a p o r o u s , i n d i g e n o u s , monocolored or multicolored based on natural pigments, embroidery, lace, prints, with Payette, with gems or jewels ... And a long list of material trends and production processes channeled into natural materials that breathe craftsmanship and tradition.
  4. 4. PITIUSA PLATFORM FOR THE GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION OF PRÉT À PORTER FASHION COLLECTIONS ESTABLISHED IN BANGALORE INDIA. And that in turn so many great creators from around the world have been inspired to create their own trends in collections of fashion accessories, jewelry and jewelery.
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The beginnings of this idea arises from the need of my clients and designers friends to create the online sales and distribution platform established in India and managed from the Balearic Islands, and which emerged in 2017 to provide e-commerce support to the creators who are already working in the factories around the city of Bangalore India, to be able to cope with the production costs that are currently competitive due to globalization. Faced with the imminent need to travel to India every year to handle the productions, we set out to create our own localized sales platform where we have the factories and the collection stocks and thus be able to optimize costs and transport tariffs for samples and production.
  6. 6. ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF THE IDEA LONDON-IBIZA ESTRELLA G MARRAKETCH- IBIZA LONDON-IBIZA BERTULONDON PROJECT DESCRIPTION AUDREY BAKER ANTOINNETTE LONDON-IBIZA VINTAGE IBIZA LAVIEBOHEMIENNE PARIS-IBIZA We are open to collaborate with the sponsors and young fashion designers Adlib, complying with the relevant quality conditions and BOHO trend fashion concept that adapt to our fashion philosophy.
  7. 7. GBSNetworks led by Roser Pera has a team of five people in the IT department and shipping management, is the driving force of the platform in collaboration with its clients and friends, Estrella, Bertu, Ricci, Pepa, Audrey and Antoinette, which are the main driving forces of the platform to which other brands may be added within the terms and conditions of our sale and creation policy. We believe that our proposal is differentiated by the background, experience and professional trajectory of our creators of more than 30 years of creative shooting making collections of fashion all over the world in the European style, guarantee our initiative before the proposals of existing online shopping platforms. competitive prices in India for wholesale that do not offer the demands of style and quality that customers of European stores in coastal areas focused on tourism increasingly specialized in luxury and older sector are defined experts in questioning price and quality, patterns and sizes, is the main reason why we trust that the platform will be an assured success. We are open to collaborate with the sponsors and young fashion designers Adlib, complying with the relevant quality conditions and BOHO trend fashion concept that adapt to our fashion philosophy.
  8. 8. TEAM We intend to create a differential platform of style and product protected by the distribution system with an advanced computer language for better implementation, SEO positioning and proximity with our consumers via advertising and selection algorithms for final customers and stores. The model of the platform model that we intend to launch is equal to Amazon or Aliexpress, but specializing in fashion and accessories. With which we intend to release the production stocks of our factories as well. TEAM AND PROMOTERS OF THE PROJECT Roser Pera Martorell GBSNetworks Our computer team is ready to embark on the path of editing and creating the platform that can be ready with the first filming collections for sale for the same summer 2018, with which the next season of 2019 can operate at full capacity. -June 2019 first set-up and presentation of the platform. Sale of taxi collection for the brand new platform. -June of 2020 first season at full capacity with its own collections. Five exclusive brands with the best offer in the market. -June 2021 brand’s EXPANSION.
  9. 9. The initial costs are € 5000 per year of web maintenance and management plus the costs of designer salaries and address plus costs of new fashion productions that will amount to € 15,000 for each own brand plus the travel stay € 10,000 promotion. Wholesale prices are 150% of profits and retail prices of 400% on cost approximately. TIMMING ACTION SCHEDULE The Imam team is characterized by carrying out online marketing campaigns with promotional events with which we have several proposals for actions to promote the platform and introduce it to the market through face-to-face events seeking agreements of promotion and sponsors through advertising and other marketing actions suitable for the promotion and dissemination of our platform. We are waiting to close a job timming and initial budget and follow up on the annual promotion for our new project. IMAM COMUNICACIÓN IS THE TEAM IN CHARGE OF THE COMMUNICATION OF THE ADLIB FASHION ORGANIZATION WITH WHICH WE HAVE A COLLABORATION AGREEMENT. MARKETING PLAN ROSER PERA PLAZA DE LA CONSTITUCION N8 07800 IBIZA Roser Pera Martorell GBSNetworks Baixada del Mercadal 2, 25310 Agramunt Spain email to
  10. 10. To the investors of the platform we offer a percentage of the total turnover of how many stores and brands offer to collaborate. Keep in touch. – Roser Pera email to “Thanks for watching”