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Creative Director Atelier@rt

Fashion Designer for Amazon Studios

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Creative Director Atelier@rt

  1. 1. Creative Director
  2. 2. Audrey Baker Hello to everyone, I'm Audrey Baker from Oxford, and also Roser from Barcelona as a British and Catalan Origins at the same time. I'm entrepreneur, fashion designer and web developer. As my family's tradition I belong from the great entrepreneurs and innovators industry saga from a post civil war era in Catalonia Spain.
  3. 3. My great grandmother was a lady married with a British Sir, her daughter was a sharming woman fascinated for british fashion trends, as I am. So I had the heritage of her performance mixed with the best one skills from my other grand mother as a dressmaker. And also a great innovative spirit heritate from my grandfather because he was create the first sustainable industry in Catalonia of recycle paper factory in the sixties.
  4. 4. I have 51years old, and currently living between Ibiza and Barcelona countryside in the modernist victorian family house since 1830 where my grandmother was born.
  5. 5. My Fashion Style
  6. 6. Myself Workshop Atelier@rt
  7. 7. • I was living in Paris for long time as an adoptive parisian dauther. • London and Oxford where I was discover my british origins in the library of the university through my family's name. • And also I was lived in Andwerpen Belgium for a fashion and interior design stage for castles. Madrid Barcelona Paris London Ibiza
  8. 8. In my creative baggage of expertise, 20 years in fashion and 15 on internet I had the opportunity to work with great professional s in the haute couture in the nineties era but because the first step of globalisation was stablish the evolution in the fashion express industry, I had another range of activity on that period as a web developer, graphic designer and also interior design for home.
  9. 9. Nacho Ruiz
  11. 11. EstrellaG
  12. 12. From Greenpeace: solution is to rethink the system. "The solution is to stop" claim from the environmental organization, to affirm that "the most sustainable pants are the ones you have in your closet". Today after the disaster of the massive productions in the “fast fashion” market we have a great chalege to reverse the situation and return to custom made clothing as a forceful measure, with the help of technology softwares3D and artificial intelligence, through the last generation of e-commerce platform.
  13. 13. Sketch Chanel Style on my way
  14. 14. “Custom made Clothing” • That's why Im looking for a partnership to develope research on that new sustainable fashion industry and of course an agreement with the e- logistics companies over the world to conclude my job.
  15. 15. Audrey Baker
  16. 16. – Audrey Baker “Thanks to everyone for watching And a special thanks to Heidi for give the opportunity to introduce myself through the casting of Amazon Studios in California.” If you like this introduction you can Share and like this project and my fashion skills into the stratosphere!